Echo And The Bunnymen/The Fountain

Echo And The Bunnymen are a Post-Punk band from England. The formation of the band dates back to 1978. The band has achieved cult like status through quality recordings and relentless touring. Despite global success, the band split with lead singer Ian McCollough in 1987 and released one very unsuccessful album, Reverberation, with temporary vocalist Noel Burke. McCollough in the meantime released a relatively successful solo record. The band went through a complete split in 1993, and officially reformed in 1997 and have been touring and releasing quality music ever since. The Fountain, released today Nov. 11, 2009, is the bands 11th studio release.

Think I Need It Too—-Beginning with a gentle guitar intro, the song grows into a nice rock sound not heard lately on echo releases. The vocal of Ian is magnificent. The vulnerability and emotion of the voice makes your heart ache. The chorus opens up to a bigger sound, much less introspective than past releases of late. The refrain is masterful and the English sound is all over the track. This is damn near perfect.

Forgotten Fields—-The fuzz at the beginning of the track leads you to believe that the song will be rockier than what it actually evolves into. This is by no means a disappointment, it is just quieter than what I expected. The voice is in fine form…Ian always delivers a vocal that is crystal clear and understandable…making the song even more impactful. The guitars are Brit inspired and the timing of the ebbs and flows are masterful. This is wonderful…quality and unforgettable. 

Do You Know Who I Am?—-Wow…..much more rockier and electric, the song keeps up the pace even with the entrance of the vocal. The voice is still crystal clear and comprehensible, the backdrop voices make the sound even bigger. this is perhaps one of the best Echo songs to be released in years…this is masterful!!!! Wow…..I really love this.

Shroud Of Turin—-Again, the band delivers a surprise with a jangly guitar sound that is almost as impressive as the vocal. The refrain of the song is overlayed and beauiful…catchy and irreistable…..clear and concise…emotional and true. This is brilliant!!!! I love the mix of sound….at times the guitars move up right into your face…at the necessary time, they ebb into the backdrop and allow the voice to come forward. This is classic Pop Brit Rock!!!!

Life Of A Thousand Crimesha—-Again…WOW!!! The song has an aggressive guitar melody that drives the song and forces Ian out of his melodrama. The guitar is more staccato and forceful than ever….the whole band seems to be singing along with Ian…or is it clever backtracking…..who cares…this is brilliant!!!!

The Fountain—-The title track of the release finds the band delving back into the quieter rock that it has been delivering as of late…this is a beautiful and melodic song that is thick with guitar layers and atmosphere. Ian always manages to be emotive and pure with his voice and it wraps itself around your brain like a warm towel…this is wonderful.

Everlasting Neverendless—-Once again, the band teases with a sedate beginning that opens up into a rocking guitar intro…which quiets to allow the melodic voice. This is so well constructed…the ebs and flows of the music create a landscape that equals pure pop perfection. This is a band that despite 30 years of recording is still hitting its stride. Great!!!

Proxy—-Full of 80’s stylings, the song has a chorus that is a sing a long affair that is grand and irresistable. The jangly guitar and the more up front rhythm section drive the song forward in a very British way…this is damn well constructed pop perfection. I apologize for gushing…..this release is that good.

Drivetime—-With an irresistable percussive sound, the song is propelled by the drums and the almost Smiths styled guitars. The chorus may be a bit inane and non-sensical,,,the delivery makes you forget all of that. You fall into the groove and the pleasure of the vocal and let it surround your head….this is really great!!!

The Idolness Of Gods—-A fantastic and emotional close to this release is exactly what I was craving, and the band does not disappoint. I loved What Are You Going To Do With Your Life?, this is as good if not better than everything on that release. Ian paints vivid pictures with his voice and lyrics and this is a Monet or Rembrandt. Fantastic…..seriously!!!!

***** out of 5


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