Type O Negative/The Best Of [Roadrunner Records]

This release is a collection of songs centered around the band’s involvement with Roadrunner Records. This release was reportedly released without the band’s involvement or knowledge. This CD contains no material from the debut release Origin Of The Feces or the Greatest Hits compilation released by new band label SPV Records.

Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity—-An opus in the true nature of the word, this song has numerous moods and feelings.The song, clocking in at a whopping 12 minutes, finds the band covering the goth grounds that it is masterful at as well as delving into a punkier Misfits sound all in one song. The mood shifts and music swells take over the song and become almost as important as the lyrical content itself. The voice is in fine form, as Steele maintains his goth persona to a tee….the vocal tirades ranging from hurt and distrust to anger and murderous rage. Truly masterful!!!

Christian Woman—-Searching to find that the definition of ‘Corpus Christi’ actually means ‘Body Of Christ’…I realize just how seriously the band takes this whole goth sound and lifestyle. Overall, the track is a masterful introduction to the sound and emotion of the band to the newbie. This is dark, scary, somewhat humorous and always entertaining. The tradeoff of voices and the harmonious swell of the backdrop gives the track a full sound that begs to be listened to time and time again. Like the best ‘grindcore’ bands, you take the lyrical content differently at any given time. that is the beauty of music..it serves it purpose at the right time in your life. This is fantastic.

Black No. 1—-One of the tracks that broke the band to the bigger metal mainstream, the intro to the song encompasses everything that drives this genre of music. The voice is at sometimes laughable, but never looses the intensity that makes the dark even darker. The music is a deep reverberating tirade against the sunshine.,….this is masterfully driven with a hook that is so damn undeniable it will live forever. The chorus of voices that join Steele are so huge and orchestrated…just as quickly the sound dies out to become yet another funeral march into darkness. This is crafted Goth Metal like no one else has been able to orchestrate. Wonderful…right down to the cheesy fingersnaps!!!

Too Late: Frozen—-With an odd intro, you listen for the masterful sound that will draw you in as this band always does. Steele seems a tad bit more relaxed in vocal style as he delivers yet another dark tale of mistrust and ire. The music has a melody that almost overrides the dark feel of the song. The keyboards are more apparent in this track…something that was to be continued on further releases, but did not subtract from the darkness of the band. The guitars still seem tinny and set in the background…this band is all about darkness and bass…it works for them and has for about the last 15 years without fail.

Love You To Death—-You would be hard pressed to find a more Goth-Rock inspired song title anywhere. The title fits the mood and lyrical content of the song without fail. The deep, deep baritone of Steele only adds and makes the song more majestic and masterful. When Steele twirls his ‘R’s”, it gives the song a dark scary element that sucks you in. The music is a deep swirling, melodic excursion that shows the band’s growth and technical ability. In the headphones, you can hear the complicated keyboard sound that would otherwise leave the song naked and lacking substance. When the band joins together on the vocal refrain, it becomes an orchestrated march of monks in the graveyard…this is damn near perfect. The song is a rather simple trip into the emotional landmine of human emotion…..as you struggle for acceptance, you smother your partner. When Steele moans…”Am I good enough for you….” the whole song comes full circle.

My Girlfriend’s Girlfriend—-Every man’s dream, the song takes on a humorous and at times murderous tale of why such things never work. the keyboard delivery is stronger on this song than ever before and the track has a huf=ge full sound. Steele digs even deeper into the cellar of his baritone….he is darker and more menacing than ever. The song sometimes can be funny, at times scarier as the relationship continues and deteriorates. the story is well woven in the short time span that is allowed and the playing is tight and orchestrated. This is damn near perfect pop goth Metal. Never gets old for me.

Cinnamon Girl—-A cover of the Neil Young classic, I have yet to discover anyone besides myself that like this song….I think this song is a freakin’ masterpiece. This is driving, dark and just as masterful as the classic original. The added bass gives the song a life and the keyboard swirls only make me jump up and down with energy and excitement. I like this song BETTER than the original….consider me shallow and ignorant…this is freakin’ perfection.

Everyone I Love Is Dead—-A classic Type O song title, the song lives up to the anticipation just fine. Steele balances a nice vocal mixture between sedate and insane in a masterful way. As does the band…the music rises and ebbs in a way that keeps you at the edge of your seat. When Steele lets loose with his ‘Goddamnit’, you just want to punch something and let the pain engulf you. This is masterful…heavily layered with sound and driven with an in your face drum track, this is classic…the band at one of the many high points of their career.

Everything Dies—-Without a doubt, my favorite Type O song and one in my top 20 catalog of songs I can not live without. the song is filtered with pseudo-violence and extreme emotion…all in 4 minutes or less!!! This is an achievement and another really high point in the band’s output. The track has a huge layered sound that dies just as quickly to allow an intro vocal that you strain to hear…the edge of the song is sad and morose…this band, despite it’s reputation has emotion and feeling that shines through on gems such as this. This is classic…dark yet somehow uplifting……sad yet exhilarating. Fan-freakin’-tastic!!!

Evening Star—-A nice, acceptable cover of the Deep Purple classic, this song never really did anything for me. I don’t love it, nor do I dislike it. It just seems to be an almost lazy retread of the things of the past and we know that the band is capable of so much more. It is nice to hear Steele allow the other members of the band show and stretch the vocal capabilities of the band. The intensity of the musical landscape is a nice change as the guitar histrionics remain stellar throughout.

I Don’t Wanna Be Me—-A thought I have every morning when the alarm clock rings, I have learned to live with this feeling. Steele has the courage to pronounce it to the world and in a loud way. The courage to change the thought has never occurred to me until now. Steele describes his frustration in a masterful way….without a doubt, it is not a feeling that only one or two people encounter, rather than a feeling of a nation. Powerful stuff…no matter who is reminding us.

Life Is Killing Me—-Rounding out the release with a dark and futuristic sounding track, the music quickly delves into a dirge of masterful goth metal that never lets up. The bass is so heavy, it makes my eardrums clean themselves. At the minute and a half mark, the song settles into a spooky feel that calls on Jews and Christ in an unapologetic way…Steele weaves a story that is frightening and boisterous. He hits some notes i though to be impossible…the song is a classic Type O masterpiece…nothing on this track leaves me disappointed. Powerful stuff!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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