Cradle Of Filth/Lovecraft & Witch Hearts

Disc Two:

Once Upon Atrocity—-Beginning with lots of atmosphere and mood, the song is another build up that never seems to get anywhere…you wait and you wait and it almost makes you crazy…you yearn for the onslaught and wonder where it is….

Thirteen Autumns And A Widow [Red October Mix]—-Ahhhhh…there it is…the ‘onslaught’ comes in an overly orchestrated opus that changes the minute the voice enters the fray. The guitars become more brutal and the drums carry on at a much faster pace….the voice is classic!!! Dani never fails to make me shake my head and wonder who this can be possible. The song, like many others has many moods and movements….the guitars are much more apparent and Maiden inspired…this is nice. I love this re-interpretation.

For Those Who Died [Return To the Sabbat Mix]—-Brilliant vocal introduction and a regular almost acceptable guitar delivery that falls into the realm of heavy metal very easily. the voice, even at the onset is more acceptable and understandable…this does not last too long though. The voice of Filth is at his best…the contrast of one tone to the other is remarkable. The musical mood shifts of this song are amazing…the gallopping beats ala Maiden….this is brilliant…one of the best tracks on this disc.

Sodomy And Lust—-One of my favorite Cradle tracks EVER….This is heavily layered metal that takes oer your very soul. Dani sings or yells so fast you can barely catch a single word..this is wonderful…..the deep delivery of the guitar leads give the song a whole new sound….the dark and dank feel is inescapable. Dani is at his best as he concentrates on a deeper voice but when he lets loose, cover your ears. This is extraordinary. I love this song!!!!!

Twisting Further Nails—-With a large leaning to a more electronic Metal sound, you wonder where this is going. The sound literally bubbles up from the onset, the blips and beeps almost seem like a rape of the un rapeable. This is a Prodigy styled Electronic romp through a brutal song that literally strips the brutality and intensity of the track…I hate this!!!!!

Amor F. Morte [Lycanthropy Mix]—-Like a beautifully orchestrated soundtrack to a horror movie, the song hold just enough suspense and flavor to keep you on the edge of your seat. Dani delivers a vocal that is unforgettable….at times he is relaxed and almost other times he is maniacal that you lmost o crazy…the addition of the voice of Sarah adds to the dramatic elements…this is fantastic!!!!

Carmilla’s Masque—-From the onset. this sounds much more like modern-day Cradle…the sound is almost relaxed and mainstram….crying for acceptance and play ability. the mood shifts of the song, even from the onset carry a flair of drama….the song takes some time to really get going…this is odd and not really pleasing to me.

Lustmord And Wargasm II—-Beginning slow, but rewarding you for your patience in a wonderful way, the song plays with yo until it explodes with sheer joyful noise. the intro to the song is plodding, once the music opens up you are pelted with pure unadulterated noise and black sound. The voice is extreme and at times almost unlistenable…..only the shifts of the music save it and make it masterful…this is fantastic.

Dawn Of Eternity—-With another slow interlude, the music takes patience and mastery to really enjoy the onslaught when it begins……the organ noises and the thunder add to the dark tones of the song… salivate waiting for the true arreival…..the drum track seems to lead the fray…you are so pleased when all hell breaks loose. The song is a relentless pummeling that leaves you in a true wet heap by the time it ends. The voice is even more dark and layered than anything you have experienced thus far…this is pure Black metal…somehow this band took a different fork in the road.

Of Dark Blood And Fucking [Stripped To The Bone Mix]—-From the very first note, the voice is all that matters to this song…well the drums are pretty freakin’ incredible also. The pace of this song will make you want to bang your head on a table, a wall, a tree…what ever is convenient. this is masterful and incredibly well remixed. taking on a Black Industrial Metal sound, this should be further investigated.

Dance Macabre—-Again, this song investigates a realm of music that needs more atrention…the industrialized mechanical manipulations of black metal. This is brilliant…I can’t find the words to tell you how impressed with this i am every single time I hear it…this is better than NIN or Manson could ever think of being!!!! Brilliant!!!

Hell Awaits—-Heavily layered and full of the regular movements you are accustomed to, this is an incredible and dense production. the sound of the bass is so deep, you have to use Q-Tips after hearing this…wonderful..a great Metal experimentation.

Hallowed Be Thy Name—-A cover of the Iron Maiden classic……I hate this!!!

**** out of 5


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