The Best Of Deicide [Roadrunner Records]

Deicide is an American Death Metal band formed in 1989. Full of public outcry, the band produces a mass of noise and hatred that is loved by Hardcore Metal fans everywhere. The bands 1st and 2nd release are ranked in the top 5 selling Death Metal releases os all time. This compilation, released as the last obligation of the bands contract with Roadrunner Records covers 20 tracks ranging from 1990-2000.

Dead By Dawn—-With an incredible deep sound to the music, the dirge is remarkable. the bass rocks your eardrums and the pace of the leads make you sweat. Once the vocal of Glen enters the fray, you are amazed with the raw and real quality. This is a favorite of mine…evil personified and a beautiful landscape of evil noise.

Carnage In the Temple Of The Damned—-Taking only a moment of soundbites to begin the song, the build up is magnificent. Once the music begins you are again incredulous at the boom of the bass and the deep sound the band produces. there are nice guitar leads, but this band is bass and drum driven led by the maniacal vocal of Benton. this is fast…almost reminding me of early underground Punk songs. Fantastic!!!

Lunatic Of God’s Creation—-No gentle interludes or introductions, the first notes rip your face off. The music is just this huge wall of darkness that wraps you up and gives you chills. The barrage of noise seems even more brutal and evil than before…the vocal is deep and gutteral, but not so much that you cannot catch the words. This is awesome…a literal noisefest…pure pleasure.

Sacrificial Suicide—-The music comes barreling at you from the dark…the leads are much more present and the tone is not as deep. the voice is almost reminiscent of Suicidal Tendencies…..just a little slower and deeper. The lyrics enthrall the glories of satan with such urgency that you just have to laugh at the result. It is so blatant, it is comical.

Crucifixation—-The songs on this release come at you so fast and furious, you barely have time to breath…this song continues in the line of brutality and evil personified. the voice was so much clearer back in the early days, as of late Glen has a much more Cannibal Corpse style delivery. I prefer this direction. This is fantastic!!!

Satan Spawn,  The Caco-Daemon—-With enough atmosphere at the onset to prepare you for the onslaught, you have to be crazy not to get antsy waiting for the actual song to begin. Once the drums hit, you are off and running with the mad pace of the song. Then you have the vocal to contend with…the growl that comes from the dark is amazing. The back and forth pace of the music only shows the bands talent even further. This is fantastic. One of my favorite tracks!!!

Trifixion—-The glass breaks and all hell is let loose…the guitar leads are more pronounced, giving the song an almost mainstream metal sound. The deeper sound seems to take over the song and Benton delivers a vocal that is much more current with the bands modern sound. The musical breaks help to make the song less monotonous…this is classic stuff….Grind/Death at it’s best!!!

In Hell I Burn—-From the onset, the song never has a down moment…this is a barrage of blistering metal that is played at a superhuman pace. The down shifts in the music give the track an added, beefier feel. The vocals seem double tracked at times even making the sound larger. This is an art form, and this band does it with finesse!

Dead But Dreaming—-Kudos for the song title alone….just think about those words themselves for a moment….ok…now commence to bash your head against the floor as you try to chase the vivid lyrical images from your mind. This is fabulous…..the music is fairly predictable, but as the ‘hits’ continue, the speed of the band seems to increase. The vocal is slowly becoming deeper and darker and less understandable, but the musical variance makes up for the difference. This is evil incarnate….DEVIL HORNS y’all.

Once Upon The Cross—-The greatest slap in the face of modern-day religion, any time some band tackles the subject of the Cross, you know they are serious about their craft….the Cross..being the most sacred of the religious elements. The voice is so garbled and evil, you can only catch the ‘chorus’ but you are sped through the song by the unrelenting pace of the music. Another favorite.

They Are The Children Of The Underworld—-Layered and better produced, the band has a much more level tone…the leads adding just as much as the bass. The vocals are played with in the studio….overlays and a beefier sound fills out the track. this is unrelenting…the sound from the speakers will crumple the pages of your bible. Sweet!!!

When Satan Rules His World—-Again, the song shows the bands progression and ability in the studio. the song has a nice rhythm sound that is typical of modern day metal like classic Pantera. The vocal remains the one mainstay…sounding even more gutteral and possessed…you have to love this band.

Trick Or Betrayed—-With an appropriate scary soundbite to begin the song, you are once again beaten down by the heaviness of the music. I marvel at the vocal and wonder how glen can continue to sing like this, but he does….release after release….show after show. The drums on this track are monstrous…the guitar leads soar and the bass adds the necessary evil that rounds out the track. This is marvelous…pure brutality.

Behind The Light Thou Shall Rise—-With a really great sense of rhythm, the track has a certain groove that you fall into right away. The levels of sound are stacked upon stacks. The vocal is almost undistinguishable, as Benton begins his decline into the deeper belly of true Death/Grind Metal…this is fantastic!!!

Serpents Of The Light—-This song sounds really odd to me…it lacks any of the finesse that the band has displayed in the past and the result is abysmal. The vocal is good, but either this track is live or was recorded in a tunnel with no light or acoustics. The song improves as it continues but the deep bass sound is replaced by a cheap production that leaves the band sounding like a million other bands that pass through my fingers and remain forgotten.

Bastard Of Christ—-First you notice the title, then you notice the great rhythm qualities of the track, then you notice the beat down the drums take throughout the entire song. this is literally brilliant…a huge song full of movements and evil. Am I in heaven or hell?

Blame It On God—-Speed metal on speed……this is a blistering track that includes some nice shifts from line to line and serves to keep the track interesting. This is deeper and more evil than anything the band had released to this point. This is so like C.C., you can’t help but make comparisons. the main difference is the clarity of each instrument…this is wonderful…fantastic…..incredible!!!! The sentiment is not to be ignored, but to think about.

This Is Hell We’re In—-How can you not relate to the song….this sentiment crosses my mind everyday. The tone of the song is so deep and layered…you have to love it. the sound is coming at you from every single direction…this is remarkable…a literal noisefest of evil incarnate….thanks guys!!!!

Bible Basher—-Musically, this track is much clearer at the onset…as the track continues, the song becomes deeper and more stagnant…suffering from some of the boredom that continual listens to this music will give you. Only the varied tones of the overlayed vocal saves the song from monotony. This is good, but almost too much of a good thing.

Standing In The Flames—-A nice intro of high energy metal, the vocal enters the fray with a nice clear lyric that leads you to wonder how much of this is serious and how much is comical. This is great…the drums remain outstanding…the pace is superhuman and the delivery is ushered in with a nice taste of evil. Fantastic!!!

**** out of 5


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