Satyricon/Nemesis Divina

Nemesis Divina is the 3rd studio release from Norwegian Black Metal band Satyricon. Released in 1996, this release finds the band in its initial purist stage…before they became more industrialized and machine oriented. This release also feature the fan favorite Mother North.

The Conquering

Part I: The Dawn Of A New Age—-from the onset, you notice…especially if you were a late comer to the band like I was…how much the current Satyricon differs from this Satyricon. This is darker, faster, and appeals to the mass of purists everywhere. As always, the drums are super human and the star of the show next to the vocal. The vocal seems to come from the pits of hell and the act seems very real to my ears. This is the band that i love….less machines and noise and more soul pounding Black Metal….Exquisite!!!

Part II: Forhehset—-This is just classic in sound….one wonders how the sound of the band managed to change so dramatically. Even though you can not understand a single word of the song, all the atmosphere and mood tells you everything you need to know. The vocal is deeper and seems more maniacal…the orchestration is elevating and the mood shifts keep the track fresh. The wall of sound created by this band is so intense at times, i remove the headphones for a respite. Beautiful…just what I needed today.

Part III: Mother North—-Still a mainstay in the live Satyricon set, this song has long been a favorite of many a Satyricon fan. the layers of music and the orchestration add a cold, numbing feel to the music that puts you dead center on a haunted glacier. the vocal is absolutely fantastic…this is a band at, in my opinion, the height of its career. This is masterful Black Metal…it delivers in everyway…I have huge goosebumps even as I type. Brilliant!!!

Part IV: Du Som Hater Gud—-With a surprising electric feel to the guitar, the song is much more lighter in tone than many on this release. These drums are hyper real…driving the vocal to an even more maddening pace. The song down shifts and the deeper tones take over…this is a classic Black Metal dirge that shines….despite the darkness of the track. The energy is real and the mood changes often, leaving you to wonder what is next. Awesome!!! When the keyboard enters the fray it adds just the needed atmosphere….I’m in LOVE!!!!

Part V: Immortality Passion—-Ushered in with a flourish of keyboards, the song erupts in a few seconds into yet another classic barrage of cold Ice and Wind. The ability to convey these feelings to record is awesome and the band has not let me down. The twist of the band into a new sound is now understood by me…this is classic just like early Cradle or Dimmu…all of these bands are content at first and steer their sound to appeal to the masses and in turn alienate listeners. This is the true stuff, the real deal, the black of black. Love This!!!

Part VI: Nemesis Divina—-With barely a breath between songs, this begins right out of the gate with a vomit of vocal that is indiscernible…thank you lyric sheet. I can tell you that the keyboards, combined with the soaring lead and the crazy drums keep your emotions frozen and black….wonderful!!! This is a true art and this band was able to do it very well…one wishes they would take a few steps back.

Part VII: Transcendental Requiem Of Slaves—-With a nice melodic lead in the intro, the song is pleasant and accessible even to average Metal fans. The guitars are phenomenal on this track, taking you to a nice place and then leaving you wondering what is going on as it fades to nothingness….a gentle sound emerges from the silence and your mind is twisted and confused….you have lots of machine oriented noise before the hell returns to shatter your headphones…this is powerful, cold, stark and intimate at the same time. A grand opus that ends far to soon….off to search for the first two releases from this band to complete my collection.

****3/4 out of 5


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