Push Play/Found

Push Play are an American Rock Band from Long Island, NY. The band has developed a large following through social media outlets and little radio play. The début release, issued in 2008 spent 2 weeks in the Top 10 on I!Tunes. The follow up, Found, was issued in Sept. 2009.

Watch It Burn—-With a nice mix of Rock and a slight Electro edge, the band comes out the gate ready to rumble and appeal to the masses. the voice reminds me so much of Placebo, I looked twice at the CD cover. This is nice…the movements from refrain to chorus is painless and the talent is all over the song. This is nice…teen angst at it’s finest.

Midnight Romeo—-Again, the song is a nice mix of Spanish flavored guitar and Electro beats that are quiet until the chorus. The chorus is a huge grand affair full of emotion and angst…just as quickly the track ebbs into the quiet tones on the intro. this is nicely constructed. I like this.

Heart Attack—-This track has a more pop punk friendly atmosphere that is full of energy and sweet sing a long chorus’. The vocal has a bit of a sneer that seems to fit the band and the music is nicely paced on this one. Less electronics and much more in your face guitars….nice.

Taking It Back—-Returning once agin to the Electronic overtones, the song is typical adolescent fare that will appeal to MySpace kids all over the world. The short bursts of guitars meld nicely with the keyboards and the slight and occasional vocal manipulations add a little variety to the sound. Just enough of a differential to keep the song from becoming boring.

My Everything—-Another nice mix of electric and electronic, the song has a great solemn vibe. The voice is almost the same on every track, this lack of differential makes for a very long CD. Not bad, but this is way to consistent and predictable. Music for 14 year olds!!!

Covergirl—-This is NICE!!!! I love the energy of the song, the upfront guitars and drums that you can actually feel. The vocal is a lot more energized and the chorus is double tracked…giving it an even larger feel. this is really nice….best track on this release, a videographers dream come true.

This Is Us Breaking Up—-With a nice drum track, a slight Electronic feel and a classic Pop/Punk guitar, the song still leaves some breathing space for a vocal that is high energy. The content…oh the content….too juvenile and almost laughable…I guess we all went through these feelings when we were young…perhaps the raw nature causes me embarrassment….not bad, but out of my comfort zone.

See My Soul—-Much more sedate at the onset, the song does a nice job of slowly building to a climax that dissolves into a mess of adolescent love memories that are so far from my grasp. The musical chorus is AWESOME…I love the nice combination of Electronics and guitars….this works really well on this track.

Barely Legal—-With a slight acoustic feel to go with the Electronics, the song is fun and has a nice energy. the overlayed vocals, or band participation [?] adds depth and emotion to the song as well as a certain level of fun. This is great, but a bit monotonous.

Away, Away—-The vocal at the onset of the song has a nice whine that makes you think Warped Tour….LMAO!!! The sound of the band comes across as huge…the feel of the song is rampped up and full of energy. this is nice, but the release suffers FROM consistency at this point.

Where I Belong—-This is a nice tender ballad that seems to draw from classic sounds of the 70’s and the soaring Pop sounds of this day. The lyrics are juvenile as we hear phrases like friends, Senior Year and the urge to run off to California. This is a little passe’ for me, but I am sure the kids love it.

Start Again—-Full of an undeniable energy that is the result of great Electronics, the song has an odd vibe that really does not seem to match the vocal, but it is interesting enough to throw you off and keep you interested. The chorus explodes in a nice electric wall of sound that makes you instantly feel attracted to the song…like it or not. this is nice!!!

Midnight Romeo [Remix]—-This is fantastic…..combining all the elements of everything good about the band and turning it up a few notches….this helps you to forget the weaker elements of the track and embrace the band as one to watch in the future….just grow up guys…jeez!!!

*** out of 5


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