Fear Factory/Mechanize

Mechanize is the 7th studio release from Alternative Metal giants Fear Factory. This is the first release to feature Gene Holgan [Strapping Young Lad] on drums and marks the return of founding member/guitarist Dino Cazares. This is his first involvement since the release of Digimortal. Mechanize is the first new release since 2005. It was released in February 2010.

Mechanize—-Beginning in the usual fanfare of Industrial sounds, the band opens up the song and lets you know that they are back in a big way. This is aggressive, the drums are outstanding!!! The pace of the drumming raises the band to a whole new level….the vocal delivery is dependable and predictable. Magnificent…if you want pissed and angry and throttled….this is for you. The clean vocals are just classic….really loving this .

Industrial Discipline—-First off….an A for the title of the song alone….this title describes the band for me to a tee. Again, the drums are amazing…propelling the song even faster than it wants to be. the vocal is straight forward and really reminds of Chimiera….only the stellar clean vocals make the band really stand out for me. The instrumental portions of the song are all drum driven and backed up by a huge wall of guitars.

Fear Campaign—-With lots of atmosphere and a spoken word intro, the song erupts built on soaring guitars…a really nice lead…huge drums and a scream that is just classic. The staccato beats of the band are like war machine guns….the anger is real…that is what I love about this band…it is never contrived and they never give less than 100%!!!

Powershifter—-Again, the machine gun styled blast that introduce the song are huge…the blasts come slower but with just as much intensity as it progresses. The band has a renewed sense of power and the vocals are brutal and raw. The clean voice is full of the melody of the track and rounds it out. This would stand next to any of the songs from the bands vast catalog. Great!

Christplotation—-This is dense, almost orchestrated thanks to some great keyboards and driven by a drum delivery that speaks of the new energy in the band. This is aggressive Industrialized Metal that I have ached for. The vocal is fantastic and the lyrics bear paying attention too. The keyboards surface throughout the song and I just think it adds so much more dimension….awesome!!!

Oxidizer—-Playing nicely between your headphones, the song travels back and forth and again you hear the strains of the keyboards. The vocal is a straight on assault….the music attempts to keep pace with the anger and the delivery. The best thing next to Hatebreed I have found…the intermittent clean vocal only adds to my attraction to this band.

Controlled Demolition—-The song comes out at you with a building intensity that literally smacks you in the forehead. The vocal enters the fray with a style that allows you to really hear the tirade of Bell…this is a song that really bears listening to…this band has always had a sense of responsibility to things going on around them. This is a great example. A really great song.

Designing The Enemy—-More somber and beginning with a melodic clean vocal, the song is bass heavy and really in your face drums. This is remarkable…the song seems to sway between a somber mood and intensity seamlessly and with little effort. This is fantastic…I love the melody of this song…when the clear vocal some in it is just beautiful…this is magnificent. The Masters Return!!!

Metallic Division—-A return to the incredible drum lead beginning and pacing the song, the new direction of the band is intense. This track, for me, takes a little too long to really get going but I love all the industrialized sounds swimming through the backdrop. This is obviously meant to put a spotlight on new and returning band members.

Final Exit—-Beginning with a morose and serious spoken intro, the song quotes some from the author of the book Final Exit…which aids in the commission of suicide. The vocal is clear and serene…the message is very intense. This is a pretty heavy song…the idea, the concept, the practise…it all overwhelms me.

**** 3/4 out of 5


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