The Reindeer Section/Y’all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear?

Y'all get scared now, ya hear

The Reindeer Section are a Scottish indie rock supergroup formed in 2001 by Gary Lightbody of Snow Patrol, which released albums and gigged in 2001 and 2002. The Reindeer Section grouping was somewhat ad hoc, and so it is uncertain if more will be heard from them. However, in a 2006 interview with Times Online Gary Lightbody did not rule out making a future album.

Lightbody describes the band’s sound as “pretty much all very slow, quiet, folky-type stuff. Stuff that I really love listening to, like Low, for example, and Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and all that end of things. It’s sort of inspired by those records rather than by the American rock music that inspired me to start a band in the first place.”

Some songs (You Are My Joy, Cartwheels) were featured on the 2009 Snow Patrol Best of Album, Up To Now. [Wikipedia]

Will You Please Be There For Me?—-Beginning with the most gentle acoustic guitar you could imagine, Lightbody enters sounding far removed and forlorn. the sadness can be overwhelming at times, but in the back of your mind you wonder where everyone else is…is this just a glorified vehicle to help propel the career of Snow Patrol? All in all, this is heavy and introspective…listen to it over and over!!

The Opening Taste—-Still full of Lightbody vocals, the song does have a really nice Low lie quality that sucks you in and makes you realize that if you are not happy, you should not be listening to this release. this is slow, sedate and full of a heaviness that you are not easily able to shrug off. Masterful!!!!

12 Hours—-This is freakin Brilliant!!! Allowing Lightbody to really show off his accent, the gentle female vocal in the backdrop really gives this song an even bigger Low sound. The drums are minimal but heavy handed…the guitar is way in the back and very quiet…meanwhile the vocal is right in your face and is delivered with such a funeral manner you rewind again…this is incredible!!!

Deviance—-The vocal blends that are displayed on this song made me look again and make sure I was not listening to a long-lost Low CD…this is really reminiscent of the band when they started to play a little bit noisier and sparse…this is magnificent…why have I not listened to this in such a long time?

If There Is, I Haven’t Found It—-With a nice gentle sound….yeah I know…surprise….the song begins in an almost hazy way…you can almost see the gentle and quiet recording session that this must have been. More like a bunch of people sitting around and ‘smoking’ their brains out. The vocal harmonies are magnificent…this is so sedate you find it very easy to just drift off……

Fire Bell—-it is wonderful to hear a vocal that does not belong solely to Lightbody as the vocalist from The Cardigans controls the feel and shape of this song. Mind you, it is no happier or joyful but the differential is nice.

If Everything Fell Quiet—-This is pretty much a continuation of almost every song that you have heard thus far. This is sedate and almost hypnotic in its quietness. The gentle instrumentation makes you wonder what all of these people were doing…I mean there is like 50 people in this band….where are they. None the less, given the right time, mood and moment this release is perfect.

I’ve Never Understood—-Everytime I hear Lightbody sing something really quiet like this, I think back to live performances where he is so spastic and attacks the microphone…wonder what this was like? This is a Lightbody song that is saved my the completely gentle female crooning in the backdrop….this makes the song irresistable.

Raindrop—-This has an almost danceable beat after all of the lethargy….even the vocal is more pleasant and removed, allowing the ambient beat to be the star of the show…just what I needed at this point in the release.

Sting—-With a much more accessible beat to the song, this is nice. The vocal enters and you wonder if Lightbody is the only guy that can sing…again. The guitars are much more pronounced and pleasant…the lead chord damn addictive. This is really nice…I like the feel of the song…introspective without being devastating.

Billed As Single—-Wow….beginning with an almost jazzy sound, the drums and percussion are the stars of the show…Lightbody enters and seems to be singing into some kind of tunnel…this is a really welcome change. The sound of the song is unique…who could imagine tambourines as being so important…marvelous. The lyrical content is still very sedate and serious, but the music allows you to have hope…..

Tout Le’ Monde—-Well….are we going to get something that is actually Rock oriented? The intro guitars lead you to believe so, but they go on for far too long…enter stage left a British Garage Beat that will destroy your equilibrium as you are in constant arguments with everything that has been presented thus far. This is remarkable stoner dance that just makes me want to get up and scream….I’ve waited 10 songs for this….thank you God!!! Remarkable….Genius!!!

Nytol—-Ok… CD cover lists the song as Nightfall…..but my media player lists the song as Nytol…..if any of you are reading…enlighten me…hmmmmmm…….suppose not. At any measure, this is surprisingly bright and sunny…reminiscent of a lot of bands that are relevant today…this is crisp clear and seems to allow someone else besides lightbody to sing [?]. This is really nice…much more in that downbeat dance style that even has a little bit of a blues back beat. This is really nice!!!

The Day We All Died—-With a humorous intro…seemingly meant to clarify that this was a group effort, we are treated to a nice quasi-psychedelic number that makes me think of the rough recordings from the Stone Roses…this is pleasant and poppy with little or no lyrics…the musical landscape is sunny and fun!!!!

****1/2 out of 5


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