Morrissey/Your Arsenal

Your Arsenal, released in 1992, was the third solo effort by former Smiths vocalist Morrissey. Featuring a new band of ‘hooligans’, namely Alain White and Boz Boorer, they remain with Morrissey until this day. The band takes on a more noted rock-a-billy sound, due to the roots of the musicians Moz chose to hire…it all worked for him masterfully well. The album, although never sporting a true ‘single’ , managed to chart three singles in the to ten and garnered a Grammy nomination in the US. Shortly after the release, Mick Ronson dies of liver cancer.

You’re Gonna Need Someone By Your Side—-From the onset, you notice that Moz has crossed over to the ‘dark’ side of ‘Modern Rock’….this is alright, because it plays so well. the backdrop of the song is so huge it seems to give Morrissey the balls he had problems finding. This is a huge barrage of guitar sound and distortion…the band is literally huge….it works fantastically well. a stand out track and always a favorite of mine.

Glamorous Glue—-The musical backdrop is full of sounds from every direction…the sound is loud and abrasive and is the exact thing that Moz needed to satisfy me and attract new fans. He still seems able to deliver a line that is subtle, sardonic and typical despite all of the noise…how is this possible….GENIUS!!!

We’ll Let You Know—-Wow…still surprising after the musical barrage of the past two songs, this is Morrissey at his very best…one of the best post-Smiths songs he ever released, I think this was way over looked and under appreciated. The voice is so clear…the gentle acoustic guitar and the back drop from some obscure recording or another only add to the atmsphere…this is classic and wonderful!!! The lyrics sometimes make you shake your head and wonder what you are supposed to believe in.

The National Front Disco—-Forever on of my favorite Morrissey songs….not because of the lyric, the music or the delivery but all of them combined…this track makes me crazy…makes me want to spin in circles and proclaim my love for a man I have never met. To be so blatant in political statement, while still being in melody and hype is astounding. the energy of the song is devastating and will leave you wiped out afterwards…this is an unappreciated masterpiece!!!!! I love you man!!!!

Certain People I Know—-With a huge Rock-a-billy sentiment, the song is so pleasant you almost resist the message of the song. Morrissey, combined with this band was unstoppable…the American sentiment was inr=tact with subtle nuances of British humor at the same time…..this is fantatic…few songs surpass the track.

We Hate t When Our Friends Become Successful—-Never a favorite track of mine, perhaps I am non-traditionalist…the Americans loved this song and it spurned a huge tour for the Man…to me, there are too many other brilliant moments on this release for this song to mean that much to me…although perhaps his band mates were paying attention and then decided to sue him!!!

You’re The One For Me Fatty—-Another of those little ditty that Moz has a way of penning that are cruel and inane, but stick in your head forever…like Girlfriend In Coma, Moz makes something so cruel seem so pleasant…this man is a GOD!!!

Seasick, Yet Still Docked—-Beginning with typical Morrissey fanfare, you know that this will be one for the books as the first notes begin to take place. Morrissey delivers lines so subtle and sardonic that you ears try ti pick up every little sound that is coming from his vocal box…this is remarkable…the band settles down into a remarkable Smiths dirge that makes you feel warm and fuzzy….this is remarkable now and even more incredible live…just like the older days….wonderful!!!! Morrissey sings…..”My love is as sharp as a needle in your eye….you must be a fool to pass me by…”….WOW!!!!

I Know It’s Gonna Happen Someday—-Washing over you like a huge tidal wave, the song builds and builds until you are drowned in the pure emotion of the vice…the release is like a weeks long orgasm with you favorite fuck…..this man is briulliant…..the build up is as good as the release and the release makes you love even more….I love this Man….oh…did I say that already?

Tomorrow—-A wonderfully noisy barrage of the new band Morrissey has accumulated, this song is literally wonderful….including all of the great themes that Moz has covered, it takes on a new energy with the new players. This is literally an excursion into the past glory days of the old band…you ache to hear Marr repeat these chords…Morrissey has never sounded better or more tortured…..this is magnificent.

****3/4 out of 5


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