The Bravery/Stir The Blood

The Bravery are an American Rock Band stationed in New York City. Combining a nice mix of Post-Punk and New Wave stylings, the band has returned to a more electronic feel on this, the bands third studio release. Stir The Blood was released on Dec. 1 2009.

Adored—-Greeted by a huge wall of guitars, the song kicks it into high gear from the first note. Sounding fresher than The Killers have since their debut release, the song has a great huge chorus and just enough Electronic feel to appeal to both sets of fans. This is classic Alt Rock made for the new millenium.

Song For Jacob—-Taking the opposite angle on this track, the electronics are in full effect. The sound of the song has a nice British jangle to it that makes you wonder if these guys are really American. The chorus is an addictive whine that sucks you in at the first listen,. This is wonderful over blown pop music with a slight Art lean-to it. Wonderful.

Slow Poison—-The lead off single to this release, the song has all the familiar sounds that managed to make the band huge with their debut release. This sounds like classic 80’s British New Wave….and I mean that only in the best way. This is infectious, pleasant with a nice Bowie lean to the vocal. Exquisite.

Hatef**k—-The song begins with familiar sounds, while the vocal comes across as slightly distorted and muted. This should be a really huge release for the band…the entire release up to this point is cohesive and pleasant. The guitars again have a nice british feel to them that will make them huge overseas. I would love to see this band live….setting my sights.

I Am Your Skin—-Sounding like a nice cross between Brandon Flowers and Ian McCollough, the song has a huge stadium made sound. The music is really flavored with a nice dance beat that barely allows room for the seldom heard guitar. the drums are the spotlight coupled with the keyboards. This is perfect.

She’s So Bendable—-With a video that has been banned everywhere in the world, the band garnered attention for that fact alone. The sound of the song..from the onset is a deep dirge that is reminiscent of the best The Editors have to offer. This is morose, dark and very mellow…[placed at just the right time on the release, it comes across as sheer mastery.

The Spectator—-Returning to a more upbeat cross of Alt rock and modern Electronica, the vocal is odd. The voice seems to be drug out through production, but does give it a feel that is different from anything else on the release. this is very nice…you can zone to it as well as bob your head…the song can take on different forms depending on your mood and attitude.

I Have Seen The Future—-Wow!!! This is fabulous from the very first note…this will play in dance clubs or rock clubs with little or no problem. This is jacked up synth pop that allows for some guitar noise as the chorus opens up the song. this is huge and stadium made…I love this CD!!

Red Hands And White Knuckles—-Returning to a much moe Rock based sound, the vocal still sounds far removed and distorted. The drum track is nice, the keyboards enter and give the song a nice flavor. The chorus is a fantastic huge sing along affair that will hype you and make you jump up and down…this is brilliant!!!

Jack-O-Latern Man—-Again, huge and bombastic this song waste little time in getting started. Not much for musical introductions, the band begins the song from the first note and the vocal is quick to follow. Somewhat lack luster in vocal, the music is a huge wall of electro guitar mastery. Only the band saves the song from obscurity.

Sugar Pill—-Once again, this band knows how important song placement is…this plays like a long-lost dirge from Jesus & Mary Chain, without the attitude and feedback. This is marvelous….so far one of my favorite tracks on this release, it shows the versatility of the band and their ability to craft many different sounds. this equals longevity! Very Nice!!!

Slow Poison [Villains Remix]—-This remix is slow to start, but once the bass and the funk kicks in you are treated to a masterful reworking of the single. This is fun, accessible and done with class. Sounding better than any Interpol remix I have heard, this is fabulous!!!

Slow Poison [Drop The Lime Remix]—-Extra heavy on the bass and vocal manipulation, this will work very well when mixed and cut with the original. the bass is so powerful, you are likely to lose some hearing if you experience it through too loud earphones. Maintaining much of the original mix, this is a huge jacked up version that is even better than the original.

Slow Poison [Of Montreal Remix]—-Not as odd as you would expect, this actually seems to me the weakest of the trio of remixes on this release. the song maintains so much originality you wonder what was the point. I expected something far more bizarre.

***1/2 out of 5


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