Dimmu Borgir/Stormblast [2005]

Stormblåst MMV (sometimes referred to as Stormblåst 2005 or Stormblåst re-recorded) is an album by Norwegian black metal band Dimmu Borgir, released on November 11, 2005 by Nuclear Blast. It is a re-recorded version of the band’s 1996 album Stormblåst. The album was re-recorded entirely by Silenoz and Shagrath with guest appearances from Hellhammer and Mustis. The album also has two new studio tracks, “Sorgens kammer – Del II” and “Avmaktslave”. The album included a bonus DVD with five live songs performed at Ozzfest 2004 and the American version included a free cloth patch.The instrumental “Sorgens kammer” from the original album could not be rerecorded due to copyright issues associated with the 1992 Amiga game Agony, as then-keyboardist Stian Aarstad had passed the song off as his own.[citation needed] Similarly, for the intro to “Alt lys er svunnet hen” Stian used parts from the Magnum song Sacred Hour; for this reason the intro is not part of the song on this re-recorded version. [Wikipedia]

Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen—-Obviously, it is hard to appreciate the lyrical content of the songs on this release since they are all in Norwegian…one must rely on the music and mood alone. Based on that analogy. The band has never lost intensity or ferocity despite switching over to the English tandem. This is moody, orchestrated and full of intensity and musical shifts. The keyboards add so much mood and feeling to the song, but at the same time help to add to the cold and starkness of the delivery. This is one of my all time favorite import bands and they have never, never let me down.

Broderskapets Ring—-Beginning with a nice level of bass dirge, the keyboards are almost drowned by the assault of the guitars and the ferocious playing. The vocal enters and is in a deep and gut darkness that levels the playing field all around. My only complaint is that the voice seems so far removed from the intensity of the instrumentation. At this point, the band was truly coming into their own and re-recorded this classic because they believed in it…I’m not hating…I love this. I just wish the voice were more present.

Nar Sjelen Hentes Til Helvete—-The track begins with a really accessible lead line…this does not last as the band and the bass intensifies and gives the track it’s needed evil. the voice enters and is more ferocious than I have heard from Shag in years. This drips evil, even though you are unaware of the lyrics…you can feel the darkness. The mood shifts in the song are literally masterful….you move from one tone to the other as if you were sitting through a complicated opera. This is brilliant!!!

Sorgens Kammer-Del II—-Beginning with a momentary gentleness, the song again goes through moods and changes that allow your mind to wander but never to far as the ferocity is never far gone. The choir of voices that erupt are masterful and Shagrath delivers a vocal that sounds literally possessed. this is, in my opinion, when the band first started playing with the idea of clean vocals and the thought of the band without them is sorrowful. This is huge, the emotions come at you in waves and the intensity is unrelenting thanks to the deep underlying bass that never leaves you alone. This is fantastic…one of my all time favorites.

Da Den Kristne Satte Livet Til—-This is intense from the very first note…the vocal comes at you full throttle from the first note and never tires or loses the intensity of the beginning notes. There again, seems to be a choir of vocal running throughout the song which helps add melody and atmosphere to the sound of the material…to me, this was a break through release for this band and is never to be ignored by the true aficionados of the band. This is fantastic!!! I would have  loved to have seen this band in this true intense form…masterful!!!

Stormblast—-Entering with even more melody and ferocity, the song features a great keyboard line that you cannot ignore. Purists of the Black Metal scene swear off this band…for me, this song encompasses everything that I love about this genre…it is speedy, atmospheric, orchestrated and all delivered in a very nice package of melody. Brilliant!

Dodsferd—-Beginning with a monk styled introduction, it is only seconds before the assault enters and snaps your neck. Shagrath sounds even more possessed than usual…he does not often sing like this anymore…where the evil just seems to pour from his pores. Perhaps it is the foreign language, but to me, this is perhaps the bands strongest release ever. You cannot go wrong with this release…it is cold, calculated and delivered with precision.

Antikrist—-With a little more of a nod to classic Heavy Metal, the intro to the song is really an accessible foray to the novice. The vocal enters the scene and flips the song on a whole other level. The tone of the vocal is higher and delivered with more urgency…the guitars all work together to produce this huge wall of sound that can not be penetrated. This is remarkable…the melody intact all the while the assault continues…this is almost magic!!! Love this!!!

Vinder Fra En Enson Grav—-This is gutteral, real and intense. You could not ask for more if you are looking to whet your appetite to this genre of music…this did it all for me….I ‘discovered’ Dimmu, then Cradle and then deeper and heavier bands like Cannibal and Gorgoroth….this is just the beginning for anyone just branching out…if you want an education contact me .mjmm@buckeyeexpress.com. I’m always willing to share!!!

Guds Fortapelse -Apenbaring Av Dommerdag—-The intensity is present from the very first note and you recognize how powerful the drums are and how important the choir of voices in the backdrop are to the feel of the song and the music. This is incredible…you cannot ignore the fact that Shagrath had a complete different style of delivering his vocal back when this was recorded. The language barrier only seems to intensify and solidify my belief that if you are left to your own devices, you will draw your own conclusions…my concluding thought is that i prefer to not know what they are singing about…this is intense and real..I  could not ask for more.

Avmaktslave—-Beginning in an odd fashion, it is not long before the orchestrated sound of the band is in full form. The dirge of so many instruments playing at once literally produces this huge curtain of sound between the band and the vocal…this works in a way you would never believe possible. This is the most intense Dimmu that I consider to be really notched into the genre. This is literally remarkable….I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!

***** out of 5 [!!!!!]


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