Behemoth are a Polish based Death/Black/Extreme Death Metal band formed in 1991. Constantly perfecting their craft and progressing with the current scene, the band includes many different musical influences outside of the genre including Middle Eastern themes and sounds. Behemoth are poised at the front door of the movement and stand to become the kings of Death Metal as we know it. This release, issued in August of 2009, is the bands 9th studio recording.

Evangelion—-The reward of good tidings, given to the messenger.

Daimonos—-From the onset, the band sounds a tad bit cliche’……as the song progresses you notice that the musical styling far outshines the predecessors such as Dimmu or Cradle with a brutality that is indescribable. The voice rattles your brain and travels down your spine to your asshole and makes you want to shit. This is beautifully constructed and anthemic based Black Metal that fulfills every craving you had for the dark side in a single song. These guys will be kings…..!!!!!

Shemhamforash—-The musical onslaught of this band is the key component that sets them apart from their predecessors. As far as this genre goes, you can’t get much better than Shagrath [in my opinion]…….what lacks in Dimmu’s music a bit is the musical brutality and talent. This band goes on musical excursions that are not to be forgotten or a misnomer. This is classic…who knew the Poles were doing such great things. This is fantastic!!!!

Ov Fire And The Void—-The music on this track is a bit more downplayed…but the vocal will take its place in your forehead. The music displays a nice rhythmic sound that keeps your attention…even though you are lost without th lyric sheet. The pure evil tone of the music accomplishes everything that it needs to. You are left invigorated yet empty…angry yet somehow searching for what you are mad at. Fantastic!!!

 Transmigrating Beyond Realms Ov Amenti—-Much more Speed Metal based and aggressive, the song has a literal wall of sound. The growls and intestinal noises of the vocal is astounding. The wall of voice only adds to the thickly layered sound of the song…this is brick wall against brick wall….with none the successor. The entire feel of the song switches between aggression and despair. A masterful delivery!!!

He Who Breeds Pestilence—-A brutal attack on every sense that you have in your facilities, the song is a dirge that is so deep and masterful you wonder if you are listening to classic Emperor. This is a pure putrid stench filled diatribe of disgust that is masterful in delivery and energy.l Fantastic!!!

The Seed Ov I—-Driving and although organic sounds mechanical and huge. The song….to me….is a  resounding diatribe against God and the powers of Grace. Despite my own religious beliefs, I welcome the astounding difference of belief and the exploration of other such feelings. This is just plain ole’ Death Metal to me…the kind that satisfies a deep itch in your being and the kind that makes you explore other thoughts and ideas…exactly what music is all about!

Alas, Lord Is Upon Me—-Full of the most masterful power chords that you have heard in quite some time, this song ebbs and flows with an incredible mastery you have to shake your head in admiration at. This is classic, extreme metal…..I have been so entranced by bands like Dimmu, Cradle and Satyricon that I missed the boat with these guys all together. This is classic, melodic dark metal that will drive you to pound your head on the wall. The level of noise and articulation from this band is fascinating…a new favorite!!!!

Defiling Morality Ov Black God—-Full of layered and textured Extreme Metal, this satisfies the itch that you have been yearning for in the past few months. The sound of the band is absolutely huge….there is literally a wall of sound. The bass is so deep, you feel it in your testicles….the vocal is so evil it scares your cerebellum…..I could not ask for more.

Lucifer—-The song title speaks volumes after a whole listen to ths release…this is thew real deal…I care not to read interviews or interpretations…the first listen to this band for the first time only makes me want to run out and obtain every possible thing i can get my hands on from this outstanding and pleasing band. This is classic…better than current Gorgoroth……better than anything Dimmu has done……more accessible than Deicide…..literally damn near perfection.

****3/4 out of 5


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