The Reindeer Section/Son Of Evil Reindeer

Son of Evil Reindeer

Son of Evil Reindeer is the second studio album by Scottish indie rock supergroup The Reindeer Section, released on August 13, 2002. It was recorded in February earlier that year.[1] An alternate version was released in Japan. It contained 3 bonus tracks.[2]

Gary Lightbody had finished writing the songs of the album by January 2002.[3] In 2004, Snow Patrol, recorded a live version of “You Are My Joy” at Somerset House on August 8, 2004 for their live DVD, Live at Somerset House. This live rendition also appeared as a b-side on their How to Be Dead single and is used on their 2009 compilation album Up To Now. [Wikipedia]

Grand Parade—-Picking up in the more sedate manner of the band, Lightbody again controls the microphone and you wonder if you will have a 12 song doldrums before you get 2 songs of joy…lets hope not. This is nice simply because it opens up into really nice guitar sound and magnificent quiet horns and percussion. The mid-point of this song is marvelous…the strings swell with joy and you offer redemption to you previous words…shame…shame….

Budapest—-WOW!!!! I wish you could hear this right now,,,,WTF…this is the best Low song I have never heard…the sounds are almost identical…the harmonies just as exquisite and the result even better than anything you could imagine. This is brilliant…wow!!!! This is beautiful!!!

Strike Me Down—-With an intro that is full of light pop sounds, the female vocal is a welcome change…the song has a remarkable sunny feel to it that makes you think of dew and English gardens in the morning…the gentle vocal harmonies are like love in the sunshine…this is fantastic!!!

Your Sweet Voice—-From the onset, there is a much more present guitar sound…if you are familiar with Snow Patrol, then you have heard this song before…this is a Patrol song if I have ever heard it. Lightbody has the incredible ability to pen songs that makes hearts melt with love or the deepening feelings of emptiness settle in a little further…it all really depends upon where you are in your ‘development’ and/or decline. This remains…magnificent.

I’ll Be There—-with a gentle rolling guitar sound that again,,,remarkably makes me think of ripe wheat and sunshine, you are slowly introduced to the sounds of Irish folk music that will, without a doubt, make you smile. the gentle vocal play is a nice touch to the overall brightness of the song. This is nice.

Where I Fall—-This is sedate and plays as really personal to me…almost as if the misconception of the song is an intrusion on emotions and/or feelings…this is nice, but for some reason makes me a little uncomfortable.

Cartwheels—-Wow….this has a big sound….but gentle lyrics that come across as a really great Springsteen style harmony that sucks you in from the very beginning. This is exquisite…..the big folky feel is inescapable…the harmonies are like sugar…this is beautiful…masterful…un appreciated….never heard.

Last Song On A Blue Tape—-With a wonderful male vocal that belongs to someone besides Gary, this song introduces a light breezy feel that allows the sun in under the clouds and lets the breeze blow out the curtains in the kitchen…this is a crisp spring day…the preheated July morning or the post autumnal feel of the midwest…perfect for any season…really remarkable.

Cold Water—-Lightbody delivers more self-effacing romantic slop that has by this point become old and repetitive…the saving grace is the sweeping female vocal harmony and the gentle rolling acoustic guitar that is almost eclipsed by a marvellous rhythm section. Really remarkable…for the instrumentation.

You Are My Joy—-From the onset. you notice the much bigger sound and the more stadium friendly feel to the song. Gary takes vocals again, but the chugging guitar is what has managed to capture my attention. You will also recognize this from Snow Patrol performances,…this is a huge stadium song that has power and melody…fantastic!

Who Told You—-With a huge and pleasant vocal from someone I do not know [?], this song almost makes me think of R.E.M. member Mills. This is so pleasant and nicely delivered that you barely notice Lightbody as he enters to harmonize…it is not necessary and is only a distraction. this is remarkable beautiful with an instrumentation that again breeds a light and serenity. Remarkable.

Whodunit?—-Allowing us the same vocalist as the previous track, this song falls rather flat for me…lplaying like a Lou Reed bluesy club song that got tossed asde….I do not care for this…SORRY!!!!

**** out of 5


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