Hypocrisy/A Taste Of Extreme Divinity

A Taste Of Extreme Divinity is the 11th studio release from Swedish Death Metal band Hypocrisy. Released in Nov. 2009, the North American release was issued with bonus tracks, but I seem to have an import copy…..that’s alright!!! With its beginnings in the Black Metal game, Hypocrisy has changed their direction into a more direct Death Metal band….with the themes centered around blood, gore and violence and not dark, Satanic themes.

Valley Of The Damned—-Right from the gate, this song will leave you bleeding…and that is before the vocal even touches you. Once the vocal emerges, your scalp is peeled back in disbelief and horror. This is about as brutal as you could ask for…never letting up for even a millisecond, this will leave you either frenzied or nervously numb. Never mistake the nice melodic musical interludes that trick you into submission, only to smack you right in the fucking face moments later. Fantastic!!!!

Hang Him High—-Beginning with a fantastic soundbite interlude, the silence is interuppted by blistering guitars and a vocal that almost is near the master George ‘Corpsegrinder’ Fischer. Sometimes the growls manage to go that low…the thing that sets this band apart from many in it;s genre is the blatant…yes I said blatant use of melody and musical interludes to create landscapes of sound. this is remarkable…why did i not know about this band?

Solar Empire—-Aggressive and incredibly melodic from the first note, this is almost a masterpiece. This really borders on Symphonic Death Metal…they just have not submitted to an orchestra yet…but the melody is that contagious. I can’t believe i waited so long to investigate this band…..woe is me and my wallet…there are 10 other releases!!!! I love this…the vocal is as diverse as Shagrath and as talented as Dani…who could ask for more.

Weed Out The Weak—-Brutal from the first note, the thing I notiv=ce the most are the drums [an incredible feat of human exercise] and the bass guitar [supplier of all melody]. The song has a great regular guy riffage that makes you comfortable and then shatter your world with relentless leads and a vocal that will make you crazy….it is so fast and evil you will thank everyone involved for the lyric sheet…the lyrics are as dark and scary as the song. What a wonderful vacation!!!!! Magnificent!!!!

No Tomorrow—-Beginning like a classic Cradle track, the music is a barrage of noise until the second bar when the leads and bass kick into a melodic rock styled delivery that is pretty damn pleasant. Even the vocal…delivered in a screaming, gutteral form is almost acceptable to the world of ‘metal’ today. this band, as I have said many time. has a great sense of melody…this keeps them from falling between the cracks of the Death Metal scene here in the US. This is fantastic!!!

Global Domination—-With an almost drudge sound, ala Black Sabbath, the intro is short-lived as the heavy melodic bass develops the song into yet another masterpiece of modern-day Death Metal. This is so comfortable and groove inspiring, you wonder what the fuck….only the vocal separates this from being one of the most melodic metal bands around. Add some strings to this shit and you have a literal masterpiece. I only wish that the vocal had more range…something to really surprise you.,….the music is not that different from early day Cradle!??!

Taste The Extreme Divinity—-Full of bass driven sludge, the lead guitars enter the fray and allow the song to go to a whole different place. The drums on this track are incredible…they drive the song to a pace that is almost surprising. This is a literal tour-de-force od every sound that makes this genre of music appealing to me. the aggressive  nature is undeniable and the vocal actually makes a really good attempt as screeching at one point. This is Freakin’ Fantastic!!!!

Alive—-This is more of the vein that the band took in earlier days….the feel of the song is darker, the vocal is darker and the lyrics are best left unread. This has a nice bass downshift that makes the track even better than it would have been. The voice at times, really reaches for that upper register and the break in the consistency is fantastic. This is epic and truly fantastic!

The Quest—-Beginning with a true orchestrated feel, the song has nice mood swings that are magically captured by the tempo changes. the voice enters with a purely evil sound and you are transported magically into the cold realms of the glacial monarchs. This is cold…warm….frightenng…welcoming….Incredible. The guitars on this track literally soar…the bass interludes give you hot and cold…this is a whole mood swing in one song….brilliant!!!!

Tamed [Filled With Fear]—-Aggressive and blistering right from the first note, the vocal enters and the song seems to suffer from the sameness factor. the song offers nothing new in sound,,,the track is rather predictable. the highpoint for me remains the drums….this playing is almost superhuman as it assaults and just as quickly silences itself…that is an art…and very well done in this band. this is fantastic…and remember…there are only 3 of them!!!! WOW!!!!

Sky Is Falling Down—-Brutal right out of the gate, the guitars are almost bullet speed on this song. ?this is just classic balls to the walls Death Metal. I could never ask for more than a consistent sound like this release. I love this,,,,heavier than Slayer……not at the Cannibal Corpse level and not as complex as Cradle….musically more raw than Dimmu….PERFECT!!!!

****3/4 out of 5


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