Rickie Lee Jones/Live At Red Rocks

Recorded at the famed outdoor amphitheater Red Rocks, this was finally released in 2001. This is an archival release, originally recorded while touring behind Flying Cowboys during the 1989-1990 tour. I will go to any length to add to my Rickie Lee collection, and this is well worth seeking out!!!

Rodeo Girl—-The crowd noise as Jones enters the stage is remarkable…someday I will manage to catch Rickie live!!! This is brilliant…from the very first chords, the vocal enters and you swear you are listening to a studio recording. The sound is wonderful….the instrumental mix is in perfect tandem with the vocal and the duo vocals are wonderful…the goosebumps have risen and will not let me alone. this is Freakin’ Wonderful!!!!

Satellites—-My very favorite [maybe] Jones release, this live rendition contains all of the elements of the original…never lsing any of the intensity or urgency of the original studio recording. From the very beginning of the song, the crowd is wrapped around her little finger. the pop elements of this song are unmistakable…at a different time, this song would have been Jones biggest hits. It hurts my heart that so many people have missed the genius of this woman and her art. This is literally fantastic!!!

We Belong Together—-Yet another of the Jones catalog that I mark as one of my very favorites, this song has so many emotional points that are familiar and breed into my psyche’. This is beautifully wonderful. This conveys elements that we are all familiar with…rejection, desire, wishing and wanting….this is phenomenal just for its emotional scope. The vocals are incredible, and the emotion of the song pours from every instrument!!!!

Coolsville—-Going way back in the catalog, Jones delivers this classic masterpiece to the joy and elation of the crowd in classic form. This is jazz/blues at its ver best sung by a poor white girl who has all of the necessary flavor. This will reach in, tear your heart out, twist it upside down and put it back in your chest without the littlest scar….all in a few minutes…who needs Drs.,,,just call Rickie. The vocal ministrations are remarkable and fantastic…the sax is a lonely sound that brings both goosebumps and tears…this is mag-freakin’ificent!!!!!

Weasel And The White Boys Cool—-Another huge trip back into time, Jones further displays her vocal prowess with this blues inspired song that makes you ache for her in your living room. the emotional level of the voice is in itself a rare thing…the voice is remarkable…the blues stylings are pure Orleans and the feel is almost dirty…Jones is a mastermind!!!

Chuck E’s In Love—-The song that made Jones a household name in 1979, still evokes a wild crowd response that can not be ignored. The world never realized that this was just the tip of the iceberg….so a few of us have everything after to embrace, caress and make our own. This rendition makes the crowd crazy from the first notes. Jones introduces the song by saying ” I want you to pretend you just met me and let me know what you think of this song”….BRILLIANT. She delivers it like it was brand new….the emotion is real and the result is wonderful. This is a classic rendition and the vocals are the best I have ever heard!!!!

Just My Baby—-With a great blues styled intro, the song reminds me so much of the classic song ‘Making Whoopie’. Jones delivers a soulful and dramatic vocal…you would never believe this was just a plain ole’ white girl. This has more emotion, pain, elation and irritation in a few minutes than you would get if you rolled the top ten this week into a ball…fantastic.

Flying Cowboys—-Wonderfully layered nd more of a folk song, Jones again shows her versatility as she keeps things fresh, new and ground breaking. This is remarkable…the voice is melded so well with the instrumentation it is hard to differentiate the two….Jones uses that baritone and sing-song voice to tell the perfect story of the drama and realization of….LOVE!!!

Youngblood—-Classic and wonderfully delivered, it is as if Jones is singing everything for the very first time…not the 5,000th. This sounds so new, so crisp and so original, you cannot deny that the song still sounds really great!!!! Jones tells the security at the front during the music to please let the crowd come forward and dance….this is wonderful as they come forward and she urges them to not dance to hard. A wonderful moment caught in time and CD!!!! Fantastic!!!!

Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying—-Jones manages to catch the waning sun rays in her voice and keeps the gentle sundown shining on the audience for a lifetime. The crystal clear delivery and the emotional tone of the voice just makes you want to weep. This is one of the best, most underrated female songstress of the last Century…why does the world ignore her!!!!????

Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive—-Now this is dirty south blues…this is fun, Orleans styled soul with a reggae lean that makes you smile and feel good about the setting sun because you have THIS memory. The song is masterfully preformed…if not for the crowd noises, you could never convince me this quality recording was live. Fantastic…..Bon Ami Rickie!!!!

Gloria—-I always think of this as a Patti Smith classic, and Rickie follows in her footsteps with a dirty version that reeks of Southern style blues….this is nice, but a little to out of the jazzy style realm of Jones I prefer…still…a huge end to a very, very great show.  love it when Jones says “I was 12 years old when I first heard this song and i have never forgotten….I will never forget….that is why I will never grow old”….this is a simple but HUGE statement!!!!

 ***** out of 5 [NO SHIT!!!]


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