Leona Lewis/Best Kept Secret

Best Kept Secret is a CD of unreleased [although heavily circulated at this point] songs before her appearance and win on England’s X-Factor. Released 2 days after the release of her official début Spirit, Juno Records has since removed all of these songs from their website.

L.O.V.E. U.—-With a smooth beat and synth line that makes me think of 80’s R N’ B, Lewis delivers a vocal that is more reminiscent of Mariah then her now familiar tone. The song has a  nice slow and sexy groove but the outcome is predictable. Lewis did little to really set her self apart from the many other Divas circulating the charts. Nice, but unremarkable.

Dip Down—-With a nice intro that combines good Dance grooves with a smooth R N’ B flavor, the song slows for the vocal…the chorus is pretty damn catchy and could probably be a hit if released. The only complaint is the dated sound…this again reminds me of the very late 80’s and early 90’s dance.

Ready To Get Down—-With a nice spastic beat, the song again uses a male vocal in the backdrop to give the song some added layers. Lewis delivers a vocal that is very Urban in sound…you would never guess this was here by todays standards. This is nice but really it falls in the just acceptable range.

Private Party—-Seriously…..this is 90’s Carey without a doubt. Sometimes I look at the cover wondering if I am listening to the right release. This drips of sexy and has a slow seductive groove to match. Again, a male vocal shows up and makes the song even more entangled in sex and heat. This is nice…even though it is a throwback.

Joy—-This has a nice Timberland beat at the onset…the jerky synth line fits the vocal almost perfectly. This is slower and seductive at the same time has a danceable line that is irresistable. Nice.

Bad Boy—-Wow….this is pretty fantastic. The sound is predictable, but magical enough to really catch my attention. Primarily, the music is the key…the sound is fun and seductive..the vocal is passable but displays little of the emotion she is able to project. I love the backdrop of this song…it has a West Coast groove that you can not get out of your head.

I Can’t Say Hello—-From the onset, you feel the tropical groove that runs through the song. This is a pretty predictable joint, but the music again is the star. This is wonderful.

I’m So Into U—-Ahhhh….even more of that West Coast inspired beat. There is a nice auto-tune that runs through the song…before everybody was doing it. The vocals are great…there is a nice overlay that only adds to the levels of the song and the delivery. this is fantastic…almost classic in sound.

I Wanna Be That Girl—-Relying again on manufactured overplayed beats, the song has an almost 70’s inspired groove. The vocal is to manufactured…it comes off as generic and uninspired. This only goes to prove points about vocal coaches, engineers, producers and all the un-sung heroes that make songs really great.

Silly Girl—-Much more of a fun sound, the song sounds much more up to date and filled with the produced beats that would make the song a hit today. There is a male vocal, but it seems like Lewis is given a great vocal treatment on this song. The voice is really in the front of a simple and addictive beat. This is pretty great.

Private Party—-From the onset, the song has a hyper-kinetic beat that tells the tale. This is built for the dance floor and should be played at a very high volume. This is full of the style that has made Lewis huge…this could be a single and one wonders about the judgement of a record company that would not push this song.

*** out of 5


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