12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Various/ Vol 1-14 [Vol. 7]

Vol. 7:

Freak Me/Remix [Silk]—-Featuring some of the smoothest R n’ B to come out of the 90’s, this song is a sexually charged song that reeks of sensuality and doin’ the doo. The vocals are syrupy sexy and the beats are the things that baby oil are made of. Wonderful to hear agin, this is why the 90’s were great..the R n’ B literally exploded across the nation and this was a standout reason why.

Freak Me/Jeep Beat Mix  [Silk]—-It is hard to improve on such a masterful original, but the group manages to sex things up even more with a heavier bass beat and a cool laid back female vocal intermixed that makes the song even more dimensional. this is wonderfully deep and sensouous…the beats are heavy and dripping with the sexy sounds of the vocal…this is dirty and so very clean all at the same time…I love this!!! 

Here We Go [Unknown]—-I’m not even sure that this is the right song title for this track…I have tried to research it but really got no wherewith just this title…I know this is an early 90’s track and that it was huge in the Gay Bar circuit I was hanging out at the time. Ok…..STOP…REWIND….I believe this is Tone! Toni! Tony! but I’m not sure the song title is right. This is a great club banger that is lots of fun and full of enough vibes to keep you dancing for days…wonderful to find this again!!!

Here We Go/Remix [Tone! Toni! Tony!]—-Again, hard to improve on the original, but this remix provides you with more bass and funk than the original. The innovators of the New Jack Swing are in full effect on this track…the dance beats are masterful and the slow sway of the original is present in the backdrop…this is really nice!!!

You Don’t Love Me Anymore [Weird Al Yankovic]—-Why….Why….Why do I have a copy of this song? Where did it come from and why is it in my collection? I don’t know…it has no redeeming qualities and is rather a waste of time…..enough said!!!

Buddy X  [Nenah Cherry]—-Cherry made a big splash with Buffalo Stance in the early 90’s….I’m not sure why I have this song….it is not bad….but nothing differentiates it much from anything else that was playing at the time…I suppose at the time I loved it!!! Who knows…none the less, it is just another page in the history books of music.

Connected [The Spin Doctors]—-Ruling the airwaves for a period of time in the early 90’s, The Doctors were modern-day hippies that had a knack for delivering a great pop hook that played on radio better than anything else available at the time. With just enough guitar and eclectic instruments, the song rode the charts for quite sometime before the band sank into obscurity.

Thang For You Baby [Unknown]—-Ahhhh….another mystery song that begs to be figured out…..this is really nice laid back smooth R n’ B with a voice so familiar its origin is making me a tad bit crazy. I should know this and am disappointed because I can’t quite put my finger on it..this is smooth and sexy…nice slow jam for long hot steamy nights….you get my drift!!!

Tequila [Young Black Teenagers]—-A group that was neither young nor black, this multi-racial group captured my attention for a moment before they fell into obscurity. This is a take on the classic Tequila song…with a vocal delivery that is laid back like Cube. Nice but I wonder now about the fascination.

Refried Beans [Young Black Teenagers]—-With a nice heavier beat, the song embraces the Hispanic community in a somewhat stoopid song…it is still fun to listen to, but the body function references are unnecessary!

My Name Is Prince/Radio Edit [Prince]—-With a heavier and more aggressive beat than anything he had ever done up to this point, Prince released this single to terrible sales but huge fan and critical acclaim. this is a housed up funk jam that I literally adore….incredible.

Across The One Point O [Unknown]—-Another miscellaneous track that was never labeled properly, I am just left wondering who this is and aggravated that I can not put my finger on it. this is a nice joint…although the beats are harder than they need to be and the vocal is yelled really loud…why? This is odd though…before rap really blew up…this was the preparatory course.

Only The Strong Survive [Cypress Hill]—-The masters of 90’s rap, Cypress Hill took no prisoners with the brand of violent and real music that they produced…still together and recording again, the modern-day gangsta made music the way it was meant to be…real and raw!!!

Back To The Hotel [Young Black Teenagers]—-With a nice middle Eastern flair and huge, hard beats, this song is fantastic. the lyrics are hard biting and really well delivered…this is why the fascination developed. this is great….I love the unison of voices together…great!!!

***3/4 out of 5


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