Alpha Rev/New Morning

New Morning

Alpha Rev is a rock band from Austin, Texas fronted by Casey McPherson (formerly of Endochine).

Casey McPherson started Alpha Rev in 2005 after the breakup of his previous band Endochine, which had toured with Staind, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Pete Yorn and Bob Schneider. Alpha Rev released their debut album The Greatest Thing I’ve Ever Learned on March 1, 2007. After releasing “The Greatest Thing” locally, the band signed a recording agreement with Austin indie Flyer Records (Ruby Summer), and made a record produced by Dwight Baker of Matchbox Studios. After the record created significant early buzz, it became embroiled in contract disputes and, to this date, has not been released.

In 2007 Alpha Rev was ranked the #1 indie band from Texas on the charts and the #16 indie band nationwide. Alpha Rev was selected by Austin Monthly Magazine as one of the bands most likely to succeed out of Austin in 2008.

In August 2008 Alpha Rev signed with Hollywood Records.

In February 2009, Alpha Rev began recording their international debut release at Avatar Studios in New York City. The album, entitled New Morning and due out April 25, 2010, was produced by David Kahne, engineered by Joe Barresi and mixed by Michael Brauer. [Wikipedia]

New Morning—-Wow….this in incredibly…..catchy, beautiful, textured and instantly settles in your brain. The vocal is so accessible…reminding me at times of the less annoying Coldplay. The track has a masterful underlying joy that explains the feelings of new yet desperate love…the music really opens up by the second refrain and you are hooked. This is pretty amazing.

Phoenix Burn—-Continuing to play with your senses and musical influences, at times this reminds me of more annoying bands that pepper the Alt Rock landscape these days…i.e…Train. At other times the band and it’s sound is so new and refreshing you forgive the similarities. This is full of cliché’ lyrics that have all been said before, but the delivery is done with a nice urgency and the band is top-notch with their ability to stop…start…soar and mope all in one song. Great.

White Fences—-Full of refreshing and wonderful vocal imagery, the song has a nice U2 sound that sucks you in and envelopes you in the huge sound. This is remarkable…the marching drums and the poignant guitars make a force all of their own…the vocal is too damn pleasant as you listen over and over looking for any type of flaw that you missed the first 4 times arond…undetectable…this remains…wonderful.

When Did I Wake Up—-This is so comfortable and warming, I feel almost at once as if I have heard this song before…it is that comfortable. This is nice in every way…the instrumentation has a remarkable ebb and flow that only adds to the emotional quality of the song…the vocal is without strain or crack…instead reminds me of the comfortable range of a solid and strong heartbeat. This is masterful!!!

Face Down—-With a really sharp drum line, the vocal enters and sounds so much like Maroon 5, I double-check the CD cover to insure iI have not made a mistake. This is not bad…just a little to poppy and mainstream for my taste.

Get Out—-Beginning rather bombastic, the song suddenly becomes rather sedate allowing for the intricate lyrics to be introduced. by the time the chorus enters the song, you are awash in huge sweeping almost orchestrated sounds that literally wash over your brain before they disappear and make room for more sedate and introspective lyrics. The contrast between verse and chorus is remarkable and that alone is worth the price of this entire CD. This is brilliant…you will hear more from this band!

Alone With You—-With the sedate and sole entrance of a guitar, the first stylings of this song is so introspective you just long for the band to really let loose and jam…although the song does pick up in tempo a bit, the latter does not seem likely to happen. The vocal is consistent amid the lyric is more of the same. The band needs to try something a bit different to keep me interested.

Colder Months—-Oh Gosh……more sedate and introspective pop music that has me begging for something other than tales of lost love and damaged emotions. This is too much of a good thing in one sitting…you feel you may overdose of hurt emotions and pining for love…I know lonely…I live it everyday…why must you remind me already. Jeez!!!

Heaven—-Full of such relatable lyrics as this could almost be more harmful to the band than helpful, as it reminds us of our condition. the song opens up with a nice instrumentation as it develops and at least you are not left devastated by the gentle guitar strums or understated drumming. This is actually a pretty great song and helps me to forget the quasi-dirge of the last 4 overly emotional tracks.

Perfect Love—-Nice enough, but this is just an overindulgence of all the good things that made the band appealing for me from the start. This is just to consistent….I need something that varies a little bit from track to track and this release offers very little of that.

Goodbye From The Start—-Piano based and way to sedate, I breathe a sigh of relief as I am allowed to escape someone telling me about all of the things about my life that sucks….ok…I feel comfortably bad now!

*** out of 5


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