Pete Yorn/Scarlett Johansen Break-Up

Pete and Scarlett have both talked about a collaborative recording since 2006. Finally in 2009,l Johansen recorded all of her vocal parts in two afternoon sessions and Break-Up materialized. Based on vocal harmonies and emotion, the CD was released in Sept. 2009. Ellen DeGeneres declared on her syndicated show that this was one of the best releases of 2009.

Relate—-With a fun Alternative/Country feel to the music, you do not realize the true beauty of this music until the two stars join their voices together. As separate entities, the delivery is acceptable Wilco style Country…whe the two voices join together, you are transported to a different plain. This is magnificent…on Ellen, this was incredible!!!

Wear And Tear—-This is laid back and reminiscent of Country Blues. Yorn takes the spotlight, but the chorus is a nice blend that takes Low and Indigo Girls beyond the level they established. Wonderful!!

I Don’t Know What To Do—-Yorn takes the opening spotlight…Johansen takes the second verse and the song becomes this huge modern Country duet. The violins are everywhere, the gentle strumming of the guitar lures you and the breezy feel of the song almost makes you ignore the slight and irritating falsetto of Yorn. When these two meet together…it is magic!!!

Search Your Heart—-With a dirty Country/Blues feel, the song slows for the refrain and verse….the mood is still full of that laid back hills Blues/Country. When Scarlett is ‘allowed’ to sing, it is only to a magical effect. This is the genre she should concentrate on…a great male vocalist to blend and harmonize could give this actress a brand new larger career.

Blackie’s Denial—-What begins as the Yorn show, give a bit of ground to Scarlett. This is wonderfully harmonized, but at a miniscule level…perhaps that is the attraction. you know the other voice is there, yet it remains unobtrusive and comfortable…this just might be genius!

I Am The Cosmos—-Sounding like a huge late 80’s rendition of the melding of Echo and Siobhan, the song takes you through twist and turns. You are so happy that finally Scarlett is given a chance to sing and it resounds off the speakers. this is wonderfully ethereal and funeral….a majestic display of emotion.

Shampoo—-A wonderful display of how the gentle and subtle harmonies of these two come together and create a moment that will live in your life forever. This is magical…the gentle voices and the fun instrumentation create a campfire mentality that makes you smile and think of better times. Even though…this is not a ‘happy’ song.

Clean—-Reminding me so much of the mood of ‘modern’ time Low, this is sedate, somber and intricate. Scarlett starts off and this time bolsters the voice of Yorn…this is damn near perfect. The title of the song, the lyric and the delivery is …….clean. Seriously…..this is perfect.

Someday—-This has a magnificent Alt/Country feel to it that is better than anything Wilco has done in the last few years. This is so steeped in sadness and atmosphere, it ranks up with the most sedate Joy Division. the depth of the layers of music and the vocal delivery of Yorn will leave you weeping on the floor. The few strains of Scarlett’s voice only adds to the melancholy. This is almost life changing….yeah ELLEN!!!!

***** out of 5


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