World Of Dance/Boxset Disc 1-3 [Rebound Records]

Disc Two: New Wave 80’s

Relax [Frankie Goes To Hollywood]—-One of the singles and videos that helped to define the 80’s, Relax rode the stream of media backlash to the top of the charts and beyond. Synth heavy but with a healthy dose of real instrumentation, the song has an overt sexuality that is undeniable…from the lyrics to the bass heavy pivoting sound that drives the song. This is ecstasy before E and sex filled fun when it was the rage! Fantastic!!!!

Venus [Bananarama]—-Never really a favorite band of mine, although the public seemed to adore the contagious synth and harmonies of this all girl group. This is a little too bubble gum for me….I love the synth line, but the syrup in the vocal is different and odd for me. Sorry!

Something About You [Level 42]—-A classic definition of the decade, I just happened to catch this really great video on VH1Classics this morning. Full of every sound that made the 80’s great in my mind, this is manufactured pop at its very best. The sound is warm yet somehow cold and distance. This remix adds some nice beats that pump up the song…this is great!!!!

She Blinded Me With Science [Thomas Dolby]—-A literal cyber genius, Dolby spends most of his time designing cellular software in the Silicon Valley these days and has made a KILLING doing it. Recently rediscovering a fondness for the industry, Dolby has begun touring and working on new material. This song and ensuing video literally defined the 80’s MTV….when they actually played music!!!. This is a great. all synth masterpiece of cold hard technology with a quirky voice put in for fun. Genius!!!

Shout [Tears For Fears]—-Seemingly coming from nowhere, the band managed to sell 10 million copies of this record with little effort. The band has reformed and is recording, albeit to a lesser degree in this day and age. The song combines a great synth sound, while incorporating instruments and an amazing sense of harmony and melody. This was a great video…especially with all the kids at the end singing along. A band at its peak creativity!!!

Let Me Go [Heaven 17]—-What do I know about this band…..Cradle Of Filth covered one of their songs……that is about it. The band was huge overseas and never really made much of an impact here in the States. This is unremarkable to me…it is almost a cheap attempt to repeat the sound of The Human League…the comparison is no where close enough to even consider. This is acceptable, but too predictable.

Vacation [Go-Go’s]—-One of my favorite tracks by this all girl group. The tone of the song inspires a happiness I rarely feel these days, and the video is a hoot. One of the most un-appreciated bands of the time, this band had not only talent but substance as well. This is fantastic!!!!!!

The Look Of Love [ABC]—-Easily winning the award for the most suave band of the decade, the sound of the band fit the image to a very skilful tee!!! This remix pumps the song up even more, giving it a nice masculine feel while still appealing to the masses. Martin Fry delivers a vocal that is so smooth and seductive, you want to melt. This is shiny, wonderful and polished!!! Classic POP!!!!

Obsession [Animotion]—-A true definition of a one hit wonder, this song came and went in a wink, in the meantime leaving a considerable dent on the pop chart. The video is just awful…I cringe everytime i see it. The song is defining in sound though and proved a great hit for the band that dropped from sight.

The Politics Of Dancing [Re-Flex]—-One of those bands that never really resonated with me…to me they were trying to capture the power of the League and Numan with little success. Obviously, the masses felt different than I, as this song landed comfortably in the top ten for WEEKS!!!!This is a great remixed version of the original though.

Tainted Love [Soft Cell]—-Another song that literally defines Gay Culture and the 80’s…before HIV and AIDS, this was a popper driven synth number that allowed you to go crazy on the dance floor with your leather buddies. This drips of excess and joy, impending doom and drama, fun and frolicking. A great example of excess and free spirit for the newest generation. This remix is GLAM!!!!

Come On Eileen [Dexy’s Midnight Runners]—-Another really fun song that delivered a magnificent blend of synth and Celtic sounds. The band delivered the song with even more frolicking fun in their dingy and dirty video. This is fantastic…I never tire of this…although the public really never bought and follow up in the States. Overseas, the band flourished and vocalist Kevin Rowlands does very well even now.

**** out of 5


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  1. I am 100% bookmarking this for the future.

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