Christmas is a Christmas album by Duluth, Minnesota group Low. Released in 1999, the EP features all of the magical qualities of the band and was released as a special gift to fans.

Just Like Christmas—-Written as an ode to European touring during the season, This is a beautiful and layered song that feature the prominent vocal of Mimi but allows Alan to have a nice backseat. Full of jingle bells and wintery sounds, the band is exquisite. This has ALWAYS been one of my very favorite Low songs.

Long Way Around The Sea—-Returning to the full-fledged Low field, the song is excruciating in pace and incredibly breath-taking in beauty. The voice of Alan shimmer with a magic and relaxed delivery. The voices come together on the chorus to produce a feel that is ethereal and moving…this is classic…it really does not get any better than this.

Little Drummer Boy—-Familiar to many because of the GAP ad, this song was mine way before than. With heavy yet tasteful feedback, the song enters the fray sounding as huge as it was meant to be. The delivery is mystic and masterful…the voice and the harmonies will send chills to your very being EVERY single time you hear it. This is the best the band has to offer and should be heard by everyone…contact me…I’ll make sure you get a copy…this is Beautifully, masterfully, majestically marvelous!!!!

If You Were Born Today—-Deeper in bass and full of the sometimes erratic delivery of Alan’s vocal, the song is touching and at best really makes you think about what it would be like if the ‘birth’ came today and what it could mean to the state of mankind in the world we live in. Believer or not, it gives you something pretty intense to think about.

Blue Christmas—-Traditionally romantic and just made for this band, the song is a funeral march of thoughts for those of us who spend Christmas alone. Mimi delivers a vocal that is simply heart wrenching and the guitar interlude is enough to make your heart scream out in loneliness and pain. This is emotional music..not made for the weak.

Silent Night—-The combination of voices that greet you upon the onset of this song is Low at the very finest they have to deliver. The stripped down acoustic delivery only adds to the emotion of the song and the slight echo to the voice is remarkable. This is literally breathtaking.

Taking Down The Tree—-Coming through one headphone at a time, the gentle strumming moves to both ears with percussion and tingling bells added. Alan delivers a vocal that is high and reaching….the slow plod of the music only adding to the feel that we all have once February hits the fan…or Jan. 3rd for that matter. This is Wonderful. Nice. Fantastic. Exquisite.

***** out of 5


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