12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Various/ Vol. 1-14 [Vol. 8]

Vol. 8:

Tap The Bottle [Young Black Teenagers]—-Almost a novelty song, this is very close to the style of song we found with House Of Pain and the song Jump Around. This has a nice edge to it…the raps are paced really nice and the song has fun energy…but it never really went anywhere for the band.

I Will Always Love You [Whitney Houston]—-From the classic movie The Bodyguard, this may very well be the best piece of music recorded in the past 25 years. Originally, this song was written and recorded by Country Superstar Dolly Parton…it met with marginal success, but the remade version by Houston has reportedly bought Parton plenty more wigs!!! Everything about this song is pretty much perfect…the vocal inflection…the tone…the emotion…and when Houston hits that note…construction workers and bankers alike will fall to their knees. Perfect..without fault!!

Jesus Loves Me [Whitney Houston]—-obviously the b-side to the single, this is the classic Sunday School song that we all remember with the appropriate Houston spin…the overdone organ…the overdone vocal…leave it alone already!

If Ever I Fall In Love [BoysIIMen]—-At this point already a worldwide phenmenon…the group released this song…stellar and consistent….with everything else they were flooding the market with at the time. This was incredibly predictable and expected…the band lacked a new vision and was missing out on the chance to grab the market with a New Jack Sound or a funkier attitude. This is ok….but just ok.

Damn, I Wish I Was You Lover [Sophie B. Hawkins]—-Finally in the early 90’s we were rewarded with something almost new but really fresh. Whatever happened to Sophie???? This lives in infamy for me….there were a few that year I wished were my lover….LMAO!!!! This has ice memories of great times and great friends…that is what all of this stuff called music is all about!!!!

How Do You Talk To An Angel? [The Heights]—-Actually recorded by The Heights for the first episode of the TV show The Heights,this syrupy sweet ballad was nominated for a Golden Globe and hit the #1 spot in the US. Eventually, the psuedo-group lead by Jamie Walters lost to Liza Minnelli, but they still have their spot in music history. I just spew these useless bit of info….what is wrong with me!!!

Rumpshaker/Remix [Wrexx N’ Effect]—-Yet another premier novelty song from the 90’s that I just had a need to have….whatever? I can never tell where my tastes are going from one day to next..ok…this is a nice remix….a little bit more of actual vocal before all of the dance funk kicks in and brings any display of talent to a stop. this is ok….but reedeeming…maybe in Miami.

The First Time [112]—-With heavy orchestration and a nice piano lead, the vocal is reminiscent of the glory days of 80’s R n’ B like Debarge and The Jets….this is nice….sweet…sexy and slow. A nice mood moment song that can change the mind of anyone if the moment is right. This is magical!!!

Everything…. [112]—-Beginning as this grand a capella introduction, the song develops into a sexy and funky song that makes you stretch for the dance floor even though you do not want to dance. This is remarkable…the contrast in vocals add ro the dynamics of the song…fantastic!!!

The End Of the Road [BoysIIMen]—-Obviously the most well-known of the groups songs, perhaps one of the best known songs of the 90’s. this is old and tired to me…as i listen back to it now…after a long period of not hearing it, I wonder what all of the hype was about. The harmonies were not that tight…some of the vocals were strained to almost off key…the attitude was nowhere to be seen….whatever.

Crossover [EPMD]—-In my opinion, one of the most important and groundbreaking groups of the late 80’s and early to mid 90’s, EPMD delivered a sound that was fresh but saved the integrity of the sound. Parrish is at his best….this is fantastic. The sound is all over the place but solid in the unique sound of the band. This is brilliant!!! The old skool samples are all over the place…this is magnificent!!!

Brothers From Brentwood [EPMD]—-Wow!!!! This is literally fantastic…this is real and raw…you could not ask for more…the song has a vocal that is pushed way to the back but is so powerful you are glad it is not in your face….you can almost feel the spit. This is incredible…I love this track. Hard…fresh and still sounding better than half of the stuff floating around today. This is great!!!

**** out of 5


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