12 Inch Wonders Of The World/Various/Vol. 1-14 [Vol. 11]

Vol. 11:

Friends [Jody Watley]—-Bursting onto the music scene in the late 80’s/early 90’s, Watley delivered a Paula Abdul styled dance groove that monopolized the dance floors for a time and then disappeared. This is probably her best known work, and I must say it still sounds as fresh and danceable in 2009. This is nice…where did u go Jody?

Ditty/Radio Edit [Paperboy]—-This 90’s gem is addictive and wonderfully old school. the vocal is smooth as silk and the lyrics are understandable as hell. The beats are a nice mix of dance and hip-hop. The chorus is the clincher…once it gets in your brain, you won’t leave this alone for quite some time….This is fabulous!!!

Ditty/Full Remix [Paperboy]—-With a deeper bass and a slightly more upfront vocal, this remix adds little to the original, although it plays very nicely.

Achy-Breaky Heart [Billy Ray Cyrus]—-OK…..I picked this up from somewhere and it ended up on this compilation. the future Daddy Cyrus hit the big time with this novelty song that spawned an era of line dancing and country bars. the song is simplistic and elementary…it came along at the right time and made a path for Miley.

Love Takes Time [Mariah Carey]—-This 90’s gem finds Carey at her silky smooth best. The vocal histrionics are incredible….she always manages to hit those dog whistle notes that seem impossible…this is cheesy 90’s R n’ B, but still plays nicely.

Turbo Lover/High Octane Mix [Judas Priest]—-The title track from the Turbo album was released as a 45 and this is the flip side to that single…it seems odd to think of Priest being remixed, but this song was dying for the make-over. the overall production is not that different from the original..it is amped up and features some heavier bass…very nice, but overall it is a redux of the original with a few added production spins of the knob.

Bela Lugosi’s Dead [Bauhaus]—-One of the most memorable songs from one of the most memorable Goth bands of all time, this is a dark and almost creepy sounding excursion that begs for white face paint and black fingernails. The music is built on minimalism and deep sounds of darkness….the vocal is one of dead men speaking…the bass almost Joy Division inspired…this is freakin’ wonderful.

Dead Boys [Bauhaus]—-The flip side to the above single, this is yet more darkness and solace. A bit more metallic than the flip side of the 7″, the dark and eerie sounds still prevail…thanks to a deeper bass and an almost maniacal vocal. This is really a piece of musical history.

Honey Love [Public Announcement]—-Some of you will know that PA was the band that helped to start the career of R n’ B mastermind R. Kelly….this is pretty pre-Kelly. but shows the talent that was waiting to burst through the constraints of being in a group. Even at this early point, Kelly had a silky smooth and sexually heavy voice….really fantastic!!!

Look Into My Eyes [Bone-Thugs N’ Harmony]—-Released in the mid 90’s, Bone incorporated all the harmonies of a smooth R n’ B group with the rap mentality that proved to be huge for them. The vocal delivery is layered, textured and fast…this is classic bone…before the beginning of the end. this is remarkable for a bunch of Cleveland boys…wonderful…this is so nice to hear again.

Gimme That Nut [Eazy-E]—-At this point in the rap game, Eazy was definitely the most popular member of the now split N.W.A. Beginning with some familiar N.W.A. sounds, the filthy lyric of Eazy is in full effect. This would never get commercial play even in today’s day and age. This is perfect sleaze rap that was done only like Eazy could do. This was fantastic!!! R.I.P Eazy.

Higha Than A M*&%ha F^%ka [Eazy-E]—-An 8 minute ode to the virtues of pot smoking, Eazy delivered a smoky fueled song that even Snoop never came close to. This is classic Easy…goes on way to long, but t is alright for a few minutes.

***1/2 out of 5


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