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Frightened Rabbit/The Midnight Organ Fight

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The Midnight Organ Fight

Frightened Rabbit are a Scottish indie rock band from Selkirk, formed in 2003. The lineup consists of lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist and lyricist Scott Hutchison, guitarist and bassist Billy Kennedy, guitarist Andy Monaghan, drummer Grant Hutchison and guitarist and keyboardist Gordon Skene. Since 2004 the band has been based in Glasgow.[1]

Concerning the band’s lineup, Scott Hutchison notes that: “The initial lineup in Frightened Rabbit was just myself. I had really only been messing with my 4 track for about 6 months before I started playing some shows on my own. Some of the songs still didn’t have words and I was mostly just mumbling nonsense half the time. Grant joined a year later, making the outfit much noisier. Billy came along about 6 months after this and actually made it a bit less noisy. He’s very calming like that is Billy. Andy has been in the band since January, and adds all the extra details we were missing before. Still not sure if we’re finished gathering members.

The Midnight Organ Fight is the second studio album by Scottish indie rock band Frightened Rabbit, released on April 15, 2008 through independent label Fat Cat Records.[1] Upon release, the album was greeted with widespread critical acclaim. Vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Scott Hutchison describes the album as being “quite relationshipy” and “a lot more intense” than its predecessor Sing the Greys (2006).[2] Following the album’s completion, it took around a month for Hutchison to be able to listen to it.[3] The album’s title comes from a line in the song “Fast Blood“, and is said to be a “euphemism for sex. [Wikipedia]

The Modern Leper—-With simple and beautiful guitar at the onset of the track, Hutchison enters with his mellow brand of Alternative Rock…before long the song opens up into a lush and wonderfully poppy sound. The lyrical content of the song is quite different from the music itself…do not deceive yourself…this is not happy or joyful music, but rather lessons in life and loss. I love this band!!!!

I Feel Better—-Sounding polished and beyond reproach, this is crystal clear Alternative Rock/Pop that nudges its way into your soul and takes up permanent residence. This is driving and almost noisy at times, but never in an irritating way. I love the lush sounds of instruments over instruments all held together by a voice that squeezes the blood from your organs….awesome!

Good Arms vs. Bad Arms—-With a gentle guitar leading the intro, I am not able in my limited capacity, able to recognize the other instrument that makes the song surprisingly complete. The lyric is so sedate and intense you try to catch every single word and let it sit in your brain for a while. This is exquisite…layered….delivered with mastery and damn right pretty!!!

Fast Blood—-Beginning with a more aggressive guitar sound, the intro to this track is long and drawn out….making you anticipate the entrance of the vocal. When it does come, it is delivered with more angst and emotion than you thought possible for one man. This is insightful, emotional and delivered with the emotion it was written with. This band, in my opinion, can do no wrong. Incredible!!!

Old Old Fashioned—-With a gentle almost Alt-Country feel, the tempo to this track is a bit livelier and delivered in the right order…preventing the listener from becoming to bored or mellow. This is a nice romp…the guitars and drums are louder and you find yourself tapping your feet along with the pace of the delivery. So far…my favorite track on this.

The Twist—-Again, this has minimal instrumentation at the onset of the track….the vocal and sparse musical sounds are more than enough to set the tone for the listener. This is beautifully delivered by Hutchinson…the pain and hurt in his voice is hard to not let carry over to yourself…you find yourself sucked into his sadness…today, it is not a bad place to sit.

Bright Pink Bookmark—-This is just MARVELOUS….remarkable mood setting tones to the music, the added horns are literally genius. This will get inside your very soul if you allow it to…I have a feeling I will be listening to this for quite sometime.

Heads Roll Off—-With minimal instrumentation and an immediate vocal, Hutchinson has a way with his words that just make you sit back and take stock for a moment or two. The song opens up into the best non-Snow Patrol track I have ever heard…they have nothing on this band…it is beyond me why they are not huge. This is beautifully layered with textures and a magical jangly guitar that you cannot forget. Did I mention that I LOVE THIS BAND!!!!

Backwards Walk—-With a deep and intense funeral feel to the music right from the first chord..I seem to even hear some harmonica. This is stark and beautiful….the lyrics are so real and pained that I find myself wondering if Hutchinson is living MY life. This is not for a bad day…you have to be in a pretty good place to listen to this, otherwise you will be lying on the floor devastated. This is moody,  remarkable and delicious.

Keep Yourself Warm—-Featuring a powerful and moody organ and a deep bass guitar chord, the intro to the song sets the tone for the vocal that enters with morosity and a remarkable display of range as Hutchinson hits some notes you would not think in his repertoire. This is remarkable…you catch the slight feel of the accent and that only adds to the warmth of the delivery. This is a devastating song, but manages to make me smile with the quirkiness of it all. When the song does open up, musically. it rounds out the entire thing and brings it all into a neat wonderful package. This is GENIUS!!!

Extrasupervery—-Lush and textured from the onset, I keep thinking to myself…what do I have to do to catch this band live…OMG…I might just die!!! This is huge instrumentation with a very odd mix as the little vocal is pushed so far back you can barely hear it and then…it’s over!

Poke—-With just an acoustic guitar, again the vocal is so clear and understandable you will never need the lyrics sheet. The words are so introspective and intense you will return to this time and time again when you need a certain ‘mood’ fix. This is self-deprecating, insightful and full of hurt…in other words…magnificent!!!

Floating In The Forth—-Beginning with a low hum that builds and builds while allowing room for a simple chord of guitar notes, the vocal enters and the song becomes a layered. textured masterpiece of depression and self-introspection. This is brilliant!!!

Who’d You Kill Now?—-With this gentle little interlude full of Alt-Country leanings, this band ends this release as magnificent as it began. Wonderful!!!

****1/2 out of 5