Bee Gees/Size Isn’t Everything

Size Isn't EverythingSize Isn’t Everything is the Bee Gees‘ twentieth studio album. It was released in the UK on September 13, 1993, and in the United States on November 2, 1993. 

This album marked Bee Gees’ return to Polydor Records after their 3-album contract with Warner Bros. Records.

The album was recorded during a time of considerable strain for the Gibb brothers, with Maurice Gibb still struggling with alcoholism and Barry Gibb’s wife and prematurely newborn daughter both in ill health. Barry himself was also scheduled to have back surgery.

Then on March 5 1993, the brothers’ father, Hugh Gibb, died. The date coincided with the birthday of their late brother Andy who had died in 1988.

On August 9, 1993, the album’s first single, Paying The Price Of Love, was released in the UK and peaked at #23. The album peaked at #33 in the UK in late September. It then disappeared from the charts, only to return in December 1993 when the album’s second single, For Whom The Bell Tolls, became a UK Top 5 hit. The album then peaked at #23. In all, the album spent 16 weeks inside the UK Top 100 and was certified Gold by the BPI for sales of over 100,000 copies. A third single, the ballad How to Fall in Love, Part 1 was released on April 4, 1994 in the UK, peaking at #30. This made Size Isn’t Everything the first Bee Gees album to contain three UK top 30 hits since 1979’s Spirits Having Flown and many consider this album their strongest post-Saturday Night Fever album to date.

Reaction to the album in the US was less successful, where their album peaked at #153 and spent only 3 weeks inside the whole Billboard 200. The single Paying The Price Of Love reached #74 in the US during the Christmas season.

Reception of the album was mixed around the world, though it is notable that it was one of the most successful Bee Gees albums in Argentina, peaking at #1 due to the big success of “For Whom the Bell Tolls” there. Worldwide sales of the album are estimated to be over 700,000 copies.[citation needed]

According to Barry when interviewed on American breakfast shows was asked why the album was called “Size Isn’t Everything” and he explained that The Bee Gees have never been hyped and that they have always had to prove themselves musically so the title came from that idea.

Barry also commented that the song they had written from the album called “Blue Island” was “The nicest song they had ever wrote”.

The album was dedicated to their late father, Hugh Gibb. [Wikipedia]

Paying The Price Of Love—-Long one of my guilty pleasures, the music of The Bee Gees has always entertained me and made me smile. This release is no exception. I literally love this release…who cares what the critics or public things. This track finds The Brothers Gibb in perfect harmony and full of magnificent dance grooves. Barry sounds steeped in 1979 and the falsetto is welcome and at home on this cut. The Brothers come together in a harmonious chorus that just elated me…this is top-notch!!!

Kiss Of Life—-Showing signs of the age of this release, this track is steeped in 90’s synth sound that dates it. Robin begins with the vocal and the song transforms into a huge dance song with a strong bass beat. This is remarkable…when the voices come together and soar, you are urged to jump up and down and allow yourself to be lost in the song. This is joyful, energetic and full of all the classic sounds this trip was known for. Fantastic!!!

How To Fall In Love Pt. 1—-Barry opens this song with an almost a capella vocal…the slow swell of the music matches the growing intensity of the lyric and vocal. This is layered and full of quasi-orchestration that produces a magical relaxed feel. The chorus is a thing of true beauty…when the Brothers sing together it is a masterful thing of beauty. This is wonderful…great memories.

Omega Man—-The choice track from this release, this has become a really favorite track of mine. Steeped in the dance rhythms of the 90’s, I feel this CD found the Brothers at another creative high that was unfortunately ignored by the general public…thier loss remains my gain.  When the bass beat begins the song in a slow lazy way, you know that you are in for a treat..I always love it when the Brothers sing in their natural voices..the impact is just as powerful as the falsetto proved to be. This is so damn catchy I wish I could demand the entire world listen to it just once….it would win over the nations. This is fantastic…a very favorite track of mine.

Haunted House—-This missed the mark for me a bit…but one can not expect perfection all the time correct? This is still classic stuff full of masterful harmonies and heavy on the mood lighting. Still a nice example of the talent these guys possessed….just not a favorite.

Heart Like Mine—-Heavy on orchestration, this begins in a pretty somber timbre…allowing your body to really settle from the first few cuts on the release. Robin has lead vocals…with his odd yet addictive shaky vocal. The chorus allows all the Brothers to come together in a masterful harmony that is heavy on falsetto and emotion. This is great!!

Anything For You—-Rather generic, the track does manage to convey a really nice dance beat that is steady yet subtle. Barry sings all breathy and sexy….making the ladies swoon I’m sure. This is really nice….just not a really energetic or top-notch track…still it has that addictive quality buried underneath all the sex appeal.

Blue Island—-Surprisingly natural and guitar based, this is a beautiful and tender song. Barry sounds so comfortable at this range and the ability to convey his emotions at this range is fantastic. I love this…rumored to be a favorite of the band as well, this is natural, subdued and beautifully delivered.

Above And Beyond—-With an odd almost Country flair at the intro to the song, the group delivers a track that is almost reminiscent of the very early days of their incarnation when they made perfect 2 minute pop songs. This has a joyful flair that makes you happy and encourages you to hug everyone around you…the good feelings are contagious. This is fantastic!!!

For Whom the Bell Tolls—-Again, this is naturally guitar based with very little synth ao manufactured sounds. The song finds Barry at his best falsetto…when the three Brothers come together on the vocal it is literally fantastic. The real high point of the song is when Robin delivers a chorus that tears your Emotional field out of your chest and lays it bare on the table. This will make you pause, think and reminisce about all of the bad things that have occurred in your life and how you managed to overcome them. Really Wonderful!!!

Fallen Angel—-Returning to full dance mode to close out the release, the synth lines are literally fantastic. Robin again takes the vocal and manages to really impress me…this might even be Maurice??? This is wonderfully accessible and features a chorus that just explodes your heart from your chest. A really great un-appreciated release. Kudos guys…some of us really miss you!!!

**** 1/2 out of 5


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