Real Estate/Real Estate

Real Estate are a Psychedelic Surf Band from New Jersey. All members of the band are also members of other local and/or national bands. Real Estate released their debut CD in 2009 to critical and fan acclaim.

Beach Comber—-emerging from a glorious haze, the guitar leads are so relaxed and pleasant you can almost feel the sunshine on your face. The vocals enter the song…they are a pleasant mix of Alternative Folk Rock that will stick with you for a time. This is smooth, layered and perfectly played pop music meant for a wonderful summer day.

Pool Summers—-Deeper in tone and with a much more 70’s inspired feel to it, this song starts with the pleasant jangle that the band is known for. the vocal…pushed way to the back of the mix is second to the crystal clear delivery of the shimmering pop music the band produces. The swirling and layered feel of the song takes you places you can’t get to until June…this is wonderful!!!

Suburban Dogs—-Reminding me of the great psychedelic sounds of the 70’s, this song is rich in texture and sound. The vocal is once again secondary to the shimmering glory of the lead guitar and the lazy drum. Truly that is the beauty and rarity of this band…musically the band is stellar and that is what matters most for fans…not the worlds greatest voice but a nice coming together of excellent voice and stellar musicianship that creates masterful odes to life and emotion.

Black Lake—-With a slow plodding drum beat and strong stellar guitar strums, the vocal again takes on that swirling drug induced pleasure of summer. The sound of the music is so bright and shimmering, you can not refuse or resist it. This is remarkable music…even better than the glory days of 90’s shoe-gaze pop, this includes emotion and true feeling. Astounding!!!

Atlantic City—-Deeper in sound and with a stronger bass line than on other tracks, the lead guitar enter the ray and make you think of the best of The Charlatans or Galaxie 500. This is so shiny and warm, you will forget it is December by the end of the release. this is remarkable…so many sounds going on in a remarkably controlled way. Fantastic!!! 

Fake Blues—-Still shimmering with a simple guitar chord and light song construction, the vocal is so pushed to the back it is nearly undecipherable. But that is ok…this is better than Stone Roses at the peak…better than anything the brits produced hiding right here at home in New Jersey. Remarkable!!!

Green River—-Much lighter in sound, the song is almost breezy and fresh like ocean air. The sun pours through the chords and the tone is light and airy. This is remarkable….fresh, new and comfortable all at the same time. as the song progresses, the tone of the song gets even lighter with a subtle dark undertone that is there to remind you all is not gold…this is incredible….you must hear this release.

Suburban Beverage—-Coming up from the darkness at a pleasant pace, the song is easy and breezy in a musical sense. The fuzz of the guitar is present in the back of the mix [how do they do that?]. The chord changes manage to create a nice subtle happiness that will bring you out of whatever mess you are sitting in…this is almost magical. Too good to be true.

Let’s Rock The Beach—-Sounding a bit mundane, the song suffers from the fact that it really sounds like the last song in a remarkable familiar way…the tone s sweet and happy…the guitars are a nice juxtapose of deep and airy sounds that play off of each other to magnificent effect. This is wonderful….just a tad bit too predictable.

Snow Days—-This was just the change that I needed to round the album out on a positive and fine note. The voice is wonderful…the tone is so warm and the music is magically layered. This is freakin’ amazing.

****3/4 out of 5


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