Dio/Stand Up And Shout: The Anthology [Disc Two]

Disc Two:

Stand Up And Shout—-A Metal anthem if there ever were, this song incorporates that late 80’s Metal sound that every band was playing. This is fantastic though…Dio stands out as his voice is full on contempt and a gentle hoarseness. This is classic Dio….a lighter inspired Metal anthem that made arenas go crazy.

Holy Diver—-Capturing Ronnie at his commercial peak, this song clearly shows the return by Dio to his more medieval, Viking inspired tales of doom and metal mayhem. This song only gives you a slight insight as to the staying power of this man….he survived a lot…..Disco, Dance, Electronic, Grunge…..by staying true. Long live Ronnie!!!!

Don’t Talk To Strangers—-Beginning with a nice acoustic styled guitar, the vocal is literally a grand sweeping operatic intro that builds the song to the next level. The instruments slowly add themselves to the mix as the song grows larger and larger….eventually you are wrapped in a huge Metal anthem that has employed every trick in the book on one record…this is huge, masterful and a damn great song.

Straight Through The Heart—-Little can be said about this…this is straight up INSPIRED heavy metal. The vocal is at an all time high…the lyric is crystal clear and the rhythm of the song seems to make it huge. This is a great rocking anthem that still maintains a slight blues edge that Ronnie has always been fond of. This is great.

Rainbow In The Dark—-Perhaps the best known song by Dio, the band took a huge risk with the distinctive synth line in the song. This was a wonderful choice that only helped to change the face of Modern Metal. More bands experimented with the instrument and we have ended where we are today. Dio sings of odd things…demons, fear and darkness…just enough of an element to make us squirm. This is tremendous…a true classic in every sense of the word.

We Rock—-Another Dio classic that was written to make huge arena crowd crazy. This is recipe driven metal that still seems to work. the lyrics are not deep, the guitars are not outstanding…this was made to make you crazy in a live setting and it does its job 1000%.

The Last In Line—-Another huge song and instant classic from the solo catalog, this song was driven not only by great music but an interesting video as well. Dio is huge on screen…it is a shock to see his little person self live…yet he always manages to be larger than life. His vocal is so clear and the emotion is striking. The build up is fantastic….when the song lets loose, you are swept up in the glorious noise of it all. This is fantastic…loud, bombastic and delivered with an evil flair that hearkens back to the Sabbath days.

Egypt [The Chains Are On]—-Full of atmosphere and that mystical Dio flair, the song even incorporates sounds of the Egyptians. The song begins with a slow dirge that makes you think of the Sabbath line-up. The song could have been on any of those releases….even the vocal is reminiscent of days past. This is fantastic…Dio tells magical tales in 4 minutes or less in a wonderful way. This is Great!!!

King Of Rock And Roll—-Indeed….at one time Dio and his cohorts were the Kings. The legend has continued to reproduce his streak…just to a smaller audience. The sound of the track is full of  powerful and faster paced Metal as it is in a live setting. Not sure of the date, but I would say ’89 or so. This is a stellar high energy performance that has electricity running through it every step of the way. A wonderful moment caught in time.

Hungry For Heaven—-Dio proved that he still had more surprises in him as he delivered this almost main stream track. Synth driven with an almost pop flair, the guitars manage to keep the song grounded in the Metal community. This is a truly fantastic song…it is huge….everything about it is big….the riffs, the synths, the chorus. This is awe-inspiring. I love this song!!!!

Dream Evil—-A wonderful release that was largely ignored by people, this only proved to me that Metal was still alive and taking chances in a world that was changing from a musical standpoint. This track is full of the Dio imagery and lyrical adventure. The darkness is wonderfully conveyed vocally, while the music manages to sound fresh and driven. This was great…wish more had paid attention.

All The Fools Sailed Away—-One of my favorite tracks from this band, the energy is contagious. The intro is slow and sedate, but you know this band and realize the result will be magical. The vocal is so Sabbath…..the atmosphere is haunting…..the build up is excruciating….but worth the wait. When the song lets loose, it is a huge sweeping tour de’ force that reminds you how fantastic this band is. The track is full of mood swings and great metal…do not miss this!!!!

Lock Up The Wolves—-Could any song title be more Dio inspired? The imagery alone makes it a classic…the build up to the song is almost maddening…….the result is a wonderful quench of thirst and an immediate satisfaction. Getting there is half the fun…this is more deep than even classic Sabbath. This is heavy dirge that makes you head heavy and your neck hurt. This is literally fantastic….kick out the jams Mother Fucker!!!!

Strange Highways—-Full of atmosphere and mood, Dio enters the fray with a mystical vocal that makes you actually realize how it feels to lose your mind. This is lyrically more vivid than anything I can remember. The bass is so deep and thick, you again think of Sabbath and wonder why he ever left the band. This is classic Dio era Sabbath although called something else. This was a clear precursor to the future, although it would take sometime to bring everything back together. Be well Ronnie…the Metal World needs you….fight back….hard!!!!

****3/4 out of 5


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