Girls are an Indie Rock band from San Francisco, Ca. Consisting primarily of vocalist Christopher Owens, his true claim to fame is that he was a childhood member of famed cult group Children Of God. Receiving huge acclaim, this release incorporates the best sounds of Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly and The Beach Boys. Owens simply proclaims the release is a ‘overflow of expression’…..well put!

Lust For Life—-Moving in and out of a snot nosed punkier to a smoother sounding Costello, the song has a remarkable energy and comfortable feel. The song moves at a great pace…combining the best sounds of Alt-rock and the throwback sounds of experimental Beach Boys…this is wonderful…full of pop musings and irresistable jangly guitar.

Laura—-The song has an irresistable retro sound that is full of late 60’s beach sounds and emerging snotty Elvis Costello. The sound of the guitar is British inspired jangle that gives the song a nice breezy energy…even though the lyrics are bitter and angry. Fantastic!

Ghostmouth—-From the beginning notes, the song makes me think of Concrete Blonde….the vocal enters the ray and comes across like Elvis Costello on good meds…the urgency is gone, but the emotion pours from every note. This is wonderfully sedate and emotive. The guitar and drum is understated, yet remain integral to the sound….fantastic.

Goddamn—-From the onset, the song begins with a much more raw and demo-sound. This is remarkably delivered, despite the odd sound to the song. With little production, the sound is still as unique and fresh as the well produced and layered sound of previous tracks. This is sublime…magnifiucent……one to watch.

Big Bad Mean Motherfucker—-Wonderfully different from anything thus heard, the song has a muted 45 sounding 50’s feel that conjures up Betty Boop clad bathing suit beauties dancing on the beach. This is fantastic…….combining a nice garage sound with the rock-a-billy sound of the 50’s, the crash of influences produces a climatic sound that is unforgettable. 

Hellhole Ratrace—-With a deeper sounding vocal and a more studio sound of production, the song again conjures up classics from late 70’s Joe Jackson….this is beautifully understated but somehow manages to keep all of the intensity intact. I love this release….totally different from any thing available today yet remarkably familiar.

Headache—-Reverting back to the heavily influenced sound of the late 50’s and early 60’s, the song has a nice feel of laid back pop extravagance. The voice is no as important as the music…a beautifully majestic layered sound of near psychedelia. this is wonderful…ambient and futuristic, modern and so retro you scramble for your 45’s…..brilliant and aching for more, the song only leaves you panting for the next chapter.

Summertime—-More electric than the last few songs, the vocal again reverts to the classic Costello sound. The music is a nice beach sound that has a nice backdrop hum that maintains the sadness of the track. I love bands that place those atmospheric sounds in the very back of the song…as it progresses, the hum comes forward in a layered guitar sound that makes you damn near ecstatic. This is perfect!!!

Lauren Marie—-The song begins with that low familiar hum, but the voice is in your face,  a somber revelation of wanting and emotion of the trials of un-requited love. Adult or not, this song will take you back to the love that you wished had never gotten away. That is the beauty of music…it takes you places well left alone, elevates you above them and makes you look forward to the future. That feeling of love never leaves you…the song makes you want to feel it again. Man….this is wonderful!!!!

Morning Light—-Reeking of psychedelic experimentation, the music is upfront and in your face as you struggle to hear the words of the song. This steps way beyond the comparisons of the critics and establishes the band as a movable force in the modern music market. This is a joy-fest of musical layers and thick sound. This is sonic and beautiful at the same time…..magnificent noise!!!

Curls—-Wonderful and smelling strongly of Tull inspired flute, the song leads into……

Darling—-With a strong blues inspired guitar, this is not a favorite sound of mine…only the vocal saves the track for me and leaves a positive taste in my mouth. The delivery is relaxed and almost fum. The guitar at times makes me think of classic Smiths of all things…the slight rock-a-billy sound and the relaxed playing makes you think of the last few Marr compositions that never made a full record. This is nice. A great way to end out the release….I can not wait for more!!!

**** out of 5


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