Immolation/Majesty And Decay

Majesty and Decay is Immolation‘s eighth full length album, released March 9th, 2010. It was recorded at New York’s Millbrook Sound Studios and was produced by Paul Orofino and mixed by Zack Ohren.

Intro—-Coming out of the darkness with a deep and sinister sound, this intro only serves to whet your appetite for the onslaught of brutality that is about to occur. The song has a deep mystical aura that conjures up cold and frozen emotions preparing you for…

The Purge—-No playing around now. The vocal enters with a deep gutteral holler that chills you to the bone. You are able to catch bits and pieces of words through the music and the deep vocal utterances…most of them are not comforting or kind. This is full on Grind with little room for emotion or feeling…this is brutality defined and comes across much clearer and more defined than the bands previous efforts.

A Token Of Malice—-This track, from the onset is much faster than the previous…the drums have an odd production that kind of irritates me…the sound is to treble filled, taking the balls out of the drum delivery. This is a great band, but lacks the finesse of die hards like Cannibal Corpse or Deicide…perhaps a little more practice. I do love the magical musical shifts on this track….sometimes incredibly speedy, at other times the music slows to a dirge. Nice!

Majesty And Decay—-The CD’s title track is a huge monstrous ode that again finds the band shifting in musical tempos and the vocalist sounding like a demonic creature from beyond…BRILLIANT!!! The drums still have an odd quality to them, although they are incredibly fast and upfront. The guitars take a bit of a backseat…the vocals and drums remain in your face throughout.

Divine Code—-With a nice guitar attack, the song begins in typical form. The drums sound a bit better on this track and have to be heard to be believed. The vocal…although deep and gutteral to form really reminds me of the early days of Cannibal Corpse…I only mean this in the best way…this is great!

In Human Form—-This will kick your ass from the very first note. The song has an almost mainstream guitar delivery…only the vocal takes the track to the notch above. I love this guys voice…he displays brutality, disgust and disdain everytime he opens up his mouth. Definite star of the show…now if only I could figure out everything he was saying…none the less, if you are in the mood for HEAVY…reach for this.

A Glorious Epoch—-Wow….this is interesting…sounding even more sinister and cold than humanly possible, the song delivers a punch simply based on the moody bass guitar and the upfront drums. The vocal remains an indecipherable tirade of disdain, but the emotion shines through the musical delivery. Great!!

Interlude—-These interesting little musical pieces only serve the masterful purpose of letting the listener know that this band is more than gutteral vocals…there remains a musicality that cannot be denied.

A Thunderous Consequence—-Meanwhile…back in the frozen cave, the mayhem continues. The vocal enters right at the first note and they seem even angrier than before. The guitars are given a spotlight and even seem to soar at times. This is exquisite if only for allowing the band to truly show some of the talent that drives the obviously practised vocalist. This remains my favorite track on this release.

The Rapture Of Ghosts—-With a really deep sound, the band displays some nice guitar squeals that always seem to get me going. The slower plodding, marching feel to the song serves as a buildup that just seems to keep growing and growing. The drums are masterful and again we are reminded of the talent of the band. This is pretty fantastic. Even the vocal is clearly defined on this track and you get more words than you miss…remarkable.

Power And Shame—-Allowing no respite, this track picks right up where the band left off a few songs ago. With this song, a remarkable thing emerges…an actual sense of melody all shaped around the bass parts of the song. Even the vocal has a slight sing-song quality that falls right in with the rhythmic bass line and the rapid fire drums. When the lead begins to soar above, the song literally becomes a masterpiece. This is fantastic!

The Comfort Of Cowards—-With some really nice guitar squeals, the song grows bar by bar…becoming almost to large for your ears and making even your headphones vibrate. This is a huge wall of brutal musical delivery. The vocal enters the fray and allows so much evil to drip through the rings on your CD you are not sure it will ever play again….masterful…the second half of this release far exceeds the first.

***3/4 out of 5


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