12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Various/Vol. 1-14 [Vol. 9]

Vol 9:

On A Sunday Afternoon[ A Lighter Shade Of Brown]—-Ok…..I have no idea….this kind of sounds like EPMD….the vocals are straight and laid back…the samples are way more hype than the New York vibe though…give me a minute…let me search again…..ok found it….Lighter Shade Of Brown and the MC is really cute in a too young kind of way. This is laid back and lazy….I’m glad to have this.

On A Sunday Afternoon/Remix [A Lighter Shade Of Brown]—-This is just as smooth and just a bit more produced…a wonderful heavy bass beat leads the song all the way through and incorporates more of the sampled guitar. this is wonderful…it is slow…breexy…you even hear song birds singing…sunny and magical. I love this.

I Got A Man [Positive K]—-Fun funk styled rap that relies on the retort/answer formula in a masterful way. This is old school classic at it’s best….why is this on here?

Nightshift? [Unknown]—-I’m not sure of the song title or the group….I think this is Public Enemy….in the early days before the noise and the retorts of Flavor Flav….this is nice, but still has that shuffling beat that was always present in most PE songs….OK SO I’M REALLY EMBARASSED….THIS IS POSITIVE K!!!! I love and hate the internet…still a great song.

Protection [Coil]—-As a musical aficionado, I suppose I should know more about this band than I actually do. To me this band made intermittent pop classics interspersed with lots of noise. my friend Doug Benner got me into this band…he was really into all of that noisecore stuff in the 90’s….to me it was just walls of sound without the luxury of melody and I could not understand that. This song….wow….masterful….beautiful and so well constructed it sounds as wonderful now as it did when I first heard it…this is wonderful!!!

Tam Quam Tabula Rasa [Ataxia]—-More sonic adventures you have to thank my friend Doug for!!! This is masterful and inequitable noise at it’s very best. This is a giant wall of almost white noise that numbs your skull and makes you ripe for heroin…..the sound is obtrusive and anxiety causing unless you are reallystoned….to me this was just sounds with no structure…I never understood it.

Dyskeria {Ataxia]—-Did you expect anything less than the above? If you did, you would be sonically disappointed…this is white noise laid over white noise. Wonderful but obnoxious…pleasant but full of driven hate…masterful but gut wrenching…irritating but sublime in comfortability…perhaps I have grown!!!! God Forbid!!!

The Chrome Homicide [Daniel Mensch]—-The name is disturbing….the sounds are literal and disturbing…the sonic manipulations are disturbing…the entire scene is disturbing…I’m not much for the Noisecore scene ok.

Too Shy [Kajagoogoo]—-So I go from one mess to the other…somehow I have diverted the sound back to the 80’s synth pop scene where this band made its mark and disappeared into the realities of success…never to be more than a blip on the screen, all members of this outfit are now official members of the VH1 Remember The 80’s club…..Yahoo!!!! The synth grooves on this song are undeniable…the taste is so good, you hunger for more. The sound is nice…Limahl was delectable….what did you have to lose!!!

Kids In America [Kim Wilde]—-America’s answer to Kylie Minogue, she had neither the sexuality or the staying power. Kim managed to score a few hits in the 80’s, but dissolved into the never-ending realm of 80’s nothingness that has plagued so many of the momentary stars of the decade…let’s hope they live well from the royalties.

Turning Japanese [The Vapors]—-The post-punk Vapors made a smash hit out of the art of masturbation and the world will never be the same….producing a great Knack styled video and a catchy as hell song, maybe they will end up in the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame…everyone else does!!!!

I Eat Cannibals [Total Ceolo]—-I know nothing about the song or the band…it is nonsense fun styled post-punk rock that appealed to all of us ?New Wave kids of the 80’s…Anything you could pogo to in 1982 was cool and this was COOL. That’s all I can say!

**** out of 5


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