Bonnie Tyler/Faster Than The Speed Of Night

Released in April 1983, this was Tyler’s 5th and most successful release to date. Holding the #1 spot for 2 weeks, the release also generated 2 Grammy nominations for the gravelly voiced songstress. Featuring songwriting and production by Meatloaf genius Jim Steinman, the huge layered sound of his style is all over this release. The CD also features appearances by Rick Derringer, Paul Shaffer and E-Street Band drummer Max Weinberg. How could she miss with all of these guys behind the scenes. Check it out…a wonderful piece of 80’s history.

Have You Ever Seen The Rain?—-Covering the likes of CCR is almost impossible….when you put the mad piano orchestration of Steinman together with the gravel, bluesy voice of Tyler, the song becomes her own and grows into a masterful rock opera. The chorus of the song is a grand affair… can almost see the wind blowing Tyler’s hair and the rain beating on the window outside…this is wonderful. I am not disappointed with a single note of this song.

Faster Than The Speed Of Night—-Like the huge hit from this release, this song has the Steinman sound all over it….I’m sure this song was written for the vocal of Meatloaf, but Tyler takes this song to an even greater level. The deep and rough tone of her voice delivers layers and layers of emotion and the emotion of the song just seems to grow larger and larger. This is pure masterful pop music…the piano of Steinman is unmistakable…the sonund of his workmanship is every where…wonderful…fantastic and damn near orgasmic!!!

Getting So Excited—-This particular song embraces the 80’s sound much more…the result is somewhat lackluster and seems to mis the mark. The grand orchestration and orchestrated chorus is missing and it really shoe=ws after the previous two songs. It is almost as if something is missing….it is the control of Steinman I’m sure…..even though you hear Tyler utter “I will do anything for love, but I won’t do that”….sound familiar?

Total Eclipse Of The Heart—-Considered one of the best one-hit wonders of the 80’s, the song again contains all the elements of the Steinman sound. The video is classic and eerie…almost as haunting as the song itself. The grand and operatic qualities of the song guaranteed it a place in history…and rightly so. This is a wonderful piece of history and helped to feed Steinman’s family for quite some time I’m sure.

It’s A Jungle Out There—-With an irresistable Reggae/Dance beat, Tyler falls into a smoother and more commercial voice that is more accessible and Diva like. The result is a nice acceptable dance floor romp that is nice to revisit from time to time…unfortunatly, it is nothing stellar and leaves your memory easily.

Goin’ Through The Motions—-With a very odd intro, the song opens up into a bluesy styled piano romp that again has Steinman written all over it. This release only makes me want to listen to Meatloaf!!!! This is a quasi-replacement for the release that was supposed to be the Bat Out Of Hell sequel…..the sound is huge and orchestrated…the music and the largeness of it almost overwhelms the voice. All in all it is more of the same…but nice none the less.

Tears—-With a title like that, what can you expect? The song contains all of the elements that you need as your relationship comes to an end and you contemplate the direction of your life. This is wonderfully delivered, and the song…surprisingly, has an almost Country twang to it. Wonderful and masterfully delivered, the song has a place in my heart…the male backdrop vocals only add to the emotional level of the song. This is wonderful.

Take Me Back—-Again. Steinman puts his trademark sound all over the song…this almost plays out like a Springsteen song….that huge and guitar oriented sound is all over the mix. This is wonderfully huge and masterfully produced….this is a classic rendition of the Steinman genius and features all of the elements that detoured people from the synth driven 80’s….a different picture of the 80’s, it is pretty and inspiring. This is pretty fantastic.

Straight From The Heart—-Tyler takes on a cover of the Bryan Adams classic….and it works very well….from one gravel voice to the other..right? The end result of the song is a nice syrupy delivery that is bolstered by the production of Steinman…this only makes the song larger and more emotional. A wonderful re-working o a really great song.

*** out of 5


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