Cradle Of Filth/Bitter Suites To Succubi

Bitter Suites To Succubi is essentially a ‘mini-album’ bridging the gap between Midian and Damnation And A Day while the band was switching and securing a new record label. This release features 6 new tracks, 3 reworkings of tracks from the band’s debut release and a Sisters Of Mercy cover [No Time To Cry]. Released in 2001, the release also features a backwards reading of The Lord’s Prayer [Dinner At Deviant’s Palace] by drummer Paul Allender’s son.

Sin Deep My Angel—-One of the two instrumental’s on this release, the song begins to set the mood that Cradle requires of the listener….the stmosphere is heavy and dark….the huge and layered Goth overtones are in high gear. The song is like the soundtrack to a graveyard movie…just what I need and expect from the band.

All Hope In Eclipse—-Beginning with the typical layered Phantom Of The Opera sounds, the song during the first half falls very flat and un inspired for me…as the song finally becomes livelier and more aggressive, Dani raises the voice and the tone is demonic and scary. This is classic Filth as the band pummel out their own brand of extreme Metal. Go Dani, Go!!!! This is a huge, long song that allows you many moods and chapters….it plays well after a questionable beginning.

Born In A Burial Gown—-With a nice organ beginning the song, it is not long before Dani enters the fray in a deeper tone that grows and grows with pitch and mania as each line develops…you fear he might break his throat!!! We know that is not a danger…this guy has an amazing and interesting range. This song seems a little flat musically….the music seems pushed to the back…it needs to be louder and more present…these drums are incredible and should be heard.

Summer Dying Fast—-One of my favorite tracks from this release, this is classic at every corner.  The instruments re-appear…in your face and give you whiplash!!! The speed is incredible…the guitars are lightning fast, the drums are left beaten to death by the end of the song…Sarah ministers with the keyboards and Dani rapes you with his vocal chords…this is literally incredible!!!

No Time To Cry [Sisters Of Mercy Cover]—-The beginning of the song is so full of pleasant sounds, you question what the hell is going on….the Goth stylings do not last, as the band enters the fray and delivers their own brand of Goth to the metal masses…this is freakin’ awesome….Dani and Sarah come together for some nice vocal effects…this song is one for the books…a really great version of a classic song!!!

The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh—-Brutal and in fine form from the very first chords, these drums will peel your face off. the vocal is overlayed with Dani high and low and the studio magic is an astounding effect. The lead guitar is right in your right ear…louder than usual and really great. This is choice!!!

Suicide And Other Comforts—-With a nice piano intro, you are pretty rest assured that the quiet will not last long….the vocal enters and is subdued and quiet….by the third bar the song opens up and the mayhem continues. The song is a more orchestrated affair…reminiscent of what was to come way further down the line. Sarah adds some nice vocal nuances that meld the song together really well. This is different but acceptable.

Dinner At Deviant’s Palace—-The other of the two instrumentals on this release, the song begins with the required thunder and stormy, dark feel. The keyboards swirl with effects and the mood is definitely set. The backward vocal of The Lord’s Prayer leaves you a bit uncomfortable and creeped out…well….MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!

The Black Goddess II-Ebon Nemesis—-The pierce of the voice is there from the very first note…the voice continues to flirt between tones and the band finally picks up a pace that is thrash-able and crunching. the drums are great and the bass line reads like Maiden on speed. This is nice, but the varied tones of the vocals are to extreme and add confusion to what you should be doing during the song….when Dani does let loose…it is some of his best…that saves the song from obscurity.

Scorched Earth Erotica—-Kind of odd at the onset, the sound is retro and almost unfamiliar… the second bar, the song opens into full Cradle mode…the keyboards are in perfect tandem with the drums and the guitars and the sound result is HUGE!!! This is fantastic…I had never heard this song…it has become a favorite of mine. Dani is a master at his voice…this is fantastic!!!!

****3/4 out of 5


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