The Hits Reloaded!/70’s, 80’s & 90’s Repowered

This is another of those interesting remix compilations that I came across on E-Music. This includes some of the tracks previously reviewed, but with a different remix treatment. Everyone seemed fascinated by the last compilation review, so I thought I would do it once more. Hope you find something worth searching for.

Let The Music Play/Reloaded Mix [Shannon]—-While this remix stays relatively true to the original, the first thing you notice is the beefier bass and the swirling synths. Despite the subtle changes, the song looses none of its original power and the chorus is this really nice garage style beat that will bring a smile to your face. This is fantastic!!!

Ice Ice Baby/Romantic Mix [Vanilla Ice]—-I know that this song to many has been played and replayed and played out. What is truly remarkable about this remix is that it uses none of the Queen/Bowie bass line!!! And the amazing thing is that the song sounds even better with the synth line replacing the all too familiar beat. this is incredible…I wish you all could hear how fresh this version sounds…remarkable treatment…I much prefer this over any version that I have heard.

Don’t Leave Me This Way/Studio 54 Mix [Thelma Houston]—-One of the all time classic Disco songs ever recorded, this track has been remade and re-released by a number of artists, but nothing sounds as good as the original. This remix offers up a newer sound by infusing nice piano riffs and a much more studio mastered sound. the vocal is as remarkable as ever, but the new energy that is studio produced brings an even larger and ecstatic sound to a really old song. This is wonderful!!!

Flashdance/House Heaven Mix [Irene Cara]—-Revisiting one of the all time classic dance songs of the early 80’s, this is a nice techno treatment that only helps to make the sound even more modern and diva-ish than ever. Cara sounds just as you would expect…the music however is pumped up with added bass and swirls that are absolute and awe-inspiring. The simple fact that a DJ was able to make this sound this fresh is an accomplishment. Brilliant!

I Wanna Kiss You All Over/Electro Mix [Exile]—-Delving way back to the very late 70’s, this is a wonderful rendition of a song that was part of my teen years…ohhhh so long ago…LMAO!!! While keeping the important piano parts intact along with the smooth AOR vocal, the remix adds a heavy level of bass and some ministrations to the vocal that adds some reverb and echo. Overall, this is remarkable. Taking a dated song and infusing it with new life is a talent that is very well displayed here.

Hooked On A Feeling/Jovi Remix [BJ Thomas]—-Going back to time where Country tinged songs were still played on Radio station that also played more contemporary music, Thomas had a pretty good radio career in the late 70’s. this is just one of many of his radio hits and the remix treatment utilizes many modern songs to update the dated track. And what a great job….The lower level of swirling synths almost overwhelm the vocal but when it is time for the chorus the music diminishes and allows the best part of the song to shine through. This is fantastic.

Superbad/Fred Co. Mix [James Brown]—-OK..I’ll admit it..I really do not like James Brown….that aside, this remix really gets on my nerves. The entire affair concentrates on all of the aspects of James that irritates me…the track is a marvelous techno infused instrumentation that only seems to focus on Brown hollering and yelping…!!!

Whole Lotta Love/James Remix [Kevin DuBrow]—-Whoever came up with this idea was really misdirected….not only did they allow the Quiet  Riot vocalist to cover a Zeppelin song, they put dance beats to it…this remains a travesty and a really bad, bad idea. Not liking this at all.

Right Back Where We Started from/Higher State Mix [Maxine Nightengale]—-A classic throwback to the late 70’s AOR radio, this song could be heard all over FM radio when it was released. This remix adds one important thing to it…speed. This song is so much faster than the original, making it a sweaty club classic. Although the remix leaves the original vocal intact, the tempo and swirls of synth beef up the song to a level you would not believe. Marvelous!!!

Rock Me Baby/Dirty Disco Mix [George McCrae]—-Sounding like the original almost note for note, this remix adds a bit more piano and a little high hat from a drum machine, but none the less…it is really nice to have a good copy of this on CD. Not a great remix, but better than the scratchy 45.

Get Ready [Pete Riviera]—-This is basically an updated version of the 90’s smash…Y’all Ready For This mashed with the 70’s classic Get Ready. The result is pretty fantastic as it melds complete different generation into a seamless dance floor smash…This is really pleasant.

Batman/Gotham Mix [Theme Players]—-Sorry…..this remains inane and unneccessary?

Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend/Swing Cats Mix [Marilyn Monroe]—-This is different!!! This is Stray Cats meets Marilyn. I can’t imagine what would possess someone to remix or even pull out this song, but to each his own. Monroe sounds remarkably crisp and clear despite the age of the recording. Not something i would listen to…even on a yearly basis!!!

Boogie Nights/After Hours Mix [Heat Wave]—-Beginning with a really muted sound, one wonders where this is is not long before the bass is in full effect and you are transported back to Club 54 and the excess of the 70’s. This is really nice to hear and I am amazed at how fresh this treatment allows the song to feel. A nice funk infused dance groove that makes me smile.

Disco Inferno/Grim Mix [The Trammps]—-Sounding much more alive and modern than you could ever imagine, the remix adds nice layered techno sounds to this classic Disco hit. The vocal is almost overwhelmed by the music and heavy bass, but the remarkable thing is the crisp feel and the updated sound. This remains…remarkable.

Queen Of Hearts/Crasher Mix [Juice Newton]—-Another late 70’s/early 80’s artist that enjoyed both Pop and Country success, Newton always had a remarkable voice. She was that generation’s Jewel!! This is much heavier on piano and bass, but the vocal remains intact and sounds as fresh as ever. You cannot deny the strong pop hooks of this track…this is wonderful!!!

Ring My Bell/Disco Mix [Anita Ward]—-Differing very little from the original, this is indeed a Disco mix in every sense of the word. Ward had a peculiar voice, but the music that served as the backdrop almost inspired you to ignore the tone. This is wonderful to hear. A classic all the way around..

Gangsta’s Paradise/Gangsta Mix [Coolio]—-Adding an incredible amount of bass and some nice gun blasts, Coolio sounds even rougher than on the original. This is remarkable in the sense that the bass replaces all of the original sounds of the song but gives it a fresh updated sound. This is fantastic…i like this version much more than the origianl…a real winner.

Celebrate/Crystal Mix [Pete Riviera]—-I’m not sure who did the original version of this song, but this is reworked enough that i guess that it was not allowed to be credited to them. I’m thinking Three Dog Night? This is nice…big bass beats and remarkable synths refresh this classic and make it dance floor worthy.

Sun Is Shining/Funkstar Mix [Bob Marley]—-There seems to be a wealth of Marley remixes floating around these days…this is nice as the added synths add great sunshine to an already bright and pleasant song. the vocal manipulations at some points are a little to much, but overall this is a really great remix…seek this out.

Ballroom Blitz/12″ Mix [Sweet]—-Wow!!! This remix treatment allows this song to be even larger than it was to begin with. This is way better than the Krokus remake that i am familiar with. The guitars are intact set to a bass beat and a dance groove that catches your attention from the very beginning. This is really remarkable!!!

Hello, It’s Me/Van Inder Mix [Todd Rundgren]—-Taking a rather sublime song and infusing it with some remarkable dance grooves turns this into a modern-day classic that everyone can relate to. The lyrics of this song are really nice and lose none of their meaning despite the reworked beats and mood. Very nice.

Stand By Me/Lover Staxx Mix [Ben E. King]—-Keeping the guitar base of the song firmly intact and allowing the vocal to be as smooth as it was intended, the song adds some nice bass and grooves that beef up the song. Perhaps the song moves a bit too much to please everyone, all in all this is magnificent.

Rock N’ Roll Pt. 2/Crasher Mix [ Glitter Band]—-Known to sports fans the world over…I appreciate it, but ugh!!!

Magic/Galactic Mix [Pilot]—-Wow!!!! THIS IS FANTASTIC!!! Taking a really generic AOR 70’s hit, the added beats and the reverb on the vocal turns this song into a track that would play wonderfully well on radio this very day. I really love this. The synth lines are majestic and the pleasant vocal matches the newly added beats perfectly. A modern-day masterpiece.

Rock Around The Clock/Swing Mix [Bill Haley]—-Taking this classic and adding some swing music and interesting radio soundbites, this comes across as fresh but still old and mundane. I don’t dislike this, but it is not something I would grab for…even if I was remarkably bored.

Tequila/Pistel Mix [The Champs]—-Giving this party anthem an almost urban beat seems really inappropriate to me!!!

Another Brick In The Wall/Rad Mix [The Tubes]—-Who knew???? I’m not sure where this came from or how it came to be, but the end result is pretty damn fantastic…this coming from a pretty die-hard Floyd fan. This is nice…the bass beats are huge, the synth lines are clear and the vocal is remarkable. I am really impressed by this…again…who knew????

What’s On Your Mind/Efcee Mix [Information Society]—-Really updating and industrializing the original, I’m sure this came from the Cleopatra label. The synth lines are huge and the vocal sounds a bit more nasally than the origianl but all in all this is nice…this song is just too played out though.

More, More, More/Sex & The City Mix [Andrea True Connection]—-One hit wonder from the ex-porn star Andrea True, this song is almost laughable when you think back on her earlier career. This reworked version is pretty nice….adding some really nice bass and a huge synth line that only compliments the repetitive chorus. This was Disco defined and it still plays very well today.

Angel Of The Morning/Anders Mix [Juice Newton]—-Yet another smash hit from this crossover star, the remarkable thing is again the voice. This is so damn pleasant you will be hard pressed to turn away from it. The emotion is real and transported to vinyl really well back in the day. This reworking adds some nice bass that takes nothing away from the Country flavor of the song. I really love this!!!

Let It Rock/Club Crasher Mix [L.A. Guns]—-This seems odd to be included on this compilation, but it is a nice way to round out the collection. Still maintaining all of the energy, it takes me a moment to realize that this is the same song that Lil’ Wayne & Kevin Rudolph released in 2009. Who knew….not me!!! Fantastic!!!

****1.2 out of 5



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