Airbourne/No Guts, No Glory!

No Guts No Glory-Special Edition

No Guts. No Glory. is the second studio album by the Australian hard rock band Airbourne and the follow-up to their 2007 debut Runnin’ Wild. The album was released on March 8, 2010, in Europe, Canada, Japan and Australia and on April 20, 2010 in the US.[7]

The first single off of the record is “No Way but the Hard Way,” and was made available on iTunes on February 9, 2010. [Wikipedia]

Born To Kill—-This is, without a doubt the AC/DC spawn….lovechild and demon. A nice cross between early Scorpions and classic AC/DC, the song is full of booze fueled Frat Rock n. Roll. With huge riffs and classic old school drumming, I am instantly transported back to 1985….pretty nice!!!

No Way But The Hard Way—-With just the right amount of Bass Guitar and heavy kick drum, this is the continuation and resurrection of Godfathers AC/DC. This is spot on…the huge and contagious blues fueled riffs are there…the vocal is 100?% and the pace of the song is slow and sexy…just as you would expect…this is classic Rock….circa 2010!!!!

Blonde, Bad & Beautiful—-With a huge drum intro and creeping lead guitars that are fueled by consumption and abuse, the song becomes a modern-day Metal anthem for the aspiring teenage lady killers in the world….this is just so cliché’ that you can’t help but give it to the guys…many have tried…few have succeeded. This is just nostalgic for me!

Raise The Flag—-This is acceptable and even a bit more accessible than anything else on the release thus far. This is a huge stadium anthem that will elicit huge crowd response…the vocal is a nice Brian Johnson/Kevin DuBrow mix that really please me more than anything thus far. The band effort calls to mind the old days when everybody in a band was allowed to sing…surprisingly refreshing!!!

Bottom Of The Well—-With a really bluesy intro, the whole premise of this release goes against my grain….I really do not like Whiskey fueled Bar Blues…but for some reason, this manages to captivate me and keep my attention…the main reason is the nice tone and range of the vocal…you never know what to expect and the surprise thus far has been very pleasant!!!

White Line Fever—-This sounds waaaayyyyy too much like the last song and offers little in the ‘fresh’ realm…..until the chorus…which is a huge band effort that will set arenas on fire this summer. Bet!!!

It Ain’t Over Till It’s Over—-This is HUGE….this is FUN…..this is ADDICTIVE……..this is GREAT!!!! Questions?

Steel Town—-Again with the huge AC/DC impersonations!!!! This is fantastic….you can not escape the magic that happens with every single song once the chorus hits. For the most part, the songs are predictable and boring…but when these addictive choruses’ take over you wonder if they have a Pop God on staff. This is great!!!

Chewin’ The Fat—-Once more…upon the opening chords of this song, you expect nothing more but the same…..and you are left with little more than that. This is predictable filler that sounds remarkably like the rest of the record.

Get Busy Livin’—-With a little variance at the intro, you are lead to believe you might get a little bit of difference from this song…indeed you do. The song has a nice rhythmic melody that manages to get into your brain and the chorus is another huge band effort that is easy to hear, memorize and ingest. Remarkable for such a young group of lads.

Armed And Dangerous—-With a huge lead line, the song has a melodic line that almost overpowers the blues leanings. This is nice…the chorus is one of those huge Y&T type songs that make a crowd of concert goers just a little crazy. I can only imagine how well this would play live.

Overdrive—-Ugh….really not my type of song. This is too Blues riddled Rock n’ Roll to really please my palate. This t me is just more filler that tries to build too much on the anthem qualities that the band has…a little overdone by now.

Back On The Bottle—-A nice close to this release….although I question whether they were ever off the bottle!!! This is Whiskey fused Rock n’ Blues that stays true to the recipe that the band has followed thus far in their career. Nice, but nothing new or surprising.

***3/4 out of 5


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