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Devo: Pioneer Who Got Scalped/The Anthology [Disc 2]

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Disc 2:

General Boy Visits Apocalypse Now-General Boy—-A nice fun intro that continues the fun and prepares you for more quirky madness from the masters.

Peek-A-Boo!—-With one of the best synth lines of the band’s career, this song is a straight retro fly back to the early 80’s sound of the band. This is fantastic…catchy and fun, the breaks and great drums give the song a life of its own.

That’s Good—-Again, the band displays a great retro sound that reminds one of the early days of the band. staying true to the vision despite the changing times, these recordings display the catchy addictive nature of the bands sound. this is brilliant…the technology was growing and so was the clarity of the vision.

Big Mess—-with a much more mainstream sound to the vocal, the band delivers a song that sounds like it was straight off New Traditionalists. This is typical and acceptable, although the song suffers a bt from sameness…only the fresh style of the vocal saves it rom obscurity.

One Dumb Thing—-Full of energetic dance grooves, the vocal returns to a more robotic delivery that we are all accustomed to. This is wonderfully delivered…the synth delivery now almost overpowers the instruments at this point in the band’s career. The synth beats are irresistable though. Fantastic!!

Theme From Dr. Detroit [Dance Mix]—-Full of pogo styled synth beats, the band is given a nice remix and the result is a huge fun 80’s filled romp that just manages to make you happy. This is damn near perfect Devo. I have no complaints!!

Shout—-Full of synth induced horns, the song has a huge feel. The band seemed to take some odd twists and turns at this point in their career…seemingly losing some inspiration and motivation. This comes across now as lackluster and dull.

Here To Go [Go Mix Version]—-With guitars that again remind you of the B52’s, the song is full of little odd noises and bleeps…the vocal seems bored and uninspired….the remix treatment keeps the song from being inadequate.

R U Experienced?—-A huge and fun electro/psychedelic delivery of a fantastic masterpiece. One of the most brilliant compositions from the band during the 90’s, this remains a favorite of mine to this day.The synth lines are perfect, the bass hits at just th right tempo and you have a nice groove that is danceable and pleasant. The song has a built-in urgency that is fresh and bombastic…I love this!!!

I Wouldn’t Do That For You—-Taking on a more mainstream synth sound, the song only maintains that danger for a short time. the song is even more quirky that normal…the lyrics seem heartfelt and human for a change. This is a nice change…almost a song that talks of real human emotion..there are even some female vocals in the chorus of the song. Nice!!!

Bread & Butter—-Even more bizarre and challenging that other things on this composition, the song has a heavy 50’s feel and the synth grooves are all over the place. this is just pure novelty…hard for me to take it seriously…of course, that is probably the point.

Let’s Talk—-With a heavier bass sound, the synth sounds are spaced and futuristic. The voice is less remote and has more inflection and emotion. this is wonderfully preformed..the auto tune gives the song a nice body and a different flavor. the times, they were a changin’!!!

Itsy Bitsy Bikini—-Very strange and with little redeeming qualities, the song again falls into the novelty era of the band…they seemed at this point to not even take themselves or their craft seriously. Too bad….I hope for great things in the coming year.

Baby Doll [Single Mix]—-Given a nice feel with a remix, the song seems to find the band back in a more typical fashion of music delivery. the song still has a level of silliness that lacks the straight forward post punk feel of the early stuff. This compilation is about 20 songs too long.

Disco Dancer [7 Inch Version]—-With a huge sounding beat, the song moves at a pretty impressive pace. The feel of the song is dance floor ready and fun. The voice is strange and oddly manipulated. The content is silly as expected, but it is nice to see the band having fun again.

Some Things Never Change—-Sounding like a classic 80’s New Wave band, the band manages to defy the year and take us back to the fun glory days of early 80’s pogo music. the voice is really high and the change is very welcome. This is classic stuff…I never really paid too much attention to this and am glad to rediscover it. Brilliant!!!

It Doesn’t Matter To Me—-Live and damn near acoustic, this is very strange. The song is almost folksy in sound until it opens up and inspires me to dance once again. Starting off slow, it is well worth the wait for the song to develop. this is great!!!

Stuck In A Loop—-Wonderfully constructed, the song is a huge synth driven opus that just makes you feel good. This is brilliant….the machines have almost completely replaced the instruments in the band and it works very well. There are some nice harmonies that give the song body and the pace is very nice.

Post Post Modern Man—-This is classic Devo…the silliness and the fun is in full swing. the sound of the song is rather bland, but the voice is what matters with this track. sounding as fresh and new as the very first single, the band has returned to fine form the second half of this Disc. Very nice…the synth does open up and allow for some grooves just in time to prevent the track from becoming boring.

Head Like A Hole—-The Devo treatment of the NIN classic is anything than expected. This is fantastic!!! dissolving most of the industrial leanings of the song, the band instead takes a rather serious song and makes it trademark Devo fun. This is brilliant…who knew!!! The entire delivery of the song is quirky and devolutioned….wonderfully so I might add.

Thanks To You—-With trade mark sounds that have not been heard in a while, the band delivers a surf style sound that makes you think od cheesy Annette Funicello movies and Tab Hunter!!! This is remarkably fun and silly….

Communication Break-up—-With a heavy bass line and a horn playing in the background, the song is obscure and almost unlistenable…it is everywhere and goes nowhere. I really do not like this.

Duty For Now! General Boy—A nice and fun silly interlude.

The Words Got Stuck In My Throat—-A horrible end to what had some real high points. Let’s hope the coming year holds new and fresh devo classics for the diehard fans.

*** out of 5

Devo:Pioneer Who Got Scalped/The Anthology [Disc One]

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Devo are an American New Wave band from Akron, Ohio. Formed in 1973, the band is best known for their 1980 New Wave classic Whip It. Devo tends to be overly categorized falling into the realm of Punk, Art Rock, Post Punk and New Wave. Always pioneers, the band was one of the first to use Video, Radio Microphones and Wireless Guitar Amps. The band has released 8 Studio releases and is now regrouped and working on Fresh! slated for a 2010 release.

Disc One:

We Are All Devo! /Jocko Homo [Booji Boy & Gen. Boy Version]—-Incorporating many noises and unheard of sounds at the time, the band embarked on their career this outstanding release..this particular version, full of sound bites and lessons of De-evolution. With a robotic and unattractive vocal assault, the song is primitive and raw…which only adds to the appeal of the band. At the time of this release, this was so new and different, people really did not understand them. Great!!

Mongoloid [Booji Boy Version]—-With an incredible bass line, this song opened up the band to many punk illusions….many people took offense to the song and the lyrics..witrhout ever really understanding them. the song is full of empowerment and positivity. The musical deliver is so primitive and raw, you know that they were way ahead of the times. this is beautiful….classic new wave music from pioneers.

Be Stiff [Stiff Version]—-Much more guitar based and sounding clearer and better produced, the song travels at a great ‘pogo’ pace. The vocal is wonderful…clear and full of emotion. the dual guitar in the front and one further back gives the song a nice huge sound. This is really nice!!

Uncontrollable Urge—-Bordering on a hyper almost punk sound, the song is fast paced and maniacal. The voice is exquisite…how could the world have ignored this band like they did. The downshift of the bass gives the song full body and the vocal harmonies on the chorus almost makes it feel beachy. This is wonderful!!!!

[I Can’t Get No] Satisfaction—-How pompous and bizarre to copy this song….the thing is…they pull off a classic rendition that people love to this day. The delivery is jerky and quirky and just plain full of fun. The voice is classic….inflected with the little yelp and squeaks that they are known for and the pogo styled music that gives the song a familiar yet unique sound.

 Too Much Paranoia—-Almost noisy, the song begins and continues with an odd array of irritating sounds. The band continues their genius though…all the noise adding to the impact of the lyric and they actually quote an old 70’s McDonald’s commercial in the song….Brilliant!!

Come Back Jonee—-Beginning with a familiar Devo sound, the song escalates into a completely different sound by the second bar and it is a different song. This is relaxed, fun and quirky. The tenor of the voice is fantastic…the drums much more pronounced.

Triumph Of The Will—-Much more keyboard laden, the song has a darker and deeper tone to it. The song almost plods along at a maddening pace. Very hard to move or groove to, this has never been a favorite of mine. Not a very happy song, the band manages to show their versatility by including this track.

Smart Patrol/Mr. DNA—-This is BRILLIANT!!!! Including all of the early Devo euphemisms in the song, the tone of the song has many of the early Devo sounds. This almost makes me think of the really early days of the B52’s. Classic underground New Wave. As indicated by the title, this is almost two different songs all rolled into one…as Mr. DNA takes over, the sound escalates to a fun pogo styled delivery that you cannot resist. Fantastic!!

Secret Agent Man—-Yes……this is a nice gem. Taking on an even more overt B52’s sound, when this stuff was appearing many of us were very excited. this was just different enough to get our attention and different enough to cause a whole movement in a round about way. This is a great example of where I was turning in music at that time. A great band that is so ignored…too bad!

The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise—-A huge and quirky song about a broken relationship of all things. The song at times has an almost 50’s feel to it…vocal harmonies are really nice to hear from these guys once in a while…this is a great song..I love how the instruments always seem to be down shifting in sound.

500 Bawlz—-With a nice unique keyboard sound, the song manages to give us a nice alternative sound from the band. This is just silly…but I love it. The music is hyper and then slows into this weird new wave Blues sound….it does not get much better than this.

It Takes A Worried Man—-Beginning with that sunny beach sound, the song moves in tempo and mood into a pretty damn nice song. The vocal is more relaxed and the music rocks along at a nice pace….this is really great. Sounding just different enough to keep my attention, the song really does help to show the progression and development of the band.

Girl U Want—-One of my favorite Devo songs, and released during the hey day of the band…at one time, the band was pretty cool to be a fan of. then we fell back in the comfort of obscurity and it was fine. The music has that familiar downshift tone and the vocal seems even more robotic and removed than ever. A nice display of harmonies or vocal overlays add a sound to the song that is almost mainstream.

Freedom Of Choice—-Another really fantastic song with a nice clear message. Americans are f&*%ked up and don’t know what they want. this was very timely for 1980, and I ate this stuff up. This entire release is a classic 80’s issue that any fan should have in their collection. What a great subtle political tirade. Nice?!!!

Gates Of Steel—-This remains my very favorite Devo song of all time. I love everything about this song. It is classic Devo in sound, but sounds bigger and more metallic…almst Industrial in the heavy sound of the music. The song runs through with a guitar and or keyboards strain that never leaves you and helps drive the song…as the keyboard fades and the bass takes the heavy line, the song is a huge dense down shifting piece of mastery. Fantastic!!!!

Whip It—-Overplayed and way misunderstood, I could care if I ever hear this song again. Made as an inspirational tale of overcoming adversity, the general public took it on as a great S&M song. Not even close….fierce at its time, it just has lost its appeal for me.

Snoball [Single Remix]—-Another really classic and different song. the keyboard that runs the song is fantastic…the lines are monstrous early electronica that is only accented by the live instruments. the voice is so cold and distant, you almost believe a machine is delivery the lines. This is fantastic.

Mr. B’s Ballroom—-The band seemed to discover newer and newer technology as time marched on. I can only guess how satisfying it is too finally find a way to produce a sound that you have in your head to tape. The song is full of odd and quirky little sounds that are almost charming. The voice is comfortable and a little bit more human in sound. ?the chorus is a nice little sing a long that works really well for the band.

Working In The Coalmine—-Just plain odd, the song is a favorite of many fans. to me it was almost too silly…I do love the spoken part of the song….hilarious. Otherwise, this is just an excercise in silliness.

Love Without Anger—-Another really great and favorite song of mine, this Devo was wearing plastic hair and wearing Star Trek uniforms and it was a nice evolution for the band. the song content on this release seemed to take on more serious matter, and the vocal delivery seemed more mechanical than ever. This is brilliant!!!

Through Being Cool—-With a nice almost 50’s style soda shop sound, the song is full of fun and mayhem. This is a great answer song to the almost stardom they had garnered from their previous release. It is now time to sit in comfortable obscurity once again and the band managed to lose mass appeal but grow an even more solid fan base. This is quality stuff!

Jerkin’ Back N’ Forth—-Sounding even more mechanical and cold, the song has an ice feel to it that I just love. this is classic Devo…a pure and positive progression into their career, the New Traditionalists release might have very well been Devo at its peak. Fantastic release.

Beautiful World—-Beginning with an almost Flock Of Seagulls sound, the band delivers a nice moody instrumental introduction that is just classic. The voiceis so robotic you want to just jerk around. This is fantastic…gosh I forgot how good some of this stuff could be.

Nu-Tra Speaks [New Tradionalist Man]-Protar—-Heavy on space effects, this spoken word ‘advertisement’ is hilarious and typical of a band of this type. fun and wonderful.

**** out of 5

Primal Fear/16.6 [Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead]

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Primal Fear are a German Power Metal band formed in 1997. The band was formed by ex-Gamma Ray vocalist Ralf Scheepers after he was turned down as Rob Halford’s replacement in Judas Priest. The band has released 9 studio CD’s since 1997, its latest 16.6 was issued in June 2009.

Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead—-A short yet powerful interlude kicks off the release with atmosphere and classic prog/power metal sounds..the song immediately enters….

Riding The Eagle—-Once the song really kicks into gear, the sound is pleasant and almost mainstream..the twin guitars are monstrous…the voice though!!! The voice is the key part of the song that gives it a fresh sound, but also a nice throwback to 80’s metal. This is exceptional…expecially the chorus as you are reminded of the best days of Maiden and Priest. This is exquisite!!!

Six Times Dead [16.6]—-Beginning with a galloping beat that hearkens back to the glory days of Maiden, the voice falls a tad bit flat for me…until the chorus. The chorus is a huge sing a long affair that has nice overlays and then even more overlays as the degrees and tones of voice seem to escalate…this is great stadium rock that you can’t ignore.

Black Rain—-With an eerie and Middle Eastern flavor to the music, the song slows to a crawl as we are blessed with an almost ballad styled delivery that just grows and grows in subtle intensity. The chorus opens up and allows a nice drum sound and a voice that stretches but never quite gets to where I want it to be.

Under The Radar—-From the onset, the song has a much more powerful lead guitar and drum track. The melodic qualities of the song are always pleasant…..I keep waiting and finally rewarded as the song opens up into an almost brutal style guitar. the voice is wonderful on this track…the tone is natural and not forced…the tone is real and un manipulated. This is GREAT!!! The chorus is damn catchy…this one is knocked out of the park.

5.0/Torn—-A grandiose and instrumented guitar starts at the onset of the song as it also allows a minute or so of pure bass guitar….as it continues the drums shine more and then the voice gets the spotlight. this whole delivery seems flat and uninspired…I grow disappointed by the lack of huge sound that the band is capable of…to me this is just watered down Queensryche.

Soar—-I keep wondering what happened to the inspiration and grand feel to this band of two or so releases ago…all of the air was let out and the band sounds deflated and mundane. This is a huge disappointment for me!!!

Killbound—-With a nice 80’s styled guitar groove, the voice enters the fray and destroys the song. I really used to love this band…..but they seem to have fallen on times of lack of inspiration and run of the mill produces $ syndrome. this is lackluster…save for a few vocal histrionics, the song is flat.

No Smoke Without Fire—-Delivering a more grand guitar intro, the song loses all of its appeal as it adopts a ballad style delivery that is almost the same as every thing else on the release. The lead up to the chorus gains some nice momentum, n=but the voice never comes close to it’s potential…what is up with that?

Night After Night—-With a nice intro, I fear what is going to happen, based on the previous content. This song is a nice surprise. the power and the drive is in your face and the chords are sharp and clean. The rhythm qualities of the song are the driving force, and the voice is adequate for once. This is nearly the band that i loved…the voice just seems tired and worn. Makes me sad.

Smith & Wesson—-Again, the song begins with power moves that remind you of the glory days of metal. The voice is nice…really nice….reminding me of all the good things about the glory days of power metal 80’s. This is damn near the band I was accustomed to…..nice to finally hear it.

The Exorcist—-This is damn near brilliant…..the chords and power are incredible…the vocal overlays have many layers and give the song a huge sound. This is fantastic…the voice is almost as you require….the guitars are so in your face that you just have to snarl and move your head. This is damn near perfect.

Hands Of Time—-Slow and morose, the ballad style begins from the very first note. The story is intense and sad,,,the voice is relaxed and too safe….I wait and wait for the song to open up into a huge and grand affair. With much of the material on this release, the song never lives up to it’s potential.

Cry Havoc—-This is nothing…….the disappointment I feel is almost to the point of anger, because i paid for this mush mash of messed up and lackluster music that is a shove off on fans who thought they knew what they were getting. If this is the best of this band, I suggest they hang it up.

Scream—-Musically, the song is classic and strong…as is most of this record. The vocal is just too predictable and run of the mill to make a mark with me. The only time the vocal shines is when it is overlayed and in varying degrees of monstrosity. Overall, this song is more of average, you can get anywhere, rock.

** out of 5





Cannibal Corpse/The Wretched Spawn

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Cannibal Corpse are a world-renowned Death Metal band from Buffalo, New York. Formed in 1988. Cannibal Corpse is the best-selling Death/Grindcore band in the world. The Wretched Spawn, released in 2004, was the bands 9th studio release and the last to feature Jack Owen…a founding member of the band.

Severed Head Stoning—-Coming through your headphones on speaker at a time, the song kicks off with a much clearer lead guitar sound and drums that will encourage you to pound your head on the floor. The vocal manages a slight bit of melody intermixed, yet is still brutal and speed induced fast. As the song continues and the classic guitar sound opens up, you know for sure whom you are hearing. Nice!!!

Psychotic Precision—-Featuring the all important and familiar ‘guitar squeal’, the vocal is so filled with evil and putrid vomit, you back up again and again to hear and enjoy it. the song has a beautiful plodding bass driven dirge that allows fora clearer vocal and a catchy feel to the song…believe it or not. The lyrical content is so grotesque that you have to laugh and approach it with a sense of humor. This is classic and brilliant!!!

Decency Defied—-My favorite CC song of all time…his song is grotesquely humorous, brutally delivered and produces a huge wall of sound. The vocal is more understandable , the musical interludes masterful…the huge wall of guitar sucks you in and you will listen to this over and over again. This is fantastic!!!

Frantic Disembowelment—-Huge kudos for a song title that makes you want to hear what the ma=band has managed to conjure up this time…you are not disappointed with the end result. The lyrical content is simply sickening…I love it!!! The brutal growling vocal beats the shit out of your brain and makes you beg for a rest. The guitars have the CC squeal all over them…this is masterful…one of my favorite Cd’s by the band and in my opinion one of the best!!!

The Wretched Spawn—-With soaring and thick guitars all at the same time, the song provides a huge wall of sound and density. George manages to puke even more putrid lessons…although the basic melody of the song is damn good….believe it or not!!! This is exceptional…the guitars seems to blend with the vocal inflection, producing a galloping delivery that makes you grab you air guitar and rock out. This is pretty fantastic!!!

Cyanide Assassin—-With a drum track that is so fast you are sure it must be helped along with machine…then you realize this is Cannibal and you know this is just sheer talent. George, sounding like he could use a good gargle, displays one of the best vocals in this genre ever. This is brutal and relentless…repeated listens will make you crazy…come join the crowd!!!!

Festering In The Crypt—-Beginning with a more mainstream bass line, the song reminds you of early Sabbath…the plodding lines are just an interlude though. As the lead guitar becomes louder, the speed in inevitable. The vocal begins also with a sedate and morose sounding delivery. The speed is still not present, but the wall of darkness created by the band is incredible. You get nice intermittent blasts of guitars and then the song seems to open up a bit. The plodding sound is there, but everything else going on in the song is slower and gloomy. Fantastic!!!

Nothing Left To Mutilate—-Returning to full on attack of brutality, the vocal is so deep and gravelly you have to grab the lyric sheet to read all about the nightmare set to music. The huge sound of the incredibly paced bass is overpowering. You hear very little of the leads, it is all about the deep bass sound. This is GREAT!!!!

Blunt Force Castration—-OK…my balls hurt already!!!!The song begins so heavy and so sudden, your head is pushed backwards. The voice requires a lyric sheet, but that is ok…you are able to relish every word of the dementia. This is brutally thick with sound and focuses on key words that give you more than a good idea of everything else in the lyric. Painting a huge and gory picture, the band always delivers.

Rotted Body Landslide—-Huge in sound and never letting up for a single moment, the song has some of the best deep bass ever!!! The leads are pretty fantastic, even though they seem pushed to the back. This is an incredibly well produced release…every song is great and the sound is fantastic!!!

Slain—-Much clearer lead guitars, the drums are still the star of the show. george is classic as always, but the upfront higher tone of the guitar comes at the right time in the release and gives a little different groove to the release. This is bass heavy, but you can hear clearly everything else that is going on in the song at the same time. Great production and incredible pace changes and mood.

Bent Backwards And Broken—-Absolutely brutal lyrics and guitar, the song comes together in a tour de force of metal mayhem that is unmatched and often copied. George is the premier growler of Death Metal and other only dream of being as good as he is…his ability to go from way down here into a tortured scream is literally amazing. This is incredible!!!

 They Deserve To Die—-With that brilliant guitar squeal and a methodical marching tempo, the album is closed out with a classic CC sound. The tempo changes are incredible, the deep sound of the song outstanding. The intermittent squeals and the deep delivery of the vocal gives the song a sound of mastery. This is literally FANTASTIC!!!!

**** out of 5

Cradle Of Filth/Lovecraft & Witch Hearts

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Disc Two:

Once Upon Atrocity—-Beginning with lots of atmosphere and mood, the song is another build up that never seems to get anywhere…you wait and you wait and it almost makes you crazy…you yearn for the onslaught and wonder where it is….

Thirteen Autumns And A Widow [Red October Mix]—-Ahhhhh…there it is…the ‘onslaught’ comes in an overly orchestrated opus that changes the minute the voice enters the fray. The guitars become more brutal and the drums carry on at a much faster pace….the voice is classic!!! Dani never fails to make me shake my head and wonder who this can be possible. The song, like many others has many moods and movements….the guitars are much more apparent and Maiden inspired…this is nice. I love this re-interpretation.

For Those Who Died [Return To the Sabbat Mix]—-Brilliant vocal introduction and a regular almost acceptable guitar delivery that falls into the realm of heavy metal very easily. the voice, even at the onset is more acceptable and understandable…this does not last too long though. The voice of Filth is at his best…the contrast of one tone to the other is remarkable. The musical mood shifts of this song are amazing…the gallopping beats ala Maiden….this is brilliant…one of the best tracks on this disc.

Sodomy And Lust—-One of my favorite Cradle tracks EVER….This is heavily layered metal that takes oer your very soul. Dani sings or yells so fast you can barely catch a single word..this is wonderful…..the deep delivery of the guitar leads give the song a whole new sound….the dark and dank feel is inescapable. Dani is at his best as he concentrates on a deeper voice but when he lets loose, cover your ears. This is extraordinary. I love this song!!!!!

Twisting Further Nails—-With a large leaning to a more electronic Metal sound, you wonder where this is going. The sound literally bubbles up from the onset, the blips and beeps almost seem like a rape of the un rapeable. This is a Prodigy styled Electronic romp through a brutal song that literally strips the brutality and intensity of the track…I hate this!!!!!

Amor F. Morte [Lycanthropy Mix]—-Like a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack to a horror movie, the song hold just enough suspense and flavor to keep you on the edge of your seat. Dani delivers a vocal that is unforgettable….at times he is relaxed and almost other times he is maniacal that you lmost o crazy…the addition of the voice of Sarah adds to the dramatic elements…this is fantastic!!!!

Carmilla’s Masque—-From the onset. this sounds much more like modern-day Cradle…the sound is almost relaxed and mainstram….crying for acceptance and play ability. the mood shifts of the song, even from the onset carry a flair of drama….the song takes some time to really get going…this is odd and not really pleasing to me.

Lustmord And Wargasm II—-Beginning slow, but rewarding you for your patience in a wonderful way, the song plays with yo until it explodes with sheer joyful noise. the intro to the song is plodding, once the music opens up you are pelted with pure unadulterated noise and black sound. The voice is extreme and at times almost unlistenable…..only the shifts of the music save it and make it masterful…this is fantastic.

Dawn Of Eternity—-With another slow interlude, the music takes patience and mastery to really enjoy the onslaught when it begins……the organ noises and the thunder add to the dark tones of the song… salivate waiting for the true arreival…..the drum track seems to lead the fray…you are so pleased when all hell breaks loose. The song is a relentless pummeling that leaves you in a true wet heap by the time it ends. The voice is even more dark and layered than anything you have experienced thus far…this is pure Black metal…somehow this band took a different fork in the road.

Of Dark Blood And Fucking [Stripped To The Bone Mix]—-From the very first note, the voice is all that matters to this song…well the drums are pretty freakin’ incredible also. The pace of this song will make you want to bang your head on a table, a wall, a tree…what ever is convenient. this is masterful and incredibly well remixed. taking on a Black Industrial Metal sound, this should be further investigated.

Dance Macabre—-Again, this song investigates a realm of music that needs more atrention…the industrialized mechanical manipulations of black metal. This is brilliant…I can’t find the words to tell you how impressed with this i am every single time I hear it…this is better than NIN or Manson could ever think of being!!!! Brilliant!!!

Hell Awaits—-Heavily layered and full of the regular movements you are accustomed to, this is an incredible and dense production. the sound of the bass is so deep, you have to use Q-Tips after hearing this…wonderful..a great Metal experimentation.

Hallowed Be Thy Name—-A cover of the Iron Maiden classic……I hate this!!!

**** out of 5

Cradle Of Filth/Lovecraft & Witch Hearts

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Lovecraft & Witch Hearts is a compilation dual disc released in 2002. Disc One is a ‘hits’ collection produced mainly to fulfill the bands contract with Music For Nations. Disc Two contains extra miscellaneous tracks, limited edition tracks and remixes.

Disc One:

Creatures That Kissed In Cold Mirrors—-Slathered in the grand sounds of most of Cradle’s songs, the intro is a slow to progress orchestrated operatic themed horror soundtrack. This is billiant…the anticipation is overwhelming as you wait for the track to open up into something fierce….of course it never really does and only leaves you panting for….

Dusk And Her Embrace—-At once the song begins and gives you what you are thirsty for….the music takes on a brutal death march as Dani enters the fray with his deepest growl ever….the music is a grand orchestrated/layered metal sound that is irresistable. When Filth lets loose with his true annoying squeal, it is welcome and familiar…the guitars are brutal, all the while there remains an orchestrated hum behind all of the layers of sound. This is brilliant….Cradle have not made this brutal of a recording in some time. Masterful.

Beneath The Howling Stars—-Again, beginning with strings and King Diamond organ, the song does not linger long in a quiet beauty…the drums and guitars enter the fray intermixed with a VERY upfront vocal from Dani. The drums are literally in your face…they drive and propel the song entirely…the guitars almost seem to take a back seat. Filth screams, rants and squeals at such an intense pace, you only catch words here and there….the drums return and the song just evolves into pure chaos. this is freakin’ fantastic. The mood shifts and tonal changes make the song one huge interlude or movement in a grand play.

Her Ghost In the Fog—-Marking the familiar introduction of the now familiar male introduction piece, the song is literally a grand orchestrated masterpiece of evil and menace. This is brilliant…..somewhere along the line Cradle discovered melody and abandoned the free for all feel of the early recordings…this is  tour de force of movements as Sarah matches vocals with Dani and turns the song into an almost  beautiful menace of evil. WOW!!!!

Funeral In Carpathia [Be Quick Or Be Dead Version]—-From the very first note, catastrophe and confusion reign….the deepeness of the Dani introduction is astounding…where does he get this odd range from. this is remarkable….the drums are ultra fast and the guitar is a beautiful muddle of noise….remarkable in every sense of the word. The song takes on so many different movements, it is like a grand act in a huge play…the voice of Sarah, the orchestration mixed with the brutality…it will only leave your head spinning in a most torrid manner…this is brilliant!!!

The Twisted Nails Of Faith—-Beginning with an urgent tone and a cataphonic onslaught of spoken vocals, the song is an eerie made for Halloween soundtrack./ This is literally fantastic…the build up makes you crazy…the slowness of the emergence….the tease and then the onslaught…this is brutal. the layers upon layers of sound take over your ears…there is so much going on all at the same time. The voice is at it’s very best….Dani has not sounded this good in quite some time…i still wonder almost every day how he sings like that…Brilliant!!!

From The Cradle To Enslave—-With an almost alarming mainstream guitar sound, only the putrid vomit of Filth keeps this from being a reality. When he joins forces with Sarah, it gives such a senc=se of melody and harmony you can not help from being addicted to the sound of the song. When the music really opens up it is a catchy almost mainstream metal affair that makes your head bob and you air guitar fingers to emerge. This is fabulous. One of my favorite Cradle songs.

Saffron’s Curse—-Beginning with a rather sedate sound, once the song opens up you are smacked in the face with sheer brutality.With  the layers and layers of sound and the irreplaceable voice of Sarah, the song becomes this huge evil opus that sucks you in and makes you study every twisted word on the lyric sheet. This is fantastic…the drums are freakin’ unbelievable…the guitars muddled yet driving…the keyboards have the spotlight and it is magnificent!!!

Malice Through The Looking Glass—-A+ for the title alone…what a wonderful play on words…the orchestration and produced atmosphere build the foundation of the song. When Dani lets loose with his scream you are just amazed with the ability of this Little Man….he is a rather small individual, but he is made huge with that voice. this is one of the most brutal Cradle vocals that I can remember…of course, the song has many movements and different interludes as it continues, but the basic sound of the song is always there. You can not deny the brilliance of this band! Some purists would dismiss them…for me they are always and will always be a favorite…so what if I’m a poseur.

Cruelty Brought Thee Orchids—-Sarah introduces the song with a rather menacing tone…the music enters the fray…then Dani and all HELL breaks loose. This is brilliant…the drums are so incredible…you wonder how someone can play like that. This is rather odd vocally…at the onset the voice is so layered and thick you wonder how they pull this off live…they never fail though. Dani goes from one extreme to the other…the movements of the song matching his vocal inflections.  Wow…this is incredible…..a return to this sound would not be unwelcomed…it seems as if late, Cradle has adopted a more mainstream sound,…this tyranny and darkness fits them very well.

Lord Abortion—-A masterpiece of a song, never to be repeated. The intro is slow and plodding, but when the song opens up you are literally blown away by the brutality of the song. This will literally blow the top of your head off…wonderfully constructed and preformed, the song has constant changing moods and tempos…this must be incredibly hard to play and keep track of. Dani delivers a voice that is shattering and sometimes beautifully annoying. The tone of the song is brutal…at times Filth actually delivers a voice that is crystal clear…what the f*&k!!!! Fantastic!!!!

**** 1/2 out of 5

Pet Shop Boys/Very [Relentless]

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Very [Relentless] is the 5th studio release from the Pet Shop Boys. Featuring a more heavy instrumented Dance arrangement, this release is also the most ‘gay’ release to date as Tennant took more liberties with his orientation on this release than ever before. Released in 1993, this CD went on to sell an impressive 5 million copies worldwide.  Also released as a limited ‘digi-pak’ the CD was housed with a mostly instrumental 6 song companion CD in a limited package..of which I am the proud owner of.


Can You Forgive Her?—-Heavy on synth and subtle British humor, I never really attached myself to this song. In the PSB catalog, it is perhaps my least favorite of their compositions. The overlayed vocals are wonderful…the music seems to lack spirit and inspiration…many love this. perhaps this is just a personal choice. Not bad by any means, just not a favorite.

I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind Of Thing—-On the flip side. this is one of my very favorite PSB sngles…the music is a hyped styled delivery that makes you want to jump around and illicit vocal mantras of good tidings. the song speaks of the true feeling we all experience when we first feel the tinge of new found love and romance. this is a feel good song all the way around…the instrumentation of Lowe is beautifully manufactured to fit the mood of new and emerging love…the vocal is classic Tennant. This is truly wonderful!!!!

Liberation—-Musically, the song is more downbeat and relaxed. Lyrically and vocally, the pain of the relationship that we discovered in the last track becomes inevitable. The vocal of Tennant is stripped bare and is very raw and real. The track remains one of my favorite…I never tire of the song. The melodies that Lowe manages to produce with machines is extraordinary…this is truly wonderful!

A Different Point Of View—-The song, from the onset again makes you want to jump around and make exclamations of joy…it is that hyped. The vocal and lyrical delivery is a tad bit more introspective,…..this entire release seems to be about relationships in their different stages. The lyrical content requires some though, but the music is absolute and brillant…the beats and rhythms are just joyous…this is wonderful……always a favorite and I never ever tire of hearing this.!!!

Dreaming Of The Queen—-Sedate and melancholy, this is PSB at their very moody best. The song seems to be a kind of triv=bute to Lady Di…I’m not sure what the song is about…lots of references to the Queen and Di and the feeling of loss and disappointment permeate the track. This is brilliant…the low hum of sadness, the deep sound of the mellow keyboard…this is brilliant!!!

Yesterday, When I was Mad—-I must have a half dozen remixes of this track and I love everyone…this song fits my moody self to a tee. The song speaks more of ‘relationships’ and the stages of progression…this is a brilliant case study of something going through the natural and normal changes of the development of love. The music is rich and textured at the onset, but quickly it dissolves into an acid like dance floor romp that is made for strobe lights and ecstasy…this is brilliant…wow…knocked out of the park. The melody is so infectious…you will think about this days after hearing this and that still happens 13 years after it’s release.

The Theatre—-A huge and masterful song that studies the difference of class and the gluttony of the more fortunate…a social commentary that was written ong before the whole rest of the world caught on, this is literally a masterpiece!!!The music is huge…the electronic feel of the music is undeniable…..the orchestrated sound that matches the beat is incredible. The low hum that I speak of so often runs through the entire song and makes your heart-break and wonder why you are not doing something to help others…to me, this is wonderfull…unforgettable and a for ever favorite.

One And One Make Five—-With a piano sound that is right out of the 1995 Club Ibiza sound, the song takes on a relentless beat that seems to shine above the usually very present vocal of Tennant. There are so many sounds going on in the song that you sometimes lose track of the voice…this only speaks to the mastery of Lowe and how different Tennant would be without him…the quiet one is usually the least noticed and the most important….point taken.

To Speak Is A Sin—-We return to relationship issues as the music on the track takes on a more sedate and mellow feel. If the horns are real or manufactured, it plays very well. Tennant tells the story of the uncomfortable comfortable relationship…where things go on and on just because it is easier. The musical track keeps a nice sedate pace, although in the very backdrop is a nice tick tick ticking sound that grabs your attention from time to time…this is perfect.

Young Offender—-Brilliant in the dance oriented field that this music falls in…to me the message of the song was lost and I would have loved to just have the Lowe track without any interruption of the vocal. Lowe has constructed a perfect song….the music takes you through the mood of the song and speaks a lesson all of it’s own…this is adequate because of the voice..the music is AA++.

One In A Million—-Yet another feel good song that just makes you want to scream and shout to the world all of the good things that are happening in your life. The song has a downpoint….mostly to do with the lyrics…if you concentrate on the true emotion of the song, it is not always happy…yet the delivery and the pace of the music just makes you want to pull your hair out in JOY!!!! This is beautiful, inspiring, euphoric and every other word you think of that means WONDERFUL!!!!

Go West—-A brilliant and hugely popular cover of the Village People song, the Boys add life and meaning to the track. This is far more meaningful and huge in  delivery than ever thought possible from the ‘disco divas’…..this takes on an aching feel at times and at others leaves  you drenched in sweat. A wonderful example of how the Boys can make anything their own. Wonderful!!! To see this live is unforgettable!


My Head Is Spinning—-/from the onset, the song is slow and layered, yet you can feel the build up to the bass synth that will lead the pace of the song. This is machine-made melody at it’s finest. Tennant only makes a brief vocal appearance with a repetitive trance vocal that never overtakes the masterful instrumental qualities of the song. This is Lowe at his finest.

Forever In Love—-The track begins with a nice spatial introduction that sinks into a nice heavy house beat that catches your attention from the very first thump. The vocal incantations of Tennant are mutated and foreign sounding…Brilliant. The bass beat of the song inspires a shoe gaze type dance that is easy, relaxed and mind altering. This is brilliance!!! As the song emerges, the Diva qualities of the song shine…this is a pure high energy delivery that will never leave a dance floor empty. Lowe is genius!!!

KDX 125—-The machine generated sounds are welcoming and familiar…Lowe has a certain sound about him as well…this is brilliant dance oriented music that inspires more of a trance than all and out dance floor thumping. Brilliant!!!

We Came From Outer Space—-With interesting soundbites and an almost hyper kinetic beat, the song is layered with any different sounds…at times you hear the familiar sound of Tennant, but it is manipulated and foreign….what a brilliant idea. The soundbites continue through the entire song…allowing you to lose yourself in the mind altering beats that just inspire you to dance and enjoy.This is sinful and devastatingly good.

The Man Who Has Everything—-A nice diva inspired dance groove that is made for three o’clock in the AM dance parties, this song will inspire and mellow…a journey all of it’s own, it almost has a down beat Moby feel to it…this is wonderfully layered with many sounds…the ever present dance tick and beautifully orchestrated sounds on the top..this is genius!!!

One Thing Leads To Another—-Landscaped  from the very onset, the downbeat sounds of the song are perfect for middle of the night cool down sessions. Tennant delivers a rap styled vocal that is better than West End Girls even dreamed of being. This is brilliant…the music seems to me muted and pushed back…the vocal never really takes the spot either, as if the whole track is meant to have a deepness and dank feeling. This is brilliant…when the piano breaks the darkness it as if the sun begins to shine and all is well. Magical.

***** out of 5


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IV is the fourth and most successful of the studio releases by American Pop/Rock band Toto. Released in 1982, the release garnered six Grammy Awards for the band including Record Of The Year, Album Of The Year and Producer Of The Year. The release also resulted in a #1 single, a #2 single, one Top 10 Single and 2 Top 40 Singes….impressive for any group over a career…staggering from one single release!!!

Rosanna—-Instantly recognizable, Toto definitely had a unique and tested sound. When Bobby Kimball opens his mouth you are even more positive whom you are listening to. Driven by a remarkable piano line and a great video, the song climbed the charts and grabbed the #1 spot in the summer of 1982. This is remarkable…a nice blend of Pop with just enough guitar to capture the attention of those seeking a unique sound…but that voice…crystal clear and emotional..unforgettable..a true classic.

Make Believe—-Again, the remarkable piano and the saxophone fit perfectly into the 80’s sound while still maintaining a rock sound that stood apart from the Dance/New Wave sound of the times. The guitar of Lukather is subtle but obvious…the drums are excellent…the voice…oh the voice is remarkable…crystal clear and heart wrenching…emotional and crying for attention. Classic moments caught in time.

I Won’t Hold You Back—-Heart wrenching and tear producing, this track is an emotional waterfall that will make you happy when you want to be, and incredibly sad when you need to be. A beautiful break up song, at times the song can be positive and invigorating also. The song literally soars and races over the open water..this is fantastic…..never ending emotion and full of feelings that we have all experienced. I love this!!!

Good For You—-More raucous piano rock drives the song forward…the orchestration of the song is brilliant…taking it far beyond a Pop/Rock feel. This is wonderful…..Kimball delivers a vocal that is more sedate and lower in register and it plays really well. The marching sound of the drums and guitar is extraordinary…this is a great love song that is upbeat and positive. Wonderful!!!!

It’s A Feeling—-This song seems to be stuck in the 70’s….which is not a negative comment. This sounds more like Steely Dan than Toto, but it plays very well. Again. the piano takes on a major focus along with the drums…the voice is relaxed and real…this is remarkable…I love this.

Afraid Of Love—-With a more guitar based sound, the intro of the song plays like a Loverboy classic….the tempo of the song is nice and level…the drums are in the front of the mix and at times the guitar is actually aggressive and in your face…a nice change from the piano driven songs of the first half of the release..the vocal harmonies are incredibly catchy and wonderful. This is a big sounding song that plays to the times very well. Excellent!!!

Lovers In The Night—-A return to the heavy piano driven sound, it is not disappointing. The guitars enter the fray and give the song a much larger feel. the song again comes off as being orchestrated and huge…this is wonderfully catchy…combining just enough of the New Wave sound to make the song play well at the time of its release. Kimball is a diverse singer and songs like this really show the different ranges of his voice. Great!!!

We Made It—-Suffering a bit from a too consistent sound, the vocal is standout and saves the song from wasted space. Kimball return to a higher pitch that really plays well with the more guitar based track. The tambourine of all things is one of the most important elements of the song…when it appears it keeps the song alive and interesting. Very Nice!!!

Waiting For Your Love—-With a nice bluesy 70’s feel, the song again deviates from the predicted sound just enough to keep things interesting. Kimball and the backdrop voices come together in a nice combined sound that takes you back to the AOR glory days of 70 radio. Very nice..still sounding fresh and lively.

Africa—-Without a doubt, one of the biggest hits of 1982, Toto hit pay dirt with this composition. The video was magnificent, the ‘world’ music sounds were different enough to attract a wide audience and the lyrical and vocal delivery was made for the times. This was and remains a masterpiece of genius musical minds coming together. Wonderful and unforgettable.

***** out of 5

Fear Factory/Transgression

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Transgression is the 6th studio release from Industrial Metal band Fear Factory. The release was issued in 2005 and marks the last appearance of drummer Raymond Herrera and bassist/guitarist Christian Olde Wolbers. This also marked the beginning of the end of this iconic band which only issued one other CD before it’s split.

540,000 Degrees Farenheit—-From the onset. you notice a missing power to the sound of the music….the vocal is very clean and full of melody…the one point that I have always loved about this band. The interludes between verses reminds me of the old days, but the music lacks an urgency and punch at times…all in all, this is pretty great…just sounds a little empty to me.

Transgression—-Still very bass laden and not sounding as crisp, the song opens up with dramatic flair and really comes alive. The guitars make an upfront move and drive the song….the vocal is brutal and intense…just what the doctor ordered. The blast of guitars match the brutal vocal beat for beat…the entire tone of the song makes you angry and crazy….this is classic FF. Even the clean vocal fits into the song with an appropriate place and manner. Beautifully brutal.

Spinal Compression—-Beginning once again with a deeper bass sound than normal, the guitars and drums lead the song at an almost blistering pace…..the voice is full of ire and disgust….sounding even more passionate and serious than ever. The tone of the song lacks the previous…the muted sound of the guitars suck the life right from the track. The voice is fabulous….never letting up or relaxing for a moment.

Contagion—-Delivering further doses of blistering brutality, the vocal is maniacal at times nut allows for the clean and melodic voice to even the song out and give it emotion and substance….this is pretty fantastic….wonderfully brutal when it needs to be and marvelously melodic in the interlude.

Empty Vision—-Beginning with a deep drum sound and incredible bass, the clean vocal enters the fray and drives the song….intermittent rough vocals accentuate the tone of the song and gives it a bit of an edge…this is wonderful…one of my favorite tracks.

Echo Of My Scream—-Oddly acoustic and sedate at the onset, the song seems out-of-place and like a chore.I do not really care for this…this is not what we require from the band…we need that brutality without all of the unnecessary sludge to cloud the experience. A big disappointment!!!!

Supernova—-Sounding more Alternative at thew onset, the song does open up in a nice way that gives you hope and promise for what is to come. The vocal enters the fray and you are let down….the tone is too relaxed and seems to lack a true passion. I do not like this…this is almost terrible. A really big disappointment.

New Promise—-God……what the hell is going on. Where is the passion and the anger, the energy and the need to bleed….this is terrible…..finally the song opens up with a new sense of energy and speed. This is much better…why the terrible interlude? It is unnecessary and not an important part of the song by any means….the drum track on this song is brilliant!

I Will Follow—-Yes, this is a U2 cover. The guitars are true to form and sound even fresher that the original could ever make them…..there is a sense of energy and excitement that builds the song up…a nce mix of vocal styles keep the song interesting and sounding almost brand new…this is wonderful…love it!!!

Millenium—-With an incredible plodding sound to the bass delivery, the song hold high hopes for me…when the vocal enters the fray you are further bolstered by the sound. This is aggressive, crunchy and nicely intermixed with a clean vocal that keeps things interesting. This is classic FF, despite being a little mainstream.

Moment Of Impact—-What a fantastic way to end a rather lackluster release. The vocal is intense, and the sound f the band is huge….with great walls of sound and power. This is great…..

*** out of 5

Immortal/All Shall Fall

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Immortal are a black metal band from Bergen, Norway. The band and it’s origins date back as far as the 1990’s as principle members came together after the demise of their respective bands. Immortal make a strong effort to reject all principles that most black Metal bands promote most notably that of Satanism. Immortal instead rely on true graphic imagery of War and Suffering while still maintaining a deep and mystical aura about them. The heavy use of corpse paint and artistic CD covers only escalates the mystic of the band. The band has also escaped most of the legal problems shared by other Norwegian Black Metal bands although their former rhythm guitarist took part in the Church burning fiasco and former member Grim committed suicide in 1999. The band has a huge and loyal cult following. The original incarnation of the band split in 2003 but later reformed with key members in 2006. All Shall Fall marks the first release from the reformed band. It’s 8th studio release, All Shall Fall was issued in Sept. 2009.

All Shall Fall—-The song begins with enough musical imagery to take you directly to the frozen landscape of the band’s origin. The sound is huge….the guitars are literally mammoth, while the drums will make your brain leak from your ears. The voice is rough and practised…you only catch words a few at a times but you will study the lyric sheet later. The feel of the song is pure snowy brutality…the voice is evil and sinister…the result is a damn near masterful delivery. Dimmu…..take some lessons from the masters. This is intense. The song has so many moods and movements…this will be played for quite some time at my house.

The Rise Of The Darkness—-The drums set the pace…and from the onset this plays like really great Heavy Metal…..The drums are moderate and the guitars show a lot of histrionics….as the song progresses I keep expecting it turn into something else and to my surprise it never does. This is passable and enjoyable Metal that is only marked with the term “Black” because of the style of the voice. This is a huge magnificent blend of dark and light….I LOVE THIS!!!!

Hordes To War—-Paced at about 10000 miles an hour, the drums on this track will blow out your cerebellum. This is fantastic!!!! You cannot deny the brilliance of this band…this is my first experience and now I want everything….bring it on. This is brilliant in delivery….the guitars are maniacal….the drums…well, you know….the voice is a tad bit clearer on this track and more accessible…this is extreme with a twist…you can listen to it over and over all in one night. BRILLIANT!!!!! This just gets better and better as it progresses…..the end is as fantastic as the beginning.

Norden On Fire—-Beginning in an almost acoustic style, the song open up with a huge contrasting sound. The rhythm section of the band is incredible and as usual the drums are outstanding. The song again deviates from the Black Metal sound and almost sounds like really high quality  Heavy Metal…it is indeed a fine line. Once the vocal enters the fray, you ar reminded why the band is in the realm that it is. Make no doubt though…this is fantaastic…the nice mix of sounds make the band very listenable and acceptable to many newcomers….I’m sure the purists detest their chosen path……..I Love It!!!!

Arctic Swarm—-The release seems to switch from style to style, song to song…..this is heavier and more dense in sound….the guitar leads are incredible…the voice sounds like it is masterfully constructed of rocks……the downshifts of the bass give the song a heavy chest breathing feel…this is monstrous and intricate. I love this band!!!!

Mount North—-Full of the cold and heavily layered feel of Norway, the song is another huge landscape into the glories of the oversea Black Metal market. This is brilliant…the voice is rough and eerie, but with a degree of evil…the music is always shifting and moving…the pace slows and speeds but never loses its intensity. this is literally some of the best Metal I have heard in quite some time. Nice!!!!

Unearthly Kingdom—-Beginning with a pure sense of doom and dread, the angelic voices that play are not to be disguised from the onslaught that you are sure is to come…you must wait long…the layered wall like sound of the Metal is magnificent…the drums are slower and almost plodding save for the high cymbal sounds. This is just pure monstrous…I can not get enough of this band….wonderfully brilliant. The voice comes through clear and concise….the gravel and evil ministrations are not to be mistaken. This is literally the best Metal I have heard since I ‘discovered’ Gorgoroth…only this excites me more!!!

****3/4 out of 5