Filter/The Very Best Things [1995-2008]

The Very Best Things is a greatest hits compilation from American Industrial Rock Band Filter. Released in March 2009, this release contains songs from the bands 4 studio releases as well as 4 songs from soundtracks.

Hey Man Nice Shot [from Short Bus]—-This, the very first single from the band was much more aggressive and in your face then the later material. There remains an element of black humor and an overwhelming powerhouse chorus. The song revolves around the Pennsylvania official who shot himself in the head at a public news conference. The music is aggressive and driving, the vocal sometimes manipulated to the best of degrees. A classic song that is still very listenable today.

Welcome To The Fold [from Title Of Record]—-From the bands second, and my personal favorite release, the song is probably the most aggressive and straight on metal of the entire release. The guitars create a nice wall of noise while Patrick delivers a clear machine free vocal that is rough and industrial edged until the chorus brings in the most damn pleasant clean voice you have ever heard. This is a nice mix and was the beginning of a new sound for the band as they attempted a crossover to mainstream rock. This is still fantastic!!!

Jurristol [from The Crow: City Of Angels]—-This is decidedly dark and full of heavy bass guitars, spastic drums and an increasing machine hum in the backdrop that deters you from the lackluster performance. The chorus is Alice In Chains inspired, but for me the track is flat and lifeless.

[Can’t You] Trip Like I Do w/The Crystal Method [from Spawn: The Album]—-This soundtrack was full of the most unlikely duo’s and this turned out to be the sleeper hit of the entire thing. This combines a rough noisy electronic backdrop with a vocal that is both aggressive and trippy. This is remarkable…when the chorus really hits and you here the full power of the voice you will fall in love. This is great!!!

Take A Picture [from Title Of Record]—-Perhaps the highpoint of the band’s recording career thus far, I even have hard-core dance remixes of this track. This was a sales and chart peak for the band and you listen in awe. The song is literally amazing and has held its age so well, you feel like you heard it for the first time last week. You might even listen to it twice!!!! With a nice acoustic intro that really just becomes electric acoustic, the voice is so clear and pained that you melt…wonderful!!!

Soldiers Of Misfortune [from Anthems For The Damned]—-Even more mainstream than the previous track, this is a mundane and seemingly uninspired track that is trying to fit in the Modern Rock world. The aggression and passion seems misplaced and the song sounds like a throwaway U2 track.

Where Do We Go From Here [from The Amalgamet]—-Wonderfully sliding between the beginnings of the band and the development of the band, this is a wonderfully acoustic style recording that comes alive at the chorus with aggression and a tortured vocal. This is fantastic….Patrick cannot only holler, he can blend and deliver a melody with the best of them.

Dose [from Short Bus]—-Returning to the first release and putting this right smack dab in the middle of everything was brilliant…this is great placement. The voice is manipulated and tortured, the guitars are walls of gentle feedback that wakes you from the dull sound of the mundane day. This is fantastic!!!

I’m Not The Only One [from Title Of Record]—-still one of my favorite releases of the latter 90’s, this record is one I return to again and again when I need a little rougher introspection. This vocal begins in a wonderful melodic form that also allows a gentle manipulated hum and soft high hats from the drums. Gradually the song comes from the edges, but still remains distant and intense in the feel of the music. This is wonderful….when the song really comes alive at the 3 minute mark, the drums and guitars become more prominent until they finally become the stars of the show…..the song ends in a wonderful noisy way that still maintains the melody you had at the very onset!

Skinny [from Title Of Record]—-More of the previous song, the main difference is the gentleness and beauty of the voice. The song shows promise as more and more sounds are introduced…the chorus is a nice dark aggression. The song content is intense and inspiring!!!! This is remarkable….a fantastic metamorphosis.

One [from X-Files: Fight For The Future]—-A fantastic rendition of the Three Dog Night classic, the song is even more moody than the original. The backdrop is dark and layered with electronic sounds and a constant kick drum. the vocals are literally overlayed and play really well. The chorus comes alive in a sound that is so reminiscent of the Filter of old…the aggression and putrid emotion that emerges in incredible!!! Awesome.

The Best Things [from Title Of Record]—-My favorite track from this CD, the sound is more Electronic and aggressive. The voice seems to be wearing a slight manipulation, making it seem a little cloudy. The pace of the song is fantastic and the chorus is a huge self-deprecating ode that makes you sit back and say….oh!  Fantastic!

The Only Way [Is The Right Way] [from The Amalgamet]—-With an almost jangly guitar sound and a vocal that seems pitched to high, this is not a favorite. The wonderfully constructed chorus saves the song from my own personal oblivion. Nice at points, but a little too far from the originality of the band for me…..sorry.

Thanks Bro [from Songs In The Key Of X: The Television Series Soundtrack]—-Ugh!!!

*** 1/2 out of 5


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