Barry Harris + Chris Cox Presents:Thunderpuss


Thunderpuss was the (mainly dance) remix/production team of music producers Barry Harris and Chris Cox. Harris had previously worked as part of several music groups including Kon Kan, Top Kat, Killer Bunnies and Outta Control and had also released several singles himself. Cox, a musician and DJ, had also worked for years as a DJ and producer, producing a megamix of Paula Abdul songs, among other things, and started his own record label, Interhit Records, with Jeff Johnson.

Harris & Cox originally met in the late 1980s and remained friends for years, with Harris eventually joining Cox at Interhit. They didn’t start working together as a production team until late 1997. Their first project as Thunderpuss was a cover of the song “I Just Wanna Be Your Everything”, with Thea Austin, formerly of Snap! performing vocals. They also produced Engelbert Humperdinck’s 1998 album The Dance Album, but did not use the name Thunderpuss. They also produced original songs for various artists, including Abigail (“Let The Joy Rise” and “If It Don’t Fit”), Amber (“Taste The Tears”), and Soluna. During this time, they also released remix singles under the name “Thunderpuss 2000,” most notably covers of David Bowie‘s Heroes and Blue Öyster Cult‘s “Godzilla.”

Over the course of almost six years, Thunderpuss were in demand as remixers, their first work together being a remix of Billie Myers‘ “Kiss The Rain” in 1998. Their breakout success was a hit re-working of It’s Not Right but It’s Okay by Whitney Houston. This was quickly followed by a remix of Sexual (La Di Di) by Amber, a hit in 1999. Other artists who received the remix treatment included Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

Thunderpuss themselves also put out several later singles as artists, including “Papa’s Got A Brand New Pigbag”, a fully electronic dance cover of the “Pigbag” song, “Stand Up” (with Latanza Waters), and “FMH” (under the artist name Harris & Cox).Both men are currently pursuing DJ/remix/production work on their own. [Wikipedia]

Don’t Tell Me/Thunderpuss Anthem [Madonna]—-From the very first bars, you just know that this is going to be a floor stomper that will make you a bit crazy…the build-up is maddening, but when the bass hits…you almost lose your footing. This is energy defined…although the vocal is left alone for the most part, the song is given a pretty marvellous makeover by this production team…This is superb. The energy is contagious.

We Are Family/Thunderpuss Club Mix [We Are Family All-Stars]—-Melding in perfect ectastic fashion from the previous song, this revisit of the Disco classic is full of modern updated sounds while still keeping the energy and the fun of the original…the vocal is acceptable, but looses some of the original energy because of the intermix of too many vocalists…all and all this plays pretty well, but it is hard to update such a classic song….

Can’t Fight The Moonlight/Thunderpuss Club Mix [LeAnn Rimes]—-This is a genius reworking of this song….who could predict the cross over appeal of this song or the ability of these two DJ’s to come up with such a monumental cross over remix…this is fun!!!! Still maintaining some of the integrity of the original, the boys take this and make it a late night sweaty romp through club land that still sounds fresh and exciting to this day. This is wonderful!!!

Hide U/Thunderpuss Trance Mix [Suzanne Palmer]—-This is rather generic for me…the Diva flavored vocal could be just about any generic female vocalist thrown into Clubland. The beat of the song is masterful and there are some vocals that are huge…but over all this is flat for me…sorry!

Hero/Thunderpuss Club Mix [Enrigue Inglesias]—-This is monumental Club Music that still manages to continue the integrity of the original song. The Spanish flair is in full effect, the vocal remains outstanding and the pace of the song is perfectly presented. This is marvellous…even when parts of the song are meant to be quiet, the duo still pull off the masterful remix they had become known for by simple pacing and mixing in a less subtle bass beat…great!!!

First Class Freak/Original Mix [Thea Austin]—-Sounding mixed, remixed and re-energized, this ‘original mix’ could not be better presented. The song has a huge sexual vibe that will produce lots of dirty dancing and intimate moments on crowded dancefloors. The pace of the song is perfect…the breaks are in perfect tandem with the vocal and the overall tone of the song equals lots of sweat and fun. This is fantastic!!!

Break 4 Luv/Friburn And Urik Tribal Mix [Peter Rauhofer + Pet Shop Boys]—-Never properly released as a single, this B-side still remains one of my favorite PSB collaborations. While combining lots of trance style tribal beats, the underlying sound still maintains the integrity of the Boys and the vision of the song. When Neil sings, you are wrapped in warmth and love…this is masterful….I could barely ask for more.

Everyday/Hex Hector & Max Quayle Mix [Kim English]—-No remix collection would be complete without a song from probably one of the best known Dance Floor Divas in the World today. English has a powerhouse voice and has surrounded herself with producers and remixers that only compliment it further. This is a feel good song full of empowerment and positive lyrics…the music is right in step as the vocal rises so does the energy of the remix until you are left with a huge empowering track that makes you feel good regardless of what ever kind of day you are having…this is a piece of magic!!!

I Got My Pride/Original Mix [Barry Harris  featuring Pepper Mashay]—-This is a bit too generic to really appeal to me…the vocal is a little deeper than most of the Dance Quenns that you are accustomed to…the lyric line is pretty empowering though and was just meant to be a huge Gay Anthem…but it falls a little bit short for me.

I’m Addicted/Club Anthem [Pushaka featuring Thea Austin]—-This is pretty damn awesome…the energy and the empowering vocal is easy to get swept up in…you can not dent who this song was written for…this is for the ‘community’. Most excellent and the music is damn addictive!!!

And I Am Telling You I Am Not Going/Attitude Mix [Rosabel featuring Jennifer Holiday]—-Jennifer Holiday made this song a huge classic long before Hudson ever though about belting it out in any movie. As far as I’m concerned, this is one of the best performances in modern Dance Music. This is a grand anthem on every scale…you cannot deny the energy or the fact that this girl can sing y’all!!! A classic piece of history.

Stand Up/Thunderpuss Club Mix [Thunderpuss featuring Latanza Waters]—-Perfectly melding from the previous song, this track enters the scene and never lets the energy difuse even for a split second. This song is huge from the very first note and the exciting pace of the song makes you dance on even though you are exhausted from every fiber of your being. This is monstrous, monumental and a hell of a lot of fun…sweat…sweat….sweat!!!!

Clubland/Thunderdub [Kristine W]—-I really do not care for overly dubbed music that goes on forever without and discernable beat….this is one of those tracks i could do without…to be this really borders on very annoying.

Dive In The Pool/Wayne G’s Circuit Mix [Barry Harris featuring Pepper Mashay]—-This is filled with enough energy and attitude to keep the circuit party going for days on end…this is just the type of music that they gay boys in miami on K love to dance to and make obscene scenes on the dancefloor. this is literally marvelous…keep on dancing now……

Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know/Thunderpuss Club Mix [Britney Spears]—-Thunderpuss takes the annoying vocal of Spears and makes it play incredibly well to mass audiences and leave you asking who was that. They provide the necessary energy to override the voice and the song turns into a huge romp that is so full of energy and fun you cannot help but become addicted. this is a wonderful way to end a pretty fantastic dance collection.

**** out of 5


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