History Of The JAMS aka The Timelords

Released in 1988, this CD was groundbreaking not only for the Brits, but for the Sampling Industry as a whole. Containing one of the most famous of the groups songs, Doctorin The Tardis, it is widely rumored that this release was recalled by the record company under the threat of lawsuits because of the heavy sampling on the album..all of which were uncleared and illegal. I’m pleased to have a copy of this and still enjoy the energy and innovation today.

All You Need Is Love—-Contains a magnificent sample from The Beatles as well as numerous irritating little sounds, the song is ushered in by the ‘Kick Out The Jams Mother Fucker’ familiar to all of us alive in the 70’s. The song continues to explore the art of sampling bu including Samantha Fox, Issac Hayes and misc. artists to create a huge landscape that was an ode to the growing and alarming spread of the HIV virus.

Don’t Take Five—-Continuing in the masterful ability of mixing samples with modern-day sounds, the band delivers a great quasi-accent heavy rap that at first listen is crap…but the remarkable ability of the song to grow on you is masterful. The song in beds in your cerebellum and continues to sing your words as you go about your day. The overall production leads to an old school sound that is full of jazz samples and record scratching that will have you screaming with joy before to long. This is remarkable. The Brits are musical masterminds!!!

Whitney Joins The JAMS—-It amazes me that this group even thought for a moment that they would get away with such a blatant sample when they recorded this…of course, that may have very well been the point. This is remarkable just for its energy alone and the ability to pick the best parts of Houston’s vocal and include it. The song also samples Hayes and delivers a one-two punch that still sounds amazingly fresh in 2010!!!! Magnificent!!!

Porpoise Song—-Remarkably bass heavy with a healthy dose of Electronic atmosphere, the song takes a bit of time to fully establish itself. for the most part, this is a dance floor filler that is full of energy and feel good synths that will keep you moving through the duration of the song. the samples are so numerous on this track it is almost impossible to site then all, I just encourage you to find a copy of this and allow yourself to get lost in the simple irresistable flow of the song. Wonderful!!!

Downtown—-The very foundation of the song remains built on the classic song by Petula Clark. This is very English in sound and literally transforms the song into a huge Rave romp that just leaves you elated. The nice mix of the classic elements of the original song, mixed with a Gospel edge will elate you and fill you with hope and put a huge smile on your face. Few bands have ever captured the simple joy of music like this…remarkable.

Candy Man—-Full of old school style Rap beats, the song comes across as much more aggressive and contains some Hendrix samples believe it or not. The vocal is so heavy in accent and brogue, you find yourself much more attracted to the simple yet complicated mix of music that runs through the song. This is a huge glorious mish mash of samples that has something for everyone. Don’t miss the great Public Enemy samples also!!!

Burn The Beat—-Ok…this has lots of familiar sounds in it, but I have neither the time nor energy to try to decipher the whole thing. The overall feel of the song is full of euphoric beats and piano heavy synths that suck you in right from the start. This is wonderfully constructed, producing a huge wall of sound that is almost maddening. What a freakin’ blast!!!!

Doctorin’ The Tardis—-A huge cult classic hit in the UK, the song relies heavily on the fascination the Brits have with Dr. Who and all of that stuff I never found so very appealing. Featuring the stolen riff from Gary Gltter’s Rock N’ Roll, the song is built on that entire foundation. The entire thing is rather tiresome for me…I never liked the Glitter version of the song and this only further irritates me. This is acceptable and a huge phenomena for the group, but I guess I lack the English sensibility to understand the entire thing! Sorry.

Gary In The Tardis—-This is just more of the same and not really necessary…..ugh!!! It just escapes me…..

***1/2 out of 5


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