Susan Boyle/I Dreamed A Dream

Susan Boyle is a Scottish singer that came to international public attention after her appearance on the British reality TV talent show Britain’s Got Talent. Boyle released her debut CD in November 2009 and quickly broke all debut sales records within the first week. Her video from television enjoyed 100 million hits, while her debut release became the biggest selling record in the world for 2009.

Wild Horses—-A very quiet version of the Richards/Jagger composition is heavily orchestrated and delivered with a tenderness that is soothing and relaxed. Released as the first single from this release, it placed in the top ten in 9 countries and is a brilliant display of Boyle’s pure and unadulterated voice.

I Dreamed A Dream—-The song that started the entire Boyle revolution, this recording is classic in sound and much more polished than her TV version. As hard as I try not to like this CD, it screams at me…it is a miraculous beautiful recording. You will not be disappointed. The most remarkable thing is the purity of the voice, although at times with all of the orchestration you feel as if you are listening to a Broadway soundtrack. Not a bad thing though.

Cry Me A River—-From the onset, the song is lush and filled with the slow and breezy sound of a smoky jazz club that is full of mournful singles with nowhere to go, crying at a steady stream into their whisky. The drums are a nice touch with that gentle wisp of sound of the cymbals. The track seems to have a full orchestra driving the song…Boyle sounds natural and comfortable. This is nice!!!

How Great Thou Art—-Probably one of my favorite religious based songs, this rendition is full of beauty and awe. Boyle delivers her vocal in a higher tone and barely sounds like herself. The music swells and there is a slight vocal overlay that gives the track depth and added beauty. This is remarkable and full of beauty.

You’ll See—-Boyle takes this Madonna track and claims it for herself. The delivery is intense and so believable you will lay in a heap on the floor afterwards. The orchestration swells with the chorus, and a gentle guitar keeps the track in line. This is remarkable…my favorite track on this release, this borders on brilliance!

Daydream Believer—-This is a classic Monkee’s song that I’m not sure anyone should touch, but again Boyle puts her own spin on the track and gives it a brand new feel. The song is mainly piano driven and much more sedate, giving the song a feel and emotion that is entirely different from the original. This is remarkably simple, but manages to come off in a really great way.

Up To The Mountain—-Introduced with a nice ‘electric’ piano, this is a bit out of Boyle’s comfort zone, but she rallies like a champ and delivers a great rendition. The song has a nice blues flavor that is only made deeper by the keyboard. Boyle sings in such a convincing voice, you can not help but be sucked in by her magnificent delivery. The choir of voices behind her beef up the song and turn it into a modern-day Gospel….great!!

Amazing Grace—-Spiritual music is obviously Boyle’s forte’ and this is not a disappointment to the AOR crowd. This is tender, real and full of true emotion…as it was intended to be sung. Very nice!

Who I Was Born To Be—-With a huge simple piano, the voice is even stronger and more pure than can be imagined. Susan sings songs that she can relate to and that help her define herself. This is remarkable…her alto range is limited, but more than does the job necessary to raise the hairs on your arms. This is beautifully delivered and wonderfully produced.

Proud—-Remarkably simple, the lyrics seem to fit the story of Boyle without a doubt. the range of her vocal varies a great deal more….the song is tender but strong. Full of emotion and a true feeling that you will not be able to escape. This is wonderful. A brilliant choice by the producers of this release.

The End Of The World—-Wow…..I have not heard this song in like a million years…..remarkable….full of memories and an awe-inspiring tender vocal. The music is simple…the guitar is understated but give the song all of the structure that the voice needs. This is wonderfully done!!!

Silent Night—-What can you say about such a classic Yuletide track…added on to coincide with the time of release, Boyle again delivers the song in a predictable and expected way…just what we asked for.

**** out of 5


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