Gorgoroth/Quantos Possunt Ad Satanitatem Trahunt

Gorgoroth are a Norwegian Black/Extreme Metal band formed in 1992. Quantos….found it’s origins in 2006 while vocalist Infernus was serving time in prison. The album took two years to come to fruition mainly because of legal wranglings over the ownership of the bands name. This legal battle was finally resolved this year and the name was awarded to sole founding member Infernus. Quantos marks the return of Pest on vocals and welcomes the addition of Tomas Asklund [ ex Infernal/Dissection] on drums and Boddel [Obituary] on bass. The translation of the album title has yet to be released. This marks the bands 8th studio release and was issued in October 2009.

Aneuthanasia—-The song begins from the very first second of tape….the layers and layers of sound are incredible. There is literally a huge wall of dark sound that occasionally breaks out into a more metallic feel. The vocal of Infernus is pure vomit and almost completely uncomprehendable…this only adds to the mystical and scary feel of the song. This is outstanding….the emotions of the song are pure evil and darkness….the energy is contagious and the way the song ends is just awesome…complete darkness.

Prayer—-Displaying more melody from the onset, the song has a clearer and more understandable vocal….the deep bass lines threaten to ruin your speakers. There is nice mood shifts in the song…going from a speedier delivery to a more plodding darkness. This is fantastic!!! For me Gorgoroth is alive and well.

Rebirth—-Plodding and full of surprising melody, it is the vocal that is magnificent…..sounding like Dani Filth on crack, Infernus digs deep into the most gravel tones of his voice to puke out messages of pure darkness. I wonder how he can produce these sounds….this is magnificent the music is constantly shifting in mood and it manages to keep you on the edge and saves you from being bored. This is great!!!

Building A Man—-Full of speedy and altered guitar sounds, the beginning of the song is a wonderful spastic mess. The song open up in a few seconds and is full of melodic and masterful bass. The voice is a tad bit more on the clear side…you catch bits and phrases and realize this is the real deal. These guys do not f*&k around with Satan….they embrace him and call him forward. This is truly incredible!!!I love the upfront and melodic bass….the drums seem less than expected though.

New Breed—-This is so clear at times, it could almost pass for mainstreeam Black Metal…..at other times, the song dissolves into a mess of pure darkness. Infernus delivers some vocal grunts that are wothy of George ‘Corpsegrinder’ from Cannibal Corpse. The song, musically, is pretty damn accessible…the downshifts and the clarity of the lead guitar is a nice chane….the interludes are a rare thing in this genre…it is not long before Infernus comes back in and gives you nightmares…..one of my favorite tracks, this is NOT easy listening. 

Cleansing Fire—-Far more aggressive than anything on this release so far, this manages to dig its way out of the sludge at times and actually have a real structure. The voice is incredible…..how does he do this all the time???? The guitar leads are incredible and the bass is so heavy and pronounced it almost drowns out any treble sound at all…..except on rare occasions when it really shines. Infernus sounds so much better with a clearer guitar sound instead of muddy sludge. One of the best tracks on this release!

Human Sacrifice—-Again, this track begins with a much more electric feel. The heavy over production is lessened and it really works for the clarity of the sound. In this setting. Infernus is able to be appreciated for the great singer that he is…this is less puke and more anger and disgust. I absolutely love this track…..the clarity and melody of the leads work wonders for the overall result of the song.

Satan-Promethues—-Like a hell wind, the song begins at the very first second with a layered and maniacal musical delivery. On this track, the drums really stand out and seem to be much more forward in the mix. The melody..if you call it that…leads the track on a nice journey….there is never ending rediscovering as the song continues…midpoint you are shocked by pure clean vocals that actually have emotion and harmoy…what the hell is going on…this is awesome!!! Wow!!!!

Introibo Ad Alantare Satanas—-Beginning with a clear sense of melody from the very onset, the voice enters the fray and darkens the clarity somewhat. All in all, overall the track is a magnificent evil delivery that fits into the whole feel of the release like a missing puzzle piece. This is a great round out to a surprisingly promising release…we will have to see how long Infernus keeps this band.

***3/4 out of 5




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  1. Wow, I didn’t know about that up to now. Thx!

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