t.a.t.u./Waste Management + Remixes

t.a.t.u. [loosely translated as ‘this, that’] are a Russian female duo formed in 1999. At this current date, the duo are the best-selling Russian band of all time, with worldwide sales close to three million units. Long rumored to be lesbian lovers, the duo ‘confessed’ in 2005 that this was all PR hype and that the two have only ever been friends. After an incredibly successful debut, the band promptly went on ‘hiatus’ until releasing their sophomore release ‘Dangerous & Moving’ in 2005. The bands latest release ‘Waste Management’, according to the band’s website will be their last as they have split and are concentrating on solo endeavors. Waste Management, released in July, is the band’s third and final release.

White Robe—-With just as much pop and synth flair as the band has ever had, it is hard to fathom that this is the end. The vocals are nicely layered and much clearer than on previous releases. The dreaded auto-tune seems to be in full effect on this release. but it magically works…this is nice albeit a little slower paced than what I expected.

You And I—-Now….this is what I expected…the great electronic feel with the pure and wonderful blended vocal. this is like the old days…they will not quite be the same without each other when the joint mastery is needed. the refrain is a solo voice, but as it unfolds so so the joint harmonies…the result is a great big sounding song that has not been heard enough!!!

Sparks—-Very synth driven and almost sounding techno-like, the song has a fairly long introduction before the vocal enters. the result is mostly generic until the girls join forces and deliver an almost too sweet vocal. Not a favorite, but it passes the muster of repeated listens…I would never guess it was them if I heard this as a random track.

Snowfalls—-From the onset, this is very heavy on the dance/synth groove that reminds me of the early days. the only element that seems to be missing is the speed of the music…this duo always managed to deliver some songs that were hyper drive…on this one at times I think of Sinead!!! This is a little disappointing…too pretty for my taste!!

Martian People—-Almost sounding like a Numan synth at the first note, the song is made fuller by an acoustic guitar and a very subtle drum track. The vocal, again, is too sweet and not even in English…whatever…this falls really flat for me.

Little People—-This is much, much, much better…I could not ask for much more from this track except maybe a little deeper bass. The vocal is in English [thank you] and pretty damn pleasant. the ‘chorus’ is more musical than vocal and adds a nice dimension to the song…this is awesome!!!

Waste Management—-With a nice nod to 80’s style pop reggae, the song changes its face and again adopts a Numan style synth riff that is dark and propulsive…this is remarkable…the sound is so familiar and pleasant…the synth provides the voice for this instrumental and it is the most pleasant thing on this release. This is awe-inspiring….fantastic!!!

Running Blind—-This is almost a waste of a great ambient styled musical track…the vocal is weak and uninspired…the synth lines are incredibly dark and layered and have an almost rave up feel to them. This is remarkable…just remove the vocal.

Fly On The Wall—-This song begins with a huge Timberlake style synth that promises something really great…it is instead enveloped by a mundane and bored vocal that never really opens up to the grand synth orchestration of the song. This disappoints…even after numerous listens.

Time Of The Moon—-Taking some time to get properly started, this song open up into a magnificent romp through smoky clubs that have nice swirling lights and beer on tap. the sound is magnificent…the vocal is a bit more involved and when the two work together like this the result is fantastic…a favorite!!!

Don’t Regret—-Weak…terrible…disappointing…way too tender….what happened?

White Robe [Fly Dream Remix]—-At the onset, the layered sounds of the song are incredible…reling more on atmosphere than vocal, was a very wise choice. Despite the non-English vocals, the song is turned into this huge 80’s inspired rendition of modern-day pop that remains unforgettable…this is magnificent!!!

Running Blind [Transformers Mix]—-This is nice…th speed of the track in increased and it really works well. the vocal is almost pushed to the back…the speed of the song amped up to optimal effect and the instrumental interludes extended. This is fab….mark my words…you will hear this in the clubs!!!

Don’t Regret [Sniper Remix]—-Coming from the stillness, this remix adds sounds at a time..allowing the song to become a nice layered romp. The vocal is terrible…I am not digging it…the music is choice…very nice!!!

*** out of 5


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