Midlake/The Courage Of Others

Midlake are an American Rock Band from Denton, Texas. Formed in 1999, it would be 2004 before the public heard the band’s demo release. The Courage Of Others is the bands 3rd full length release and was issued in February, 2010.

Acts Of Man—-From the first strains of the song, you realize the serious nature of this masterpiece. The vocals are sublime, beautiful and wonderfully layered. The flute is the most important part of this song. The guitar is almost acoustic and the drums are the only real movement through the track. This is beautiful modern-day Folk music.

Winter Dies—-Beginning smoky and serious, the song develops into a huge opus dripping with the sweat of uncomfortable emotions. This song is tedious and a journey…the trip will make you peer into yourself and ask questions….the best Jethro Tull has sounded in years!!!

Small Mountains—-The flute introduction if fantastic…the Pink Floyd mood strikes you at a musical angle…the vocal is a sedentary Low inspired carnation that lets you hear every word and concern. This is remarkable…revealing and bare, the voice holds its own even in its nakedness. Wonderful!

Core Of Nature—-With the gentle guitar introduction befitting a Children’s Lullaby, this song rarely rises above a level that would disturb anyone. This is remarkale…I’m not sure if there are two vocalists or if the harmonic overlays are that good. This is a beautiful…thought provoking and serious masterpiece. Wow!!!

Fortune—-With wonderful Simon & Garfunkel inspired chords, the song is stripped bare and relies on its simple melody. These voices come together and create a landscape that is so pure and seamless…this is brilliant!!!! Damn…..!!! This is almost better than Low to me!!!!

Rulers, Ruling All Things—-This offers up an almost predictable sound from the onset…the vocals again are majestically displayed. The drums are so controlled and the guitars only become electric when called upon. The chorus is a nice electric affair that dissolves into a deeper acoustic sound. This is nice but….I’m not sure!!! The flute is magnificent…adding emotion and purity. Nice,,,that’s what I mean!!!

Children Of The Grounds—-With another wonderful acoustic guitar melding with a flute, the drums kick up the energy of the song a bit more than usual. The voice is exquisite….I could not ask for more…the music is given a nice spotlight and the band delivers an almost Alternative Jazz sound that is new and refreshing to me. This is fantastic!!!!!

Bring Down—-With an acoustic almost Middle Eastern styled introduction, the song keeps a certain aspect of that sound throughout. The male and female blend of vocals is the best I have heard since falling in love with Low! This is fantastic, wonderful, moving and a lesson!!!! Wow!!!

The Horn—-Coming in on one headphone with an energy not felt thus far, the cymbals and high hats continue the feel. They seem to rise above and drive the vocal to even greater resonance. This is masterfully done…the voice remains remarkably sedate over the tin of the louder more psychedelic music…wow…again people….I’m telling you….song placement is a key to success.

The Courage Of Others—-Stripped bare, this title track sums up the entire introspective and intense feel of the release. The flute is wonderfully harmonic and a base for the song…this is fantastically sedate and crushingly depressing. You could never ask for more from a band….is this the new SloCore??? I freakin’ love it!!!

In The Ground—-The flute and the acoustic trade with each other to deliver a song that will stay with you for sometime….already though, I thirst for more. The beautiful soaring flute with the gentle march of the drum creates a beauty that will make me investigate more Progressive Folk than before. This is a fantastic close to a stupendous, striking, emotional record.

***** out of 5 [PERFECT!]


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