Lady Gaga/The Fame Monster

Released in October of 2009, this 8 track EP was meant as a companion piece to The Fame, but is also available as a stand-alone release. Exploring the darker side of fame and using Fame As A Monster metaphor, the song still feature magnificent beats and synth lines. Reaching the Top Ten in ALL major markets, this EP has sold over 1 million copies thus far.

Bad Romance—-Channeling all of the masterful elements of her debut, all the great production and all of the beautiful weirdness, Gaga debuts this new single to high acclaim. the video has become a certified Monster…the beats are monstrous…the sentiments are monstrous…this is huge…perhaps better than anything on The Fame…..I can not get enough of this song….Freakin’ Fan-tab-ulous!!!!

Alejandro—-A cliché ode to Abba’s Fernando, the Lady knows where her influences lie and her debts are owed.This is remarkable….this would make a great video…there is a lot of drama in the song. I’m sure it would be Quiche Lorraine!!!! This is wonderful in its simplicity and dramatic flair…songs like this almost make Madonna irrelevant!!!

Monster—-Without a doubt, this ‘mini’ release is even more polished that the Lady’s debut…there is less vocal manipulation…the vocals are great and stand on their own. Reeking of even more video fun, this track features a bit more manipulation, but when the vocals are straight forward they are at their best…this is wonderful…the beats are huge but somehow the vocal remains the focus. The chorus is huge…all kinds of layered synth lines are happening as well as a male vocal in the back drop that rounds out the sound really well. This is incredible!!!

Speechless—-This almost ‘rocks’…the sound begins with nice guitar and dissolves into a remarkable blues-synth that is new and fresh. The vocal is crystal clear…straight on with no effects and it is AWESOME….this is like when Madonna sings in that deeper tone of hers….you can’t get better than this…..Incredible.

Dance In The Dark—-From the beginning of the first note, you know you are in store for a great huge Euro-style dance classic that will shine for quite some time. The voice is somewhat subdued, until the verse really kicks in with that pure, strong unadulterated voice of Gaga. she needs to just sing more often. the chorus is everything that the song promised to be upon the first note…this is not a happy song, but in contrast, the music is euphoric. Freakin’ Brilliant!!!

Telephone [w/Beyonce’]—-Rumored to be the 2nd single from this release, you know Gag is scoring points if she can get a recording appointment with Beyone’. Combining all of the best elements of the debut with an even beefier dance synth, Beyoncé adds an aggressive, angry rant to the song that i am sure was recorded miles away from L.A., but it works and almost guarantees a hit for Gaga…the video should be fun…this is a R n’ B flavored track that will get huge airplay on the dance floors..a bone fide hit!!!

So Happy I Could Die—-Almost sounding like a redux of other Gaga material, she will have to struggle to update and keep her sound fresh…this sounds like a retread…even the big chorus seems to fall a tad bit flat. make no doubt, this is great…it just suffers from monotony.

Teeth—-Sounding like a Madonna retread from the onset, it is the musical track behind the voice that makes this song different enough to jump off the CD. This is a vamp, drag style burlesque number that is fun and invigorating…a great move on Gaga’s part…just enough of a difference that we are left thirsty for what is next!!! HURRY!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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