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Cannibal Corpse/The Bleeding

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The Bleeding is the 4th studio release by American Death Metal/Grindcore band Cannibal Corpse. This release, issued in 1994 is the last release to feature original and founding member of the band vocalist Chris Barnes. This is listed as the 5th top-selling Death Metal release of all time according to Billboard, selling at latest numbers an impressive 120,000 copies.

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead—-The song begins with a monstrous bass sound…the vocal is more imminent and graphic than george….the voice is so deep and gutteral that you feel the evil slip right through your pores. the graphic nature of the voice fits in masterfully with the changing tempo of the music,,,this is incredible…..Grind at its best!!!

Fucked With A Knife—-Well… can’t get much more graphic than the title right…..wrong! Listen to the song and you are appalled and then you just laugh at the absurdity of it all…these are grown men with children that perform for our entertainment because we ask and pay them too…never forget that as you wallow in the boughs of hell!

Stripped, Raped And Strangled—-Again, the title alone makes you shudder with fascination and irony. the music is deep, with a nice industrial style vocal that comes alive in the true Grind realm by the second bar and then again explores this other media. The music is incredible…the pace of the song slows, speeds, and slows and then escalates to a level that will make you crazy. This is the fastest and most propulsive music available in this Grind community…literally awesome!!!

Pulverized—-Relentless from the very first note, you can only marvel at the ability of musicians to play at this pace for such a long period of time. This mi=usic is incredible…the leads are there but hidden behind the intense and deep level of the bass sound of the song…this is exceptional and wonderfully executed…this band takes no prisoners….then or now.

Return To Flesh—-With the deepest bass this sif=de of Armageddon, you fear the apocalypse is truly coming as this song unfolds…this is layers and layers of talented and under appreciated musicians.  If you think for a moment that this kind of existence comes easily think again….the folks who present this genre do it because they love it and they are dedicated. The leads come forward at the mid-point of this song so nicely and the song becomes a free for all rock effort that just twists your head off before the bass cements it back in place. This is awesome!!!!

The Pick Axe Murders—-This is literally brutal from the onset. The song does offer some nice mood shifts nd seems to spotlight the rhythm section at one time or another. What is impressive to me is the vocal…gowing from that growl to a Dani Filth like scream that just amazes…I have to resarch….what is Chris doing now….I feel stupid for not knowing……that’s right he is all behind Six Feet Under these days….DOH!!!!

She Was Asking For It—-From the gate, all aspects of this song will kick your ass. the squeal shows up for the first time and again the bass line is exposed. the vocal enters the fray with a sing-song vomit that you are best not to decioher…the lyrics are to be taken with a grain of salt, the music is to be enjoyed for a lifetime…this is the deepest darkest dirge that you could ever imagine…at best..the best grind core band ever…at it’s most sedate…the most brutal goth band ever….this is a win….win….remember everything is not literal.

The Bleeding—-The title track to the release does not disappoint…..the vocal reaches some screams that are not to be believed….the rhthn section of the band is incredible on this song…the bass hits you like bullets right between the eyes,,,this is incredible….not to be missed, this is a piece of the history that helped to make the band what it is today… can not tell me that George and Chris are not blood brothers or something….this is beauty!!!!

Force Fed Broken Glass—-A putrid tale that is almost laughable based on the brutality of the lyrics…if you take this stuff to serious, you become a Columbine kid…if you have a rational mind, you rock out and enjoy the literal brutality of the music. This is the heaviest and most pummeling music you can find….Beautiful and totally Brutal. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!

An Experiment In Homicide—-from the very first notes of the song, you are hit in the face by the brutal delivery of this band…the lead guitars are much more present,,,the drums are mind blowing……you wonder how someone can drum that fast…this is brilliant, brutal and masterful.

Bonus Track:

The Exorcist—-This sounds so much like George to me…wow…this is George….the sound is that gutteral sound…..I’m not sure…I  just know this is brilliant…the bass of the song is an incredible lead….the front guitars some forward and display true talent and the drums will rip your arms out. This is incredible….awesome!!!!

***1/2 out of 5

Pet Shop Boys/Alternative [Disc Two]

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Disc Two:

It Must Be Obvious—-Disc Two begins in a masterful way…this is a classic and one of my favorite ‘besides’ from the band….one of them!!! This is nice…the music is layered, textured and fits the voice as if it were a glove. The voice is at an all time high…this is Neil at some of his very best…this delivery is sing-song in style, yet has a slight inflection that actually displays some emotion. this is rather ‘overt’….some of the first obvious forays into an alternative lifestyle….wonderful and always a favorite.

We All Feel Better In The Dark—-Continuing with the feeling and mood of the previous track and the general feel of the release that these B-sides originated from…Behaviour….a rather sedate release and it is obvious that the mood travails throughout the entire release…..alternative takes as well. This is a brilliant composition…..the synth line is full of a serious melancholy despite the danceable gaze mode of delivery. The vocal is hesitant and hurt…this is lovely!!!!

Bet She’s Not Your Girlfriend—-Coming back to life in a masterful way, the low hum and synth lines develop into a huge sounding and modern dance floor style classic. the high notes of the synth line makes the song pop, and you speakers are wrapped in a wonderful warm sound. Tennent delivers a vocal that is more singing than normal, the chorus comes along and wipes you out with the addictive quality. This is wonderful…I do not understand the British enough to realize if this has hidden over tones to it, but maybe I am just slow and the innuendoes are everywhere… to me this song was almost a step back into the closet…but then again maybe not…you tell me ok!!!!

Losing My Mind—-One of the tracks that Liza Minnelli covered on her PSB produced CD seems appropriate. I much prefer this version…the voice of Tennant has that ability to be very theatrical and it really shows on this track. This is a song that has lyrics that will prick your heart and make you think of some ‘prick’ or another that really hurt your heart…that is what music is for…it makes you think AND feel…this is one of those tracks…BRILLIANT!!!!!

Music For Boys—-Released as a B-side on DJ Culture, the song fir perfectly in with the sound of the A-side and has always been a favorite track of mine. The song begins on a rather sedate note, but develops into this huge Rave stomper that just makes your pulse race and you body want to jump around ….the musical shifts are masterful and Lowe is really given the spotlight on this track as he creates a masterpiece of techno/dance that will live for a very long time…well…if I have anything to do with it…which I don’t, but it sounded good…right?!?

Miserablism—-A rich and very textured track that combines the best of Tennent and Lowe all at once…the voice is removed and detached…the music is warm and addictive. The chorus is a grand affair…you just lose yourself in the easy delivery that Tennant manages…this is wonderful…there are so many sounds happening at all the same time…you just twist your ears trying to hear everthing…this is remarkable…wonderful and classic PSB!!!!

Hey Headmaster—-This is interesting….the musical track is layered and full of a melancholy bass line that plays well with the piano line through the song. Tennant delivers a vocal that is wonderful…the lyrics are very British and I wonder if I miss the point or if this song is as overt as it seems….this is kind of hilarious in a way….although the mood is very sedate and sad.

What Keeps Mankind Alive?—-Full of oversized huge synth lines, the vocal begins with a very theatrical feel that does not really appeal to me. this is a little to much over the top, although the synth lines from Lowe are wonderful. I don’t really care for the vocal or feel of the song.

Shameless—-Besides Flamboyant, this is my favorite PSB track EVER…this would definitely come with me to deserted island. The lyrical content is classic PSB…the urge and call of fame and noteirty….the musical delivery is better than almost anything that the Boys have ever done….there is no other PSB song like this barring Go West…this is so fantastic I am without words…imagine such a thing….YOU MUST HEAR THIS SONG!!!!

Too Many People—-The song finds the Boys still living in their own brand of synth disco…this is marvelous!!! Rarely can you find this energy and at he same time feel rather introspective…this is a wonderful conglomerate of feelings and moods. I love this…wonderfully delivered, the lyrics are something we can all relate to…despite the limits of time we wear many hats and resposibilities…the song speaks to me at this point in my life…but that would be another blog right?

Violence [Hacienda Version]—-Full of Spanish flair and a laid back and cool synth track, the vocal enters with the saddest tone thus far delivered on this release. Tennant seems so hurt and displaced, that you heart automatically hurts with the feelings you left alone a long time ago. The music is swirling and tender, the synth line is poppy, but the heavy, heavy undertow of layered tones takes away from the edgier feel. This is masterful!!!!

Decadence—-Heavy on strings and orchestration from the onset, the song is quickly developed into an island flared song that Jimmy Buffett would die for. The vocal enters he fray and changes the direction of the song completely. Neil must have been going through something or the other during the recordings of these past few songs…all of the lyrics are full of hurt…accusations…betrayal and mistrust. This would be a remarkable study….imagine the studies you could do on the progression of music over a career as related to one individuals personal life…wow…that would be a fascinating dissertation!!!!

If Love Were All—-Actual horns play in the intro of the song, but there is no bass or surprises at the onset. Incredibly, this is a Buble’ styled big band song that features Tennant in his most Broadway voice, but seemingly to step out of the closet even more as his lyrics are even more ambiguous and almost overt. This is remarkable simply because it is so different…..wonderful.

Euroboy—-Another B-side that would fall on my top whatever list, this song is a sexy and fun romp through synth heavy Rave-land. this is remarkably wonderful…any vocal is sent through the washer and comes back even more muddy…fantastic. the song moves at an incredible pace…you can not keep up with all of the different sounds going on…this is a joyous and ecstatic romp through some of the best material the Boys produced….huh…and they call it a B-side….whatever!!!

Some Speculation—-Heavy on the atmospheric qualities the Boys are known for, the synth arrives in a pleasant tone and drives the song along…the intro seems long…even for these guys…..the voice is slow to appear. Tennant’s vocals are so much higher than what you feel comfortable with and the song sits odd with you. The whole feel of the song never really gels and you are left feeling like you missed something.

**** out of 5

Pet Shop Boys/Alternative [Disc One]

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Alternative is the 9th release by UK Electronic Duo The Pet Shop boys. Released in 1995, this double disc collects all of the bands B-sides in chronological order. Limited Editions of the release feature a lenticular image on the cover that shifts between Lowe and Tennant in fencing masks. I am so glad I paid $40.00 for this copy….they are really hard to find now. In a 2009 interview, Tennant admitted that there will be a second B-side collection in 2010.

Disc One:

In the Night—-The opening strains of the song are so familiar and you mistake the song for Parinaro….at the time of the recording of the song, early 80’s, the boys had a very distinctive sound and it is never more apparent than on this track. Of course the affected air of indifference and cynicism is all over the track….this is wonderful to revisit. Neil never sounded more removed or disinterested. Wonderful.

A Man Could Get Arrested—-Again, the song is full of trademark sounds and a wonderful and powerful synth line…it is hard to believe that some of these tracks were considered B-sides. This is full of musical hype and some of the very rare vocals by Lowe. This is acid house almost and wonderfully delivered. Neil sings in a much higher tone, giving the song a more fluid sound. this is masterfully delivered and only a hint of the grandeur that was to come from this band. Fantastic!!

That’s My Impression—-From the onset, this song slowly begins to display the constant familiar strains of the Boys…the low hum runs through the backdrop, even though the synth line up front is damn poppy and pleasant. The song is accompanied by a rather deadpan vocal that displays Neil’s attitude at it’s best. This is so unemotional you feel the need to search for a pulse. This is not bad though…this has always worked wonderfully well for the band and they have made it a trademark of theirs. This is pretty damn good for a B-side.

Was That What It Was?—-With a fairly heavy bass synth, the song is propelled by that sound alone. As the synth lines welcomes in more effects, the shape of the song becomes classic and welcomed. The early sound of the boys was remarkably predictable…now a days, you never know what they are going to do. When Tennant enters with his vocal, it is so removed and staid you marvel…the chorus allows for more emotion and nice over layed vocal that give the song a nice depth This is remarkable.

Parinaro—-The B-side that is more famous than it’s A-side…at least among fans. Again, feature one of the few Lowe vocals, this is wonderful. According to the Boys, Parinaro is a type of dress that was popular in the later 80’s overseas…..Baggy, huge pants, Timberland Boots, fantastic sunglasses and boas…..who knew!!!??? The song is marvelous! You have to love the fingersnaps at the interlude…this just adds a nice camp feel to it…marvelous.

Jack The Lad—-With an actual pleasant piano intro, the song becomes an almost synth ballad in sound. Neil actually tries to sing rather than talk his way through songs like he did in the early days. The melody of the song is miraculous…this is wonderfully put together. I can see Chris pushing buttons and grooving to his own beat as Neil croon in the sound booth…this is great imagery and mood…that wonderfulsad melancholy hum runs through the whole song…wonderful!!!

You Know Where You Went Wrong—-With a nice cow bell intro, the slow low hum comes from the background and remains for the entire composition…..the vocal enters rather suddenly…you are surprised. It is pleasant and actually singing, the chorus is an almost british Rap of accusation. This is fantastic…the musical soundtrack has all kinds of things going on…the cowbell comes in and out…the horns are machine-made I’m almost sure. The synth lines are scattered and change temp often. This chorus is nice…..the boys introduce the female back drop singer which makes the song seem even larger. This is incredible….every bar is a new sound and almost a new sentence. Ok…I’ll stop…but this is REALLY GREAT…..Got It?

A New Life—-This track begins with a huge 80’s styled synth line…even though it was later…that slow and low hum I always speak of seems to enter the song by magic…suddenly you realize that it is there…it runs right under all of the other sounds and gives the song even more texture. Tennant delivers a wonderfully pained vocal that makes me feel both warm and empty…I love this.

I Want A Dog—-From the Introspective EP, the synth lines are more experimental and broader. Of course, that hum enters before you even realize it and slowly, different sounds are added to the song. the intro is rather long, and when Tennant finally does emit a vocal he is subdued and rather quiet. To me the song is rather silly…I have a cat and I have no problem with it. This is an interesting little song, but definitely a B-side…by the way, Lowe speaks on this track also.

Do I Have To?—-Beginning with an odd piano laden muted intro, the song quickly opens up into a melancholy PSB trademark ballad…..the voice is so morose and serious, the lyrics are stripped bare and biting in their delivery. The song has a slight theatrical sound to it, but the lyrics are real and bare. This is nice.

I Get Excited [You Get Excited Too]—-With a nice throw back synth line and some manipulated vocals, the song begins in a flourish and then slows down and slowly begins to add bits and pieces to the mix until the song becomes huge. this is Chris Lowe at his best…the song takes on many different forms through the entirety, but the melody line is always present…this is classic PSB…he machine made noises are awesome….this is fantastic!!!

Don Juan—-Poppy and sounding a bit like vintage Depeche Mode, it is quickly put to the back of your mind once Neil begins to sing…the song is another ballad styled delivery, but it works well. this is not typical PSB…one of the few songs I really do not care for…simply because to me it does not say anything to ME…whateer…right?!!!? I like it, but I can do without it.

The Sound Of The Atom Splitting—-No one seemed to love this song like I did…I though it was a huge ode to the current music scene that was happening at the time. I thought the Boys gave a nice nod to the Rave and Acid House culture that was going on at the time and still managed to stay true to the sound of theirs that has always made them…well…them. This is a huge, shifting and shape changing song that allows you to just delve into the experimentation…I love this song…one of my favorite un appreciated tracks.

One Of The Crowd—-This is so much a return to form, it is almost a shock after the previous track. The vocal has a nice auto tune sound to it at the onset…who knows if it is real or machine generated…it gives the song a nice cold feel even though the synth line is pretty damn catchy. This is really nice…the synth groove is mid tempo and you can just kind of gaze through the track…really good!!!

Your Funny Uncle—-Again, beginning with a serene piano intro, the song continues on in this fashion as Tennant enters the fray with such a sad vocal, you feel an immediate heaviness. The song is full of strings and a strong piano melody….the lyrics are masterful…..Neil paints a picture that is scary and eerie….this is really different, but masterfully done with magic and feeling. A wonderful way to end this disc.

**** out of 5

Emperor/In The Nightside Eclipse [Bonus Tracks]

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Emperor were a Norwegian Black Metal Band originally formed in 1991. The band dissolved in 2001, reunited for live shows in both 2006 and 2007. The band was formed by drummer Samoth and Ihsahn on guitar and vocals. The band later recruited Mortis on bass and Faust who took over drums while Samoth moved to rhythm guitar. 1992 marked a year of trouble for members of the band and the Black Metal community as a whole. Samoth with other black Metal revellers set out to burn ancient Norwegian Churches. They were later caught, tried and convicted and Samoth served a 16 month prison sentence. Faust stabbed to death a man in a park after he made sexual advance towards him and also joined in the church burnings. Faust is serving a life sentence for the murder. In The Nightside Eclipse is considered to be a definitive and formative record in the Black Metal scene. Released in 1992, it was the bands first release and arguably the most important.

Into The Infinity Of Thoughts—-Beginning with a rather ominous and dark tone, the song begins with enough atmosphere to power a funeral home….the silence will not last. The song erupts in a brilliant yet somewhat muted tone to me…this has been remastered but still sounds way far away to me. These vocals are intense…even if you cannot catch a single word, the mood they create provides its own lyric. the sound is layered and huge…this was a predictor of what was to come. I’m telling you, this is one of the most evil, scary and brutal vocals I have heard….and I listen to a lot of Black Metal. Top notch!!

The Burning Shadows Of Silence—-From the onset, the brutality begins. The sound is scary…that is how dark it is. This is primeval metal that will literally kick the shit out of you and scare the vomit from you at the other end. The music is layered and seems to have a lot going on. I wish the drums were more forward cause Faust is killing it. No pun intended… bad! The voice is damn right eerie and frightening….the tones that are emitted with the music is almost like an absurd evil fairy tale…this is intense…some of the heaviest stuff out there.

Cosmic Keys To My Creation & Times—-With a much higher toned guitar, the song begins from the first note and quickly descends into the darker tones, coming back alive later with a nice crisp sound. The high hats from the drums are really pronounced and the playing is incredibly fast…this makes me think of Dimmu in the early days. This is literally fantastic…a pure and pleasant noise fest….some nice keyboards appear… indication of the things to come…but they sound great.

Beyond The Great Vast Forest—-My favorite track on this release, the song has a lot of symphonic overtones which has always appealed to me. I much prefer this heavy, layered feel…there is so much going on in the music, your head will spin. This is dark, heavy and brutal…the song is full of musical mood swings and a vocal that just begs for attention. I wonder again….how can he sing like that. This is exceptional.

Towards The Pantheon—-Wow…beginning with some rather timid almost acoustic sounds, you know in the back of your mind that this is some kind of teaser and of course you are right. The music bursts onto the quiet with huge sweeping sounds and is allowed to go for almost a minute before vocals enter the fray. The vocal that does enter is a lot of putrid screaming…I mean that in the best way…….and incredible undecipherable utterances….AWESOME!!!!! The song is incredibly fast…with an almost dark thrash feel to it…I really like this….maybe this is my favorite…WTF!!!

The Majesty Of The Nightsky—-This is just a huge barrage of the most extreme man-made noise that you can imagine….and it is pulled off with finesse and practise. this is literally astounding…the bass guitar is so deep and so loud…that when the lead rises above it you are still aware of the bass sound of the song. The voice is at an all time brutal delivery. The anger and the darkness you perceive to be quite real and it is easy to feel…again, this song is full of mood changes and tempo shifts…this only adds to the epic feel of the song. this is pretty incredible!

I Am The Black Wizards—-Jumping out at the first sound of silence, the song will pummel you in the face with brutal kick drums and some awesome lead guitars that are in your face….this is so fast, I can’t type as fast as this song is playing….just though I would share that. Anyways…back to the song….this is as most of the songs on this release full of the kind of music that makes you want to kick someone’s ass….just because. The anger, the darkness, the brutality is everywhere on this record…you can not go wrong with a copy of this!!!

Inno A Santana—-This begins with an almost ‘progressive’ Metal sound, as the leads are more pronounced, the bass is lighter and the drums are much more pleasant. The vocal is joined by a ‘chorus’ that leads a lot of atmosphere to the track. It comes across as not angry, but more mysterious and evil. This is really nice….I love this…the mood shifts are present, but the song rarely develops into some of the heavier material that is displayed on this release. I like this a lot.

Bonus Tracks:

A Fine Day To Die—-Wow….this is full of mood and atmosphere…the guitars are acoustic and you hear a horse in the background. the vocal is quiet and serene and shows a bit of talent for the ballad….this is so odd to hear after what you have just enjoyed for the past 45 minutes. But dont’s you worry….the horror is gonna jump up and smack you right upside the head….and when it does it is incredible!!! This is literally fantastic…the leads are so much more present and the heavy sound of the drum is way forward in the mix. This is really brilliant…the buildup was so worth the brutal wait. This is literally fantastic!!!

Gypsy—-A Freakin’ Brilliant Cover….this is almost better than King diamond himself……this is my very favorite Diamond song EVER!!!! This is brilliant….wow….fantastic….I’m speechless…or ummm…..typeless.

***** out of 5

Cradle Of Filth/Nymphetamine

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Nymphetamine is the 6th studio release by Extreme Metal band Cradle Of Filth. Vocalist Dani Filth explains that the title is a combination of ‘nymphomania’ and ‘amphetamine’ referring to a drug like addiction to woman. This is about the time when i was really searching for something more in music and life and stumbled across this release…it opened up a whole new world to me, since than, I have explored every aspect of extreme, black, death and grind music…..this band still remains a favorite.

Satyriasis—-As usual, COF begins with a little bit of mood music to set the tone for the onslaught that was about to occur. The song does set a masterful mood….bit nothing could prepare you for the brutality of….

Guilded Cunt—-There are few songs where i have heard the band this cohesive and brutal. Dani is in the best voice of his career and the band produces this mass wall of sound that almost wraps you in a constrictor hold. the voice is brutal and full of contempt…the music is layered, brutal and full of a force that threatens to knock your head off…this is COF at the very best…I prefer this release over anything they have done to date!!! You can slam to this, thrash to this or just move your head to this….fan-freakin’-tastic!!!!

Nemesis—-Magically and wonderfully, one song melds right into the other. this is guitar and drum driven and it seems to have a really forward instrumental mix. Dani is in your face as always, but the music is the star of this track for me….the rhythm guitars are reminiscent of early Maiden and the vocal remains like no other voice in this genre…going from one extreme to the other with a moments notice….how he can sing so high and so low still manages to baffle and dazzle me. Fantastic…again!!!

Gabrielle—-Beginning with a much moodier soundtrack that is familiar territory of todays COF, the drums and leads kick in soon after and proceed to blow out the left hemisphere of your brain. I personally think that this is the best CD that COF has ever released….the atmosphere and the brutality on this song are incredible…this was before the pretension set in. COF at their best!!!

Absinthe With Faust—-Ok, I won’t even pretend to be literary enough to know what this is all about…for me it is all about the music and the mood! The piano overlays are very prominent in the mood setting of te track…you wait and wait for the onslaught…you are surprised by an almost gentle guitar intro…the song open up with a fantastic Heavy Metal delivery that is less extreme and almost pop metal if it were not for the vomit of vocal coming through your headphones….a times Dani delivers an acceptable vocal but never a pleasant one….I LOVE THAT!!!! This is remarkable…the song builds and builds on orchestration and keyboards…the drums kick your ass and the voice warps your morals…AWESOME!!!!

Nymphetamine [Overdose]—-A huge, huge favorite of mine….I was surprised to read that this was NOT Sarah on the female vocals!!!! I love this song!!!! From the very first time I heard this I loved it!!! From the very first chords of the song, I knew that this was special….that rearkable down shift on the bass that seems to go down but never gets any deeper? The guitars let loose by the second bar and the voice comes out of the layers to twist your cerebellum…this is total perfection. The noise never sounded so grand or so perfectly brutal….not to mention the interlude when the female vocal enters the fray and takes the song to an entirely different place…this is a huge opus of different moods, different feels and different emotions all coming together in a perfect picture of black. Perfectly Divine…..pun intended!

Painting Flowers White Never Suited My Palate—-What a title….that took 10 minutes to type that shit…lol!!! Masterful on atmosphere and mood, the song plays like a movie soundtrack…lush and full of darkness and overt orchestration….this only shows the broad scope of a band that gets far to much criticism.

Medusa And Hemlock—-Melding immediately into a pure Heavy Metal riff that will tear your head off, there is nothing pretentious about this introduction…this is pure and brutal Metal. The voice is in top notch..emitting a comfortable level between screams and growls, the delivery fits the song perfectly. This is wonderful…the changes in the tempos and moods are masterful….I love this band!!!

Coffin Fodder—-Somewhat odd from the onset, the song quickly becomes an Iron Maiden tribute song…the leads are almost identical and the feel of the song is overt British Heavy Metal….the screams that come from Dani are pitch perfect and may be at all time highs…and the lows are so low you wonder if the same man could be singing…the song delves back into the COF sound and then emerges with the bright Maiden tribute….this is remarkable.

English Fire—-Beginning with some almost beautiful piano, the song does not take too long to introduce an evil feel to the song…mailnly through the vocal stylings of Filth….this falls flay fo me, ut it is a nice contrast to some of the speedier sounds on this release.

Filthy Little Secret—-Wow….ok…roll out the Heavy Metal…..the guitar leads from this song were bourne of the very things that 80’s metal were made from…it is only the vocal that disturbs the nostalgia and reminds you where you are..the leads on this song are outstanding though. The speed of the song is testament styled guitar playing and the vocal is pure vomit of hatred, disgust and evil tirades against all of the evil HUMANS do…this is pretty damn fantastic!!!

Swansong For A Raven—-Beginning with a beautiful piano that flutters between pretty and maniacal, the song erupts into a blistering extravaganza that manages to keep that piano floating around through the entire song. The opus is a masterful thing…the guitars are heavy and bass driven…the piano comes in and out and the voice literally makes you shiver with the evil feel of the delivery. This is a huge sonf…it is layers and layers of noise that come together to produce a wonderful composition….fantastic!!!

Mother Of Abominations—-Odd from the onset, it is well worth sitting through the first 45 seconds of the song…you are treated to a barrage of instruments that serve one purpose…to rip you head off…this is masterful and one of the best COF songs in my personal catalog…I think this is brilliant….the moods defy the brutality, the brutality defies the mood…it keeps your head spinning around…incredible!!!

Bonus Track:

Nymphetamine [Fix]—-Much more keyboard laden and riding on the contagious quality of the chorus, the song offers little difference except the pronunciation of the afore-mentioned traits. Granted…this chorus is so damn catchy you will sing it in the middle of the darkest night….this is an extended retread of an exceptional original.

****3/4 out of 5

Dimmu Borgir/Enthrone Darkness Triumphant

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Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is the 3rd studio release by Norwegian Symphonic Black Metal band Dimmu Borgir. Released in 1998, this was the first issue on Nuclear Blast records and the first release to contain lyrics in English. The release did remarkably well overseas, charting at #3 in Germany and #26 in Finland. Due to concerns from Nuclear Blast, the lyrics fo Tormentor Of Christian Souls was omitted from the lyrics sheet. Despite the critics panning the band and the purists insisting the band is not really Black metal, Dimmu remain one of my very favorite bands.

Mourning Place—-Beginning right out of the gate with the bands distinctive sound, the vocal enters in the form of a puke from Shagrath that brings a smile to my face. The music is dense…the keyboards on this track are remarkable…they add a whole new dimension to the song. The plodding sound of the bass is always present, the drums are even a little pushed to the back in favor of the synth line. This is a huge, orchestrated and thick song…brilliant!!!

Spellbound—-One of my favorite Dimmu tracks, this features everything about the band that has garnered them attention and a huge fan base. Again, the song has a remarkable keyboard line, but even more impression are the rapid shifts of the music. the song goes from manic to dirge in a moments notice and it is done with utter mastery. The vocal sounds more angry and evil than ever…the choir of voices in the backdrop transport you to a magical dark place. Incredible!!!

In Death’s Embrace—-The keyboards on this track travel almost as fast as the guitar…the drums are sub par on this release…the mix is bad and you barely hear the pounding that is going on. The drummers have changed since this release and is much better on current recordings, while the keyboards almost seem removed in a lot of the new material. This song has some magnificent downshift and key changes that keep your brain a little off on the equilibrium…it is a masterful technique, never allowing you to become to comfortable with the trend of the song. This is fantastic.

Relinquishment Of Spirit And Flesh—-Beginning with huge amounts of fog and atmosphere, the mood is shattered by the entrance of lightening speed guitars and a drum that seems more present. the noise level of this song is immense…the vocal is a huge tirade of puke and glory. the irritation and anger sound so real that you find it magically contagious…you adopt it and become it if even just for a moment. this song, as many, has great downshift and mood swings…the musicianship is fantastic. This is a great underrated release in the community. This is one of the best tirades I have ever heard!!!

The Night Masquerade—-Beginning with very present drums and a nice melodic sound from the keys, the bass guitar allows for some great leads as the song develops into a very deep delivery that only adds to the disgust and vile of Shagrath. The high hats on this track are incredible and the massive sound of the keyboard in  the background paints a perfect cold, dark immense emotion. this is remarkable just for the mood it creates. the drums are so much better on this track…not to be missed!!!

Tormentor Of Christian Souls—-Of course, without the lyrics it is difficult to replicate the true vocal of the song in your receptors….the music does a pretty damn fine job though. The song is just brutality from the very first tinge of sound. The drums, again are outstanding, the keyboards combine with the leads to create a huge…monstrous sound The lead guitar rips from the pack and allows for a vocal entrance that is classic yet almost undecipherable without the lyrics. the choir of sound during the interludes create a graveyard atmosphere that is not to be missed…it is better than anything king diamond could dream of…this is authentic and done in a masterful way. The mood on this track is poutstanding….every instrument seems to get its turn and they are all done in a masterful and magical way. This is fantastic!!!

Entrance—-Almost seeming to meld from the previous track, the drums begin the tirade and the bass guitar becomes the star for a moment…the keys are strong and the vocal seems downright demonic. at a sudden shift, the music becomes almost pretty for a moment…quickly giving way to the puked vomit of the vocal that will capture and entrance you. This is remarkable. Not a bad track on this release!!!

Master Of Disharmony—-With absolute walls of sound from the very first note, the vocal does nothing to diminish the sounds tat are coming at you from every direction. the drums are lackluster at times,,,incredible at others. the bass is incredible and the lead guitars are so fast I have blisters just listening to them…how these guys can play like this for an hour and a half every night is beyond me…it has to be a true love for the genre. this is defining…the brutality os real and the disgust of the vocal is authentic….this is literal and incredible!!!

Prudence’s Fall—-Really heavy on the goth keyboard line, the song has a drum track that begins so maniacal you fear for his hands and sanity…the song actually develops a great rhythm and harmony line that is just almost beautiful. the vocal enters the fray and is even deeper and more angry…the fear you feel is your own…..the song is a literal masterpiece..layered and wonderful, the talent comes from every hole in the speakers and every pore of the band’s bodies. Wonderful!!!

A Succubus In Rapture—-With a masterful orchestration, the song is wonderfully delivered. the voice is so rough and tinged with evil you grab it and hold onto it…the shifts of the music are masterful and the keyboards drives and sustains the mood of the song. Whenever Shagrath sings of scorned women and black crows, you know you are in trouble.

Bonus Track:

Raabjorn Speiler Draugheimens Skodde—-Obviously a track not in English, that simple fact alone seems to make the sound and meaning of the song even darker than it may be.  The song begins in a pleasant nature…all keyboards and serentity…that is not to last for long and yu ar once again transported to the cold confines of Norway where the only ene=tertainment is making black Metal in big old empty castles. this is wonderful….the swirling atmosphere of the song never ceases despite the onslaught of brutal and incredibly paced giutars…the vocal is dark and sinister…he could be singing Mary Had A Little Lamb….it is still incredibly dark and torrid…fantastic end to this release.

**** out of 5

Pet Shop Boys/Release-Expanded

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Release is the 12th PSB release and the 8th of entirely new material by the UK Electronic Duo. Released in 2002, Release was the least successful of all PSB release although the CD did move 800,000 copies. The album was very guitar and piano driven. Johnny Marr [The Smiths] provides guitar on seven of the 10 tracks on the studio release.

Disc One:

Home And Dry—-One of my least favorite PSB tracks….next to Can You Forgive Her?, this was just not what I was expecting or craving from the duo. The acoustic style guitar was quite a surprise…the extra melancholy feel of the song is comfortable. The huge over-layed vocals from Neil make the song a standout in that effect. This is just not the 115 BPM song I expected…it has grown on me over the years.

I Get Along—-With a huge. strong piano line and an underlying poppy feel to the song, this is the best Oasis song I have ever heard. Really….it rocks that well…you listen and tell me you don’t think of Oasis!!! The bass line is subtle, the synths are in the back and the guitar leads a fantastic voiced Neil in a manner I never thought I would hear. To me….THIS IS A MASTERPIECE!!!

Birthday Boy—-A nice synth-piano introduces the song, the guitars and overlayed orchestrated synth in underneath all of it. The voice is masterful, the lyrics speaking of religion and introspection…a nice mix. This is mellow PSB at it’s very best. Neil delivers his voice in a tenor that is literally beautiful. Wonderful…one of my favorite tracks on this release!!! Only the Boys can combine Religion and an underlying sexual desire into one song…wow!!!

London—-Acoustic in nature, the voice is run through an auto-tune, it gives Neil an interesting and fresh sound. When he hits those high notes, you still remain impressed….by the 4th bar, the song turns into a nice synth driven disco song that is fun and light despite the lyrics. the music is a nice return to classic programming and you welcome it after the release thus far. This is wonderful…a nice beat driven song that pleases the palate.

E-Mail—-At the time this song was released, I had not yet given into the technological world and was puzzled by the song. now that I am deeply imbedded in the Computer world of EVERYTHING, the song makes perfect sense. With that nice hum I always speak of and a progressive synth beat, the song has a nice overtone of melancholy and sadness that for some reason inspires a smile….go figure!!!

The Samurai In Autumn—-This song was huge for me…it embraced the really heavy synth lines of the band that I always loved, added a nice Acid House feel and a pace that must be 125 BPM. This is wonderful…classic and simply masterful….the vocals are minimal and questionable in meaning…you don’t need them with this great beat.

Love Is A Catastrophe—-Dripping in heavy bass overtones and a funeral synth line, this is better than Depeche Mode has done in years….Tennant delivers some notes that are all over the scale. He goes up and delves into depths  that impress me…the emotion is so thick and broken-hearted you can slice it with a very dull knife. this is masterful…Marr is so present with the dingy Smiths sound…this is incredible….dig through the layers and wallow…it is exquisite!

Here—-This is such a comfortable PSB synth line that you immediately feel comfortable with the song. Something about this release tells me someone had a broken heart or something. this is a huge song…the chorus is brilliant…it is so mellow, but has a element of pure ecstatic joy…the synth line is jaunting, yet underneath runs a hum of sadness and almost complete black. This is literally brilliant…after not hearing this for some time, I love this even more!!!

The Night I Fell In Love—-The most overt and Gay single that Neil has ever agreed to up to this point, the whole premise of the song is that a guy meets Eminem after a show, goes to his hotel, spends the night  etc, etc, etc….it is very British, very Gay and very fun. Harmless, but something nice to think about!!!

You Choose—-This is such a blatant Smiths guitar line to me….the voice is a little uncomfortable set to the edge of the sound…..this is wonderful though…it speaks to me of the age-old questions of true love, soul mates and destiny!!! This is wonderful!!!

Disc Two:

Home And Dry [Ambient Mix]—-This re-working of the single is exactly as the remix title would suggest…laid back and mellow. full of atmosphere and swirls of music…the vocal is spot on, but the song just never did it for me. Just a personal thing…this is nice.

Sexy Northerner—-Also taking a spot on Disco 3, this is a nice return to form by the Boys as they begin to lay the palate for whatever was to come next for them in their career….it would be a while, but stuff like this makes the wait more tolerable. This is all and all out rave culture for the new millenium. Lowe knows how to construct a perfectly wonderful musical track…this is a clear example…it this was just music it would be masterful in itself…add Neil and you have a masterpiece…even if he doesn’t like guys who smoke…oh well. The changes in the musical delivery of the song is incredible and the song even has a certain masculine tone to it that is masterful…fantastic!!!!

Always—-Full of manufactured atmosphere and mood, the synths swirl around your head like stars and make jabs at your emotions as they find a place in your heart. this is magical…the voice is better that it has ever been, the descriptive tone will make you sob…the hum of melancholy will urge you to grab new kleenex…this is classic and welcome…the Boys remain genius!!!

Closer [Slow Version]—-One of the tracks that was supposed to be in a stage presentation by the Boys that never quite made it, this is a nice revisit to this older single [see: Nightlife]. This is layered, textured, smoothed over and messed up again. The melody line that runs through this track can not be denied…this is classic PSB…Neil has never sounded better, and Chris has never been more mechanically mellow!!!

Nightlife—-Not on Nightlife [!!!!!]. but later appearing as a B-side on Flamboyant, this is a fun disco driven synth masterpiece that only serves as a reminder why this band is so wonderful and vitally important to the community. one of the most under rated bands, most people do not even know they exist…this is reason one million and one to realize that they do…..!!!!!

Friendly Fire—-Taken from the Battleship Potemkin soundtrack, this is so theatrical and magnificent you want to run off to Broadway and do SOMETHING. This is marvelous…it is campy, melancholy and masterfully delivered with a huge theatrical effort…man!!!

Break 4 Luv [Radio Edit]—-This was a B-side on the Home And Dry single and also released as a stand-alone single in many markets…this is classic Disco driven PSB…there are no apologies for the extra heavy synth line and the propulsive nature of the song…this is as good as it gets…check this out for the inspiration and the melancholy.

Home And Dry [2nd Trance Mix]—-This mix takes this generic song to a whole other level…the bass is overwhelming and the end result is the most pleasant chopped up version of a song I have ever heard. this is wonderful, complete anda pure ecstatic journey into the world of strobe lit clubs at three in the morning. Magnificent!!!

****3/4 out of 5