12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Various/ Vol. 1-14 [Vol. 4]

Vol. 4:

Gypsy Woman/Stripped To The Bone Mix [Crystal Waters]—-Crystal has been a mainstay on the Gay circuit for years. Her mainstream success was short-lived, but she still produces and releases quality recordings to this day. In the early 80’s, riding high on the coat tails of groups like C+C Music Factory and Black Box, Waters delivered a single that was both danceable and social oriented. The lyrical content is not typical nightclub fare, but the groove is damn infectious…this will forever be one of those songs that I put on my Love List!!!

Are ‘friends’ Electric?/Renegade Soundwave Mix [Gary Numan]—-I bought this because I ‘found’ it in a 2nd hand record store…I hate this remix..it takes every meaning and passion away from the song and leaves me empty rather than contemplative. I do not like the too stripped down feel of the song…the vocal is hollow and empty….you can’t just let anyone remix a song of this caliber.

My World Storm/12″ Remix [Gary Numan]—-Actually the A-side to this release, this song did not please me a great deal either…Numan was deep in his I don’t Care mode and it shows through the material…why even bother? The song does manage a nice textured feel…we could only imagine the grand things that were to come from this man. the electronic beats on this track are harder and more pronounced…leaving the heavy bass sound of th previous single at home. this is nice…but so much better was on the horizon. I Love Gary!!!!

Telephone Call/House Call Remix [Kraftwerk]—-At the time this single was released, I was happy just to have new material from the band. The releases from them are few and far between. this is a great single…the remix is a tad bit tedious, but it shows the genius of the band was working and still intact. This was nice…tedious, but nice. the gentle and acceptable vocal is fantastic…the general feel of the song leaves you elated and inspired,

Mea Culpa Pt. 2/Fading Shades Remix [Enigma]—-This band, and this band alone started a worldwide phenomenon when it featured Monk Chanting in its masterpieces. The electronic feel of the release is fantastic, but it is the slow groove and gentle chants  that manage to make the song huge. This is wonderful…it evokes so many memories in my minds eye…that is what music is all about isn’t it…it makes you think and grow and love and hate…every human emotion is in music and this is a clear example of genius at work. Though not as prolific in this day and age, enigma still makes quality spacey dance music to this day.

Always On My Mind/Dance Mix [Pet Shop Boys]—-Whoever decided that the Boys should cover this song and in this manner deserves to be knighted by the Queen. This was one of the best decisions the duo ever made. The reaction to this song in a live setting…and I have experienced it 8 times…is incredible. The crowds adore this masterful reworking and the result will live on dance floors forever.  This remix only takes the original and amplifies it by 900%…..this is marvelous!!!!

Just Another Dream [Cathy Dennis]—-Why do I own a copy of this embarrassing 90210 inspired slop!!!! I’m sorry for my own self!!!!

Supersonic/Vocal Remix [JJ Fad]—-Pioneers in the Old Skool type of Rap that female MC’s made big in the late 80’s and early 90’s. this is a wonderful trip down memory lane and I NEVER tire of hearing this track. This remix is less beats and more vocal which is nice, but the beat and groove to this song was simply infectious and addictive….this is fantastic!!! check out the classic Old Skool flavor of JJ fad!!!!

Supersonic/Instrumental [JJ Fad]—-A huge and magnificent presentation of all the little sounds that made this track so infectious…this is wonderful….even if you just want to steal the beats…this is great mixing potential.

Tainted Love/Underground Mix [Impedance]—-Released by Cleopatra Records as a fund raising single for HIV/AIDS. this band takes a big joyous single and turns it into the most haunting thing you can imagine. This is pre-Industrial noise music that is so somber and serious you wonder if Trent was paying attention. This is not light fare…the somber feel id there and any resemblance to the original is completely gone….Remarkable!!!

**** out of 5


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