Snow Patrol/Up To Now [Disc Two]

Disc Two:

Take Back The City—-Much more aggressive and guitar based, the song begins in usual fashion but opens up in a huge stadium styled anthem that the band is famous for. lightbody manages to deliver numerous lines without the discernible accent, and it is missed by me. the song keeps evolving and taking on a larger and larger feel. This is fantastic and classic Snow Patrol. I believe this is the future sound of the band and i only look forward to what is to come.

Shut Your Eyes—-With a nice pop feel, the band experiments with a slight Island feel that is so pleasing, ou want to hear the song over and over again. This is a fantastic display of the versatility of the band…they have the ability to tie into human emotion on a moments notice, but can also provide you with necessary guitar sounds to keep your taste intact…almost a guilty pleasure, I don’t care who knows about this one!!!

An Olive Grove Facing The Sea [2008 Version]—-Taken, I believe, from one of the very first releases [they were not that great], this re-recorded version gives us a nice view of how far the band has come. this is layered and textured pop styled musings that draw you in and make you think about yourself and the world you live in…and about the world you wished you lived in. this is beautiful!!!

Run—-A huge overblown song that makes your eyes well up no matter when you listen to it, the song made the band known to the world. Recorded with full flavor and emotion, you cannot deny the emotional points of the song. this is a pop masterpiece that will live far longer than the band will. The accompanying video holds just as much impact…this will ALWAYS be a very favorite song of mine. Words cannot describe the emotion it causes in my heart and soul.

Give Me Strength—-Backed with an odd minimal soundtrack, the voice takes the spotlight on this song. The odd Asian styled music gives the band an even more appreciative nod from me. The versatility of the band is far underrated by the casual fan. There seems to be little that this band can do and this song is a clear example of this. the one mainstay of the sound of the band is the voice…as long as that stays intact,the band can count on a very long and successful run. This is wonderful!!!

Signal Fire—-Incorporating the familiar and expected guitar sound that the band is known for, the song kicks off right away with a mood that leads you to an introspective and emotional look at life around you. There is little to hide behind with this band…the emotion is raw and laid out for everyone to see…even when the guitars become bombastic and loud, the feeling is still there…you cannot run from the pure feeling that is laid out for all to feel.

Spitting Games—-Right away, you are greeted with the new Snow Patrol…the one that gives you the huge sound and the irresistable hooks. The band comes together with a OHHH chorus that takes over your soul and lightbody returns with an accent that reminds you he is not one of us…this is ok…you want him to be different and he is. this is wonderful…brilliant and masterful.

Open Your Eyes—-Again, the familiar jangly imported guitar greets you in the first millisecond of the song. The voice enters slowly but with tenderness and emotion. the feel of the song is so layered with emotion, you cannot escape the raw feel of the delivery. The lyrics, because of the crystal clear voice, is open for all to see…it is mystical, emotional and very, very real. This is a keeper for sure!!!

Dark Roman Wine—-Not really sure of the origin of this track…I really don’t care for this very much.The voice is nice, but the music is too slow and full of high hats and a lack of power. I will pass on this, but perhaps it will grow on me.

Fifteen Minutes Old—-Much more familiar and pleasant to the senses, the song manages to conjure up the best of the band….again, I’m not sure of the origin of this song…even though I have all of the records and both of the ‘Supergroup’ CD’s…I guess I need to listen closer.

You Are My Joy—-Full of moody guitars and eve more emotional vocals, the song opens up into a huge stadium sized song that will rock out to the singles and give the couples something to sway to. The lyrical content reminds me of first love and the hesitant qualities as you discover yourself and someone else…this is exquisite, emotional and wonderfully timely for me!!! Thank you Snow Patrol!!!

The Golden Floor—-Layered and full of different sounds, the voice rises above all of the instrumentation to make you feel both empty and loved…this is brilliant!!! The wonderful and warm feel of the music is not to be understated….Lightbody only adds to the feel of the song with a layered and over layed voice that makes you wonder exactly how any masterpieces one band can come up with…this is WONDERFUL!!!!

Starfighter Pilot—-Huge from the onset, the bombastic delivery from the band is so pleasing and comfortable that you fall right into the groove…this is far different yet exactly the same. I love this track….wonderfully psychedellic and loud, the voice still ties down your emotion and makes you look at what you are feeling. This is brilliant!!!

PPP–Beginning odd from the first note, you wonder what is going on and then you realize it is just the band that you love. the voice is strange and robotic…the singe note strum on the guitar is masterful though…the band literally rocks on this track…you will love this…..brilliant and experimental, it works like a wonderfully constructed masterpiece.

Chasing Cars [Mencap Little Noise Sessions, Live At The Union Chapel]—-Backed by what seems like a choir of voices, the song is stripped down and laid bare. You feel the emotion and the true meaning of the song…despite how it makes you feel….you are almost devastated by the true feel of the song…this is far better than the recorded original of the song…this is real and devestating….do not miss this…this is NOT your Grey’s Anatomy version…this is your LIFE!!!!

*****out of 5


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