Angels & Airwaves/Love

Love is the third studio release from ‘supergroup’ Angels & Airwaves. Love was officially released on Valentine’s Day [Feb. 14, 2010] and is available as a free download on the band’s website. The band claims this is possible due to ‘corporate underwriting’. A major tour is slowly being announced with dates going well into the summer months of 2010.

Et Duceit Mondum Per Luce—-With typical fanfare and as a predictable method of operation, the band sets the tone of the release with a grand sweeping instrumental that is designed to inspire anticipation and swooning…it does this with little problem….as we prepare for…

The Flight Of Apollo—-The song melds directly from the previous…the level of atmosphere is strong….the vocal enters the song…a bit pushed back but sounding so damn welcome I just want to cry. This is a wonderful continuation of a magnificent band….the guitars enter and the song takes on a more mainstream sound…not as eerie. The voice is so welcome….this is full of vivid images and words that are meant to inspire and make you think. I LOVE THIS BAND!!!! April 27th….Detroit….see you there!!!

Young London—-What surprises me most about this release is the return to a much more prominent guitar sound…the previous two releases were much more keyboards and swirls….what always impresses me is the incredible depth and feeling of the lyrics…who knew Tom could be so intense. These past three releases have made me practically fall in love with this dude…whiney voice or not…the thoughts, emotions and great ideas of the way humankind should live are remarkable. This is fantastic. Towards the end of the song, the guitars drop from sight and the song becomes a swirling masterpiece of atmosphere and introspection with a simple keyboard sound that carries the melody of the original song that magically changes into…

Shove—-This is a great track…playing as if it could have been on either of the two earlier releases, the quality of this track is that it is much more predictable. This is nice…a grand combination of electrics and electronics that create a wonderful wavy landscape of emotion. I swoon!!!! Tom is not so much singing as he is almost talking through most of the song…believe me…this is much more real and effective than the whine he is known for. The chorus will wake you in the me…you will hear this song for hours.

Epic Holiday—-Huge sweeping lines fill the song with clouds and a hazy sun….you think of summer and warmth and NO SNOW!!! The ability of this band to fill me with this little glimmer of hope and slight ray of sun is amazing. The song has a musical edge of hope and laughter…fun and friendship…a slight elation. The vocal is classic…this is Tom as he is now….new Blink is going to be interesting. This song will play live in a huge, huge way.

Hallucinations—-I read that the video for this song is going to be released within the next few days, so I assume this must be the choice for the first single. From the onset, the song is pretty dark in sound….lots of synth lines and swirls. The instruments are pretty difficult to pick out at this point for me….the song builds into a huge wave as the guitars enter the fray and crash you to the shore. The wall of sound is awesome…this is a modern-day anthem of the greatest accord. This is great…..fantastic…..a great single choice.

The Moon [Atomic]—-With a nice guitar lead in, the drums take on a huge Queen sound and the keyboards create the swirl that is required for the bands ‘atmosphere’. This is a pretty damn fantastic song…the words are simple but intense, the chorus is that kind of pot sticking meal that wont leave you for a while. This is my favorite track on this release…it combines literally everything that I love about this band.

Clever Love—-With little introduction before the vocal enters the song, we are once again treated to a rather predictable AVA love song. The thing that makes this so damn special is the voice….when Tom opens up with the chorus….you want to rush the next morose verse to get to the grand sound. This is nice…unforgettable for the chorus.

Soul Survivor [….2012]—-With a wonderful synth line running through the songs that reminds me of 80’s Euro-Trash, the song is rather sedate despite this….we get nice huge bursts of guitars and a huge rush of drum and the song finally opens up. This is a grand landscape of storytelling for Tom…he writes lyrics that are vivid and crystal clear…this is remarkable. A modern-day Anthem!

Letters To God Pt. II—-Sparkly and shiny, the tone of this track seems much brighter and is more rock-based. this plays well and goes back to my argument about song placement. This is like the sun coming out of the tunnel…the beginning of this was rather aggressive, the middle rather morose and introspective and the tail end leading into the sunshine through it all. That a band can do this with ten songs is pretty incredible to me…tom is fairly brilliant and the rest of the band ain’t damn bad either. This is excellent.

Some Origins Of Fire—-And….the sun shines!!!! The intro is poppy and almost bubbly…the guitars are huge and bright. The drums get louder and louder. The grass grows, the birds return and life is wonderful for a short time. The sound of this reminds me of all those things…this is really remarkable. I almost hate for this to end…I only look towards the end so I can tell even more people how great this is. You must hear this band….REMARKABLE!!!

***** out of 5!!!


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