Paper Tongues/Paper Tongues

Paper Tongues are an American rock band from Charlotte, North Carolina. The band consists of Aswan North (lead vocals), Devin Forbes (guitar), Joey Signa (guitar), Daniel Santell (bass guitar), Jordan Hardee (drums), Clayton Simon (synthesizer keys), and Cody Blackler (rhode keys).[1] Their sound is described as fusing rock n’ roll melodies with hip hop beats, and includes elements of rock, funk, rap, and soul.[2] Their debut album was released on March 30th, 2010.[3

Trinity—-From the onset, this is a pretty nice sounding and accessible band. The vocal has a slight edge to it and the music has elements of bass heavy Hip Hop evident, but it is all done with a fresh and electric angle. The chorus is so damn catchy and during it the voice loses any irritation. The entire band seems to handle parts of the vocal and it is great to hear a band functioning as a BAND!!! This is really nice.

For The People—-I have been trying to place the familiar sound of the voice through my first initial listen to this release and slowly I realize that the voice has a strong resemblance to The Cult’s Ian Astbury. The chorus of this song is so damn catchy and almost irresistable. I think this might really play well in the very near future…the song has an excellent summer vibe to it. This is fantastic…my radar is really blinking on this one.

Ride To California—-With some odd electronic musings at the onset, this emerges as a yelling kind of rap song…when the rest of the band joins in on the vocals, the song turns into a great party anthem that may very well be blasting as the summer months slowly emerge from this harsh cold winter. This is bright, sunny and sounds better with beer. Excellent.

Get Higher—-Suffering from a bit of ‘sameness’ at first, the song emerges like a caterpillar from a cocoon and takes on a beautiful life with a wonderful melody. This is not about what you would surmise, but instead about the power and perfection of love…I know….cheesy, but trust me…it really works for the band. This is fantastic. A new favorite band.

What If—-With a much mellower intro, the vocal soars and reminds me of Ian even more…a nice cross between McCollough and Astbury creates a masterful frontman for a really talented bunch of musicians. The song has an irresistable melody and the rise and fall of the music is remarkable. This is really excellent…and to think I got this CD fresh from the shelve for $6.99!!!!

Soul—-From one extreme to the other, this song has a huge Electronic feel that is aided by a hum in the v=backdrop, a bass heavy beat and a vocal that is sometimes really erratic. This is an interesting mix of genres and influences. The chorus as usual becomes even larger with many voices adding to the catchy and irresistable hooks. This band, at this point can do no wrong!

Everybody—-The track has a nice ‘marching’ melody to it that allows the vocals to be even more Rap based but not in an obnoxious way. The chorus is  another joint adventure that only adds to the density of the song. This could be huge on radio and MTV…let’s see if I’m right.

Strongest Flame—-This from the onset appears to be the requisite ballad that every release must have. The crazy piano pound in the backdrop is right in your forehead, while the voice swarms your ear lobes. The chorus opens up and shows that this guy has some nice chops on him as his vocal soars above the more vigorous instrumentation. This is yet another hit pout of the park. I could not be happier with this release. A great 7 bucks!!!!

Rich And Poor—-With a really heavy bass kick, the song begins with a pure rap style rant that grows into a band chant that will drive the Emo kids crazy as they are sure that this song was written just for them. The remarkable thing is how quickly the song dies down and then erupts with little effort and finesse. This is a masterpiece of a song. I have not heard something that sounds this fresh right out of the box in quite some time.

Love Like You—-With a much more sedate and quiet delivry, this song is almost a shock after the vigor and energy of the previous track. The song does open up in a grand way by the second bar, but this is an Emo blaad if there ever was one. I predict this may be the nest big thing. This is a remarkable band with some really great talent. Awesome!!! 

****3/4 out of 5


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