Type O Negative/World Coming Down

9th studio release from the Brooklyn based Goth Metal Champions. Released in 1999, this release sees the band exploring topics such as cocaine addiction, soul selling to Lucifer and the personal painful emotions experienced due to death. This also features the second release where all Drum parts are machine generated.

Skip It—-The typical odd intro from the black humor kings, this is silly, odd and wonderfully fun during its entire 11 seconds.

White Slavery—-An ode to the addiction of Cocaine, one would expect the opposite from this band with a title like this, but it is true and in form. The deep riffs are even more monstrous than you could imagine…the manufactured drum parts sparse but remarkably important. The vocal from Steele is even more drug out and morose than ever…like coming through the coke induced fog. This is classic…moody, with great shifts in musical sound and the constant comfortable bass of Steele. When Pete sings in his upper, lower register, the result is ghostly and beautiful. Fantastic.

Sinus—-A very odd little 50 second soundbite that means nothing at all…classic!!! You clearly hear the sniffing and snorting going on in the soundbite…I guess this was the band’s ‘snowy’ periods.

Everyone I Love Is Dead—-A classic and never tiring single from the band, this version begins a little more electric than most versions, but it still works wonderfully at any rate. The voice is remarkable…the sentiment is the tale of loss and the inevitable loss that you experience when you care. This is one of my favorite tracks from the band…it is real, true and remarkably honest. The electricity is dynamic and I still shake my head in awe thinking the drums are not real. This is fantastic!!!!

Who Will Save The Sane?—-With a remarkable funky intro, the song does not take long to find a comfortable doom filled nitch that will please the new generation ‘dead’ heads. This is darker and heavier than anything that the proper ‘goth movement’ ever dreamt up back in the day. This is classic TON…the dirge, the morosely and the feeling of impending disaster shines through.

Liver—-At a bit over a minute and a half, this composition…written by Josh Silvers [surprise]…..this is as odd as anything Steele could dream up. This is just rather….bizarre.

World Coming Down—-Clocking in at almost 12:00 minutes, I was privileged to hear a live version of this during the ‘Dead Again’ tour. The intro is spectacular and disturbing…the deep, deep trademark sound of the band does not take long to establish itself. The vocal is so damn pleasant, it takes you a moment that it might be disturbing that you like it so much. This track is full of ultra, mega mood swings…never steering far from the deep bass guitar and vocal of Steele. This is a missing piece for me and I am so glad to finally have a copy…thanks E-Music!!!!

Creepy Green Light—-Wonderfully atmospheric and moody, the bass sound of the song takes a few moments to rear its head…instead the vocal is a moderate toned Steele sounding almost maniacal in his normality. The band kicks in and you again shake your head…wondering how this can not be real drums playing. the bass guitar is dense and full….you just groove with the track but you wonder if this is to close to the band’s song ‘Green Man’….hmmmmmm.

Everything Dies—-One of the top 20 songs I cannot live without, I fell in love with this the very first time I heard it. I’m not even sure why? This is just a well constructed, darkly emotional track that chills me everytime I hear it…because it speaks honestly and brutally truthful. This is remarkable…I would love to find a really great video for this track.

Lung—-Another odd minute and a half interlude that further displays the bands sense of humor and self depreciating values. This is again drug based and electric…..the rush of the drug is magnificent…..silly…….bizarre…disturbing……TON.

Pyretta Blaze—-Blasting through walls of fog, this enters the fray with the full throttle feel of the band. The drums are magnificently machine generated, the bass of Steele is monstrous and the vocal is pained and delivered with just enough human emotion to make you really believe the story. This is magnificent….a huge opus that pleases me a great deal.

All Hallow’s Eve—-Beginning with a nice funeral march, the bass guitar leads the structure of the song. Steele open his mouth and manages to sound even more dead than usual. Danzig, Smith, Gahan, Hussey…..they have nothing on this guy. This is remarkable, dark Spooky Kid meanderings. Fantastic!

Day Tripper—-This is remarkably bizarre and wonderfully delivered at the same time. The wall of sound that the band creates on this track is incredible…the vocal matches the basic melody of the song in a masterful way. This is remarkable. I love this!!!!

**** out of 5


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