Wilco/The Album

The Album is the 7th release by Indie giants Wilco. Released in June 2009, the album was leaked to the Internet in May of the same year, resulting in over 100,000 hits on the bands website on May 13th. Wilco urged all members who downloaded a free copy of the release to make a donation to Inspiration Corporation, a low-income family charity in Chicago.

Wilco [The Song]—-Beginning rather sudden and loud, the song brings to mind some of the great unheard Tom Petty songs…the chorus is fun and the downshift musical delivery keeps you on the edge of your seat. this is a great dose of Indie-Folk that will not leave you disappointed. Tweedy sounds just as great as ever.

Deeper Down—-Much more down-beat and introspective, the song has a mood about it that will suck you in from the first notes. This is full of great slide guitars that make you ache for the great old classic country songs…this song, while accessible, still manages an air of beauty and mysticism that is exciting and magical.

One Wing—-With a gentle strumming, the song begins in great classic style. Tweedy delivers a vocal that is more alternative than alternative. This is magical and full of aching beauty. the voice remains rough and jagged, but managing to be beautiful at the same time. This is nice…the first time I listened to this release I hated it…now as it grows on me, it fits like a warm winter glove. Kudos!!!

Bull Black Nova—-Surprisingly upbeat and full of an almost 60’s vibe, the song is a nice display of versatility and the ability to cater to a larger audience. This is nice…the musical backdrop is sunny and bright…the voice is lazy and emotional….I love this!!!

You And I—-With gentle guitar strumming and a ghostly thin vocal, you feel you emotions stripped bare and broken. The addition of Feist with Jeff is a great thing and i hope they plan on doing things together in the future. This is magical…the voices come together and lay a slight seismic undertow to a nice Alt-country musical style that manages to make me smile for a few moments. Wonderful!!!

You Never Know—-With a huge intro from a bar blues piano, the song is a rocker that slows just a tad to allow for the entrance of the voice. The vocal again comes across as an undiscovered Petty track with out the nasal!!! LOL!!! This is just what you need to usher in a warm breezy day that wipes out the memory of cold frigid Ohio winters…just what I needed. Thanks Jeff!!!

Country Disappeared—-Going back to the pleasant and familiar strains of songs past, this is classic Wilco. the music is lay and filled with thoughts of warm days and bright sunshine. the piano is so gentle, you will be tempted to nap in the sun…only the demons in your thoughts keep you awake and Tweedy & Co. will chase them away with the gentle approach. This is magic!!!

Solitaire—-With a great acoustic introduction, the song takes on a very skilful country ballad feel…once the vocal enters you are transported instead to a post-Beatles Summer Sound that makes you hunger for simpler times and an easier life. the vocal delivery is so genuine and relaxed that you cannot escape the pleasure of it…this is wonderful, masterful and literally superb!!!

I’ll Fight—-Beginning with a gorgeous guitar intro, the song picks up some speed and ushers in a vocal that is breathtaking. Tweedy sings of chivalry and grace with as much emotion, if not more, than the most introspective balladeer on the planet. this is all built around lyrics that are so real you ache and want to be a better person. this is wonderful…and  am officially in love with this band. Thank You God!!!

Sonny Feeling—-Not a favorite track of mine, the rock-a-billy nature of the song deters me from my current love affair. All in all, the song is a nice play on the Wilco sound, but just seems manufactured to me….I ill still take it though, because life is better with it than without!

Everlasting Everything—-AHHHH!!! My thirst is quenced and I feel complete after this release…..the vocal is so pained and real, I just want to meet this man and marry him…how can anyone feel all of this stuff!!! This is exquisite, far surpassing any music that is being made today…this is real, confrontational, emotional and true to the emotion of man…a hit clear out of the park. Wonderful!!!

***** out of 5


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